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Don Quixote Don Quixote’s naïveté Don Quixote reads books on Knights Errantry.

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2 Don Quixote

3 Don Quixote’s naïveté

4 Don Quixote reads books on Knights Errantry

5 Dulcinea, the ideal Lady of Knighthood

6 A call to arms

7 Don Quixote and Dulcinea

8 Continues to read -- his mind becomes more and more befuddled.

9 Don Quixote becomes convinced that his destiny is knighthood, that he is Don Quixote de la Mancha.

10 Don Quixote, the knight of the sorrowful countenance

11 Sancho Panza, a country bumpkin and Don Quixote’s squire

12 Variation 1 The Adventure of the Windmills

13 Don Quixote seeks adventure, riding on Rosinate, his lame horse

14 Dulcinea, his ideal woman


16 Don Quixote sees the windmills -- he thinks they are monstrous giants.

17 He charges, is lifted up by the sails of a windmill, and falls with a thud.

18 He prays to Dulcinea.

19 He wearily tries to rise up.

20 Don Quixote’s renewed vigor

21 Variation 2 The Adventure of the Sheep

22 He sees a cloud of dust, which he believes has been churned up by a mighty army.

23 He charges into what is a harmless flock of sheep.

24 He is victorious!

25 Variation 3 Dialogues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

26 Sancho asks many questions.

27 Don Quixote teaches Sancho Panza.


29 Don Quixote gets angry, and loses patience with Sancho Panza.

30 Behold the glorious realm of Knight Errantry

31 The fair Dulcinea


33 One last impertinent question from Sancho Panza

34 Don Quixote’s anger

35 Variation 4 Procession of the Penitents

36 A procession of pilgrims approaches carrying a statue of the Virgin.

37 Don Quixote imagines that they are abducting a nobleman.

38 Don Quixote attacks.

39 Don Quixote is knocked to the ground; the procession continues.

40 Sancho Panza believes Don Quixote is dead.

41 Sancho Panza is overjoyed to find him still alive.

42 With a snore, Sancho Panza goes to sleep.

43 Variation 5 Don Quixote’s Night Vigil

44 Don Quixote’s meditation and rhapsody on knighthood

45 He keeps watch over his armor, with noble thoughts of his fair Dulcinea.

46 The night wind


48 Variation 6 Don Quixote meets Dulcinea

49 Don Quixote is confused and upset.

50 “Dulcinea” rebukes him.

51 Don Quixote’s naïveté and confusion

52 Variation 7 The Ride through the Air

53 Don Quixote mounts a great wooden horse, is blindfolded and imagines he is flying through the air.

54 Variation 8 The Adventure of the Oarless Boat

55 Don Quixote and Sancho Panza jump into an oarless boat, which Don Quixote believes is magical...

56 it was placed there so that he can save a knight in distress.

57 The boat capsizes.

58 Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are hauled from the water.

59 They shake off the water.

60 Don Quixote’s prayer

61 Variation 9 The Adventure with the Benedictine Monks

62 He sees two monks, believed by Don Quixote to be carrying away a noble princess.

63 He stealthily approaches and attacks.

64 Variation 10 The Confrontation with the Knight of the White Moon

65 Don Quixote and the Knight engage in a fierce battle.

66 He cries out.

67 Don Quixote, defeated and with his head hung, pathetically returns home to become a shepherd.

68 The anguish of the journey homeward

69 He begins to regain his sanity.

70 The resignation of a knight facing the end of his days.

71 Death pangs and Fever

72 Don Quixote nostalgically reminisces on his adventures.

73 Reality returns.

74 Don Quixote’s naïveté is resolved.

75 The final gasps from his deathbed, interrupted by painful silences.

76 Don Quixote’s death

77 The End


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