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Kwantlen Polytechnic University February 14, 2012.

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1 Kwantlen Polytechnic University February 14, 2012

2 Temporary Resident Visa aka “Visa” Study Permit extensions Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) Permanent Residence (PR) National Occupation Classification “NOC” These two PR categories: –Federal Skilled Workers (SW) –Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Overview of today’s presentation

3  Required by citizens of certain countries  Must be obtained at a Canadian visa office  Allows a person to travel to Canada  May be for single or multiple entries  Must be used before expiry date  Does not determine length of stay in Canada  Travelling to the U.S.? Temporary Resident Visa TRV

4 May apply by mail or online Application and fee ($125) Copy of valid passport Transcripts Proof of current registration from institution Proof of funds available Postmark or date of upload important for status! Study Permit Extensions

5 If you apply to extend your status before it expires, then you will have “implied status” You may legally remain in Canada until your application is processed You may be able to continue studying or working** If you do not apply before the expiry of your status, you cannot continue to study or work until your status has been restored – and you must apply for restoration within 90 days after your status was lost. $200 extra fee Implied Status - Restoration

6 Available to graduates of a: Canadian university Community college, Publicly funded trade/technical school, Private institution authorized by provincial statute to grant degrees Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

7 Students must have engaged in full-time studies. Studies must have taken place at the institution. Students must graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate. The minimum program length is eight months – “two semesters”. Post-Graduate Employment Criteria

8 Students must apply within exactly 90 days of notification that they have met requirements of their program. Students must include dated evidence that they have met requirements of their program, such as a: –Final transcript –Letter from the institution –Formal notification of graduation You must still be in possession of a valid study permit the date you apply Post-Graduate Work Permit Application

9 Depends on the length of your completed program. Eight months up to two years  same length Two years or more  a three year work permit A two year program is two academic years of at least eight months per year, excluding scheduled breaks such as summer holidays. Post-Graduate Work Permit Length

10 Stu If you complete a one-year degree, diploma or certificate program* no more than two years after having completed a first certificate, a diploma or degree program*, you may qualify for a three-year work permit.  Two years or less between completion dates is the key point *Always from a participating institution in Canada PGWP – Combining Programs

11 You may study part-time only in the final semester of your program. If you hold a valid Off-Campus Work Permit on the date you apply for your Post-Graduate Work Permit, you may begin to work FULL TIME as soon as you submit your application. There is a one time eligibility for the PGWP. More on the PGWP


13 Interested in Permanent Residence?

14  search NOC

15 When the second digit is 0 or 1 …the skill level is Skill Level A (Professional Occupations) When the second digit is 2 or 3 …the skill level is Skill Level B (Technical, Paraprofessional and Skilled Occupations When the second digit is 4 or 5 …the skill level is Skill Level C (Intermediate Occupations) When the second digit is 6 …the skill level is Skill Level D (Labouring and Elemental Occupations) First Digit is the number 0  Management NOC 4 DIGIT CODE “XXXX”



18 Your application is eligible for processing IF: 1 - You have an offer of arranged employment “AEO” (what is this?) 2 - You are a SW who has at least one year of experience* in one or more of the 29 occupations listed on our website PR: Skilled Workers – Can I apply now?

19 Skilled Workers – Can I apply now? Also eligible to apply as of November 5*: 3 – Currently enrolled PhD students in good standing who have completed at least two years of their PhD program in Canada 4 – Successful PhD graduates from a Canadian school who apply no later than one year after completion of their program *1000 applications per year, ending Oct 31 each year

20 An “arranged offer of employment” aka “Arranged Employment Opinion” is based on these factors : The job offer is permanent; The job offer is genuine; The wages and working conditions offered for the job are comparable to those offered to Canadians working in the occupation; The employment is full-time, not seasonal. Assessed by HRSDC and is obtained by your employer, not you 1 - Arranged Employment Opinion AEO

21 500 / 10,000 MAX; July 1 to June 30


23 ALL applicants must possess at least one year of work experience within the 10 years prior to the date of application, At one or more of these NOC skill levels: “O” Management and/or “A” Professional and/or “B” Technical/Skilled Trades SW Minimum Requirements Work Experience

24 F/T = 37.5 hrs per week x 52 weeks  1950 hours per year The work experience must be continuous full-time or equivalent part-time, obtained anywhere in the world SW Minimum Requirements Work Experience

25 Skilled Worker Selection Factors

26 Skilled Workers – Self-assessment

27 Two streams: (1)Temporary foreign workers and (2)Recent graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions who plan to live outside the province of Quebec. Assessed on 3 factors (not point system): education (depending on selected stream) work experience ability to communicate in English or French Canadian Experience Class CEC

28 ( 1) Temporary Foreign Workers Stream 2 years full time work experience (1950 x 2) within the 3 years prior to the date of application (2) Graduates Stream (Student Stream) graduated from a recognized Canadian post-secondary educational institution, then obtained 1 year full time (or equivalent) work experience within the 2 years prior to the date of application (two year window) CEC Requirements

29 A full time qualifying educational program of at least two years  two academic years of at least eight months each excluding scheduled breaks, such as summer holidays  A one-year qualifying credential (e.g., college diploma), followed by a one-year graduate credential (e.g., Master’s, MBA or Post-baccalaureate), no more than two years after graduating with the first credential.  In Canada only CEC Education Requirements – Student Stream

30 For both streams, your work experience must be: full-time or equivalent (remember 1950) acquired in Canada and only in Canada at the NOC 0, A or B level only; no C or D  Self-employment or unauthorised work doesn’t count  Graduates: work experience must be acquired after completion of studies in Canada (not co-op, not R/A or T/A) CEC Work Experience Requirements

31 Student Stream Two year « window » to obtain one year of full time or equivalent experience Temporary Foreign Worker Stream Three year « window » to obtain two years full time or equivalent experience (no educational requirement) Remember – it is always two years back in time from the date you sign and submit your application CEC Work Experience Requirements

32 English or French test results must be submitted with your application – results valid for two years Designated testing agencies :  IELTS: International English Language Testing System  CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program  TOEFL is not accepted  TEF: Test d’Evaluation de Francais Language Requirements

33 Skilled Workers - points awarded for each official language up to 16 points for 1 st official language up to 8 points for 2 nd official language CEC assesses proficiency of only one official language minimum requirements vary by work experience NOC 0 or A: level 7 of Canadian Language Bench. NOC B: level 5 of CLB Language Requirements

34 Language Benchmarks


36 Processing Fee  Principal applicant $550  Spouse/partner $550  Child $150 Right of Permanent Residence Fee  Principal applicant$490  Spouse/partner $490 Interview? Other Requirements for PR Applying with a spouse or C/L partner? Medical Criminal Security

37 What do I do next???

38  YOU determine which program suits you best  Obtain application package  Ensure you meet all the requirements of the class  Do an online self-assessment to see if you qualify under the Skilled Workers Program  Read the instruction guide and gather supporting documents  Fill out the application forms and pay appropriate fees  Mail application to the Intake Office  Maintain your TR status if you remain in Canada! How to Apply

39 SW and CEC First to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, NS. If you qualify for processing, you will be instructed to submit application to Buffalo or to your home visa office. No “shopping around” BUFFALO (RPC) Receives all immigrant applications DETROIT Interview LOS ANGELES Interview NEW YORK Interview SEATTLE Interview The Application Process

40 Immigration Consultants – Do you need one?


42  search NOC USEFUL LINKS

43 Thank you for coming today! 1-888-242-2100

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