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© PROVID Kyiv, Ukraine “Announcement” campaign for Charity organization “EveryChild Ukraine ”

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1 © PROVID Kyiv, Ukraine “Announcement” campaign for Charity organization “EveryChild Ukraine ”

2 © PROVID Ukraine is among the countries around the world with the largest number of children raised in orphanages Young lonely mothers abandon the child because they don’t have shelter, work or support from relatives Organization “EveryChild” helps young mothers, who abandon the child under the press of circumstances, to solve their problems of shelter, work and other basic needs TA Pregnant girls, 14-20 years old with low level of education and income, who didn’t plan to have their child Background

3 © PROVID We have to solve three problems: 1.How to convince a young woman to ask a charity organization to help her if she doesn’t believe that someone can help her 2. How can we talk with her if she doesn’t have access to the Internet, doesn’t buy press and watches TV only rarely 3. What medium can we propose to the client if the budget for advertising campaign is so small Solution To tell pregnant girls a very simple message we understand and can help To use common medium for this girls Agency Challenge

4 © PROVID Guerrilla To use an ordinary flyer announcement with tear-off tabs, which placed on poles, columns, walls of houses and in public places This flayers are much cheaper than other types of media and much using of our TA OOH To draw more attention with non-standard format! TV Not in prime time, but with catching video Media Solution

5 © PROVID The message in printing materials has a double meaning that makes them more catching and memorable. The text of the copy written in the form of a “personals wanted ad” reads “Want to meet pregnant girl without job, without support and without place to stay” Creative Solution For OOH

6 © PROVID English version Creative Solution For OOH

7 © PROVID Creative Solution For TV The idea of video spot to show social workers understanding the girls’ problems deeply


9 The number of calls to social offices was increased by 25% during the first month of the campaign* This non-standard campaign helped to make wide PR support for this project: 32 mass media entities came to our press conference 7 reports were broadcast on 7 national channels 15 articles were published in national press 7 regional articles in the Kiev area Extra funding was won in the national projects’ competition *The campaign is running now First Results


11 Thank You!

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