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By Julie Gettings by Julie Gettings There once was a handsome prince named Prince Roni. He lived in a faraway land and loved to fly planes. One day,

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2 By Julie Gettings

3 by Julie Gettings


5 There once was a handsome prince named Prince Roni. He lived in a faraway land and loved to fly planes. One day, the prince was flying his plane over a forest near his palace. A mean wizard saw the plane and shouted to the prince, “Stop flying over my forest, or I will cast a spell over you!”


7 Prince Roni did not care that the mean wizard was shouting. He just continued to fly his plane over the forest. Suddenly, the Prince heard a loud BOOM and saw a cloud of smoke! The Prince looked down and could not believe his eyes, the wizard had turned him into a plane!


9 The plane landed gently on the grass, and the wizard appeared before him. “So, you would not listen to my warning,” the wizard sneered to the Prince. “Now you will have to fly around the world as a plane. The only one who can break this spell is a princess who will appreciate your talents as a plane.” “How will a princess appreciate my talents as a plane?” asked Prince Roni sadly. “That is for you to find out! Now get out of my forest and find your princess,” laughed the mean wizard.


11 The sad prince flew away. He did not know where to go to find a princess. There were many princesses near his kingdom, but they were all either too young or mean. “How will I ever find a princess to appreciate my talents? I will have to fly to many kingdoms and find a princess.”


13 Prince Roni decided to fly to a small kingdom next to his home. As he guided himself down, he saw a pretty princess walking by the castle. The princess looked up and saw the plane. She ran away screaming because she was afraid of planes.


15 “What am I going to do?” sighed Prince Roni. “No princess will fall in love with me as a plane.” I need to find a princess that loves to fly and will appreciate me for my flying talents.” Prince Roni decided to practice all his flying stunts---dips, swirls and glides. He practiced all day and rested at night—Prince Roni was so tired! Finally, Prince Roni was ready to find his princess.


17 Meanwhile, in another kingdom lived pretty Princess Lovey. She longed to travel to faraway places, but her family wanted her to stay near their kingdom. Princess Lovey asked her father, King Clyde, one day, “Father, may I go into the nearby forest and explore?” “No, my sweet daughter, because there is a mean wizard who lives there. He does not like to be bothered, and he will cast a spell on you.” “May I bring my magical dog, Dolce, with me?” (Dolce could speak and protect her) “Ok, but I want you back before it gets dark.”


19 Princess Lovey and her dog entered the forest and heard a plane flying above them. Prince Roni saw the fair Princess Lovey and decided to glide down into the forest. Princess Lovey was thrilled to see such a fine looking plane, but realized that there was not a pilot flying the plane. As she backed away, she heard a voice call out to her, “Please do not be afraid of me. I am Prince Roni, and the mean wizard cast a spell on me.” “Oh, you poor prince. What can I do to help you?” “Please come fly with me, and I will show you how talented I am. I promise to bring you back safely.” Princess Lovey tells her dog, Dolce, that they will all go for a ride on the plane. Dolce agrees, “I will ride on the plane’s wings, but remember we are to return before it gets dark. WOOF! WOOF!”


21 Prince Roni is thrilled, and he took Princess Lovey on the most amazing plane ride. He dipped, he glided, he twirled and finally landed safely near his castle. The Princess was overwhelmed and told the Prince, “I felt like I was a bird, flying through the sky freely, and I had no fears or worries! You are so talented!” The sun was about to set, and Princess Lovey had to return quickly to the palace. Just then the mean wizard appeared! He shouted, “Prince Roni, your time is almost up! You will remain a plane forever!” Princess Lovey realized that this is the mean wizard that cast a spell on poor Prince Roni.


23 Princess Lovey stepped forward and spoke softly to the wizard, “Oh, so you are the wise wizard I have been hearing about so much! I just went for an amazing ride on this plane, and I think it is so talented. You were so wise to turn Prince Roni into a plane. He did not do much as a prince.” The wizard looked confused at the pretty princess, “You think he has talent? Well then, I will show you how wise I am. Prince Roni, I will turn you back into a prince, and you are not to come back to my forest again!” Suddenly there was a POOF, and the wizard had vanished! Prince Roni stood in front of Princess Lovey, “You saved me! You are beautiful and wise. How can I ever thank you?” The princess smiled, “You can ask me to come fly with you again.” Of course, Prince Roni did take her for a plane ride the very next day (with King Clyde’s permission), they flew off into the sky and lived happily ever after.

24 Julie Gettings is an English teacher at the Lawrence County Career and Technical Center. She is a graduate of Shenango High School and Slippery Rock University. Julie dedicates this book to her daughter, Cori, who is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, her future son-in-law, Doron, who is a pilot for United Express and her husband, David (King Clyde).

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