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Ronald McDonald House Charities

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1 Ronald McDonald House Charities
Presented by: Ashley Anton, Cassie Daiello, Brian Halisko, and Natalia Starosolsky

2 Problem Statement This PR campaign is to assist Ronald McDonald House in gaining awareness for their cause and raising funds for the non-profit organization.

3 SWOT Analysis Strengths: 36 years in business Impeccable reputation
Over 270 houses in 31 countries Affiliation with McDonald’s corporation

4 SWOT Analysis Weaknesses: Rough economy (less donations)
Limited staff and volunteers Affiliation with McDonald’s corporation

5 SWOT Analysis Opportunities: Threats:
Collaboration with local school districts Marketing skills for donations Threats: Other local NPOs

6 Key Publics The medical community Donors Affected families

7 Formal Research Techniques
Surveys and polls Researching RMH’s monetary statistics

8 Informal Research Techniques
Community Public opinion Facebook Blogs

9 g Goals and Objectives Goal: Raise money and awareness Objectives:
25 donations by Christmas 2011 30 donors towards “Giving Tree”

10 Strategies Message: Key publics, Donors; raise awareness
Providing donations Influence to raise support

11 Strategies Primary message:
“When you donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities, you’re not just donating your money, you’re not just donating your time, but you’re donating a second chance. Your community looks up to you, they appreciate your help. Your assistance in this fundraising is essential. Ensure a second chance today.”

12 Strategies Secondary message:
“Recent evidence confirms that homelessness among families is increasing. 41% of the homeless population is comprised of families” (National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2009) “Averages of 32% of requests for shelter by homeless families were denied in 2005 due to lack of resources.” (U.S. Conference of Mayors, 2005).

13 Strategies Themes-Donors:
“Ensure a second chance today, the Ronald McDonald way” “Ronald McDonald House Charities, help is on the way” “Let’s take the Less, out of Homeless-RMHC”

14 Strategies Opinion Leaders-Donors: Chad Sour
specializes in integrated communications and key opinion leader strategy and outreach on behalf of clients across a variety of industries.

15 Tactics 1) To utilize social media by creating a public Facebook event proposing a Giving Tree "challenge" to groups of college students – mainly targeted at Monmouth University. No less than 10 active social teams

16 Tactics 2) Stretch the advertisement for this challenge via posters and bulletins around the school campus and local popular MU hot-spots.

17 Activities Giving Tree Fundraiser: Social Media Blitz 25 to 35 items
Facebook and Twitter

18 5 Month Timeline Month 1: Create social media sites
Month 2: Posters and bulletins around the school campus and local popular MU hot-spots Month 3: Collect mid-semester data Month 4: Collect donations Month 5: Evaluation

19 Budget Activity Purpose Cost Giving Tree Supplies Fundraising Strategy
$20.00 Flyers Promote Fundraiser $10.00 Poster $50.00 Total: $80.00

20 Evaluation Baseline data:
Informal Research: Casually speak to co-classmates to see what they know about the RMH Formal Research: Research how many students participate or raise funds with RMH

21 Evaluation Informal Research: Review sign-up list of the amount of students who donated a present from the giving tree Informal Research: Administer survey to classmates to ask if donated any money or items to RMH within the semester Formal Research: Speak with Annette, from RMH, to see if any other students donated

22 Press Release

23 Flyer

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