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The Finnish Childrens Parliament influences online.

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1 The Finnish Childrens Parliament influences online

2 400 child representatives of Finnish municipalities 9-14 year old influence online Discussions every week Every municipality has 2 representatives Established 2007

3 Topics of discussion from children Mold problems at schools What do you do in the internet? :-) Student council School bullying! Are web games good or bad? Use of alcohol and tobacco Whats wrong with volleyball? Girls and boys Helmet! Any issues can be discussed on childrens web parliament! Direct quotes from our discussion topics online

4 Web parliament offers a lot Weekly chat meetings Discussion forums Blogs Questionnaires Games and fun Children act as chairs Password protected place for children

5 Next to a friend in virtual meetings

6 Decision-makers in a dialogue MPs, MEPs, ombudsman for children and other decision- makers meet with us in chat meetings Children do not only ask but also suggest and talk about different issues Our experiences so far have been positive

7 Different ways to get heard Childrens reports Events Media Seminars Statements Meetings Creative ways

8 Elk mascot - child-friendly support Valto the elk listens to childrens hopes, worries and questions in face to face meetings, through e-mail and online

9 Children active participants in communicating child rights Best way from child / young person to child Provide material for children (UN CRC art. 13) Begin communicating child rights early – not when were 15 Let children learn as much as possible themselves Possibilities and events to influence and to learn about child rights Planning and testing ideas and material with children

10 Children part of planning

11 Gain childrens attention with humor and respect Use of humor and funny things Adults adressing the issue need to have respect to children and their views Think about different age groups of children Good ideas are not enough, execution needs to be visible and attractive to children Child rights part of school curriculum Promote best practices on communicating child rights

12 Different age groups of children

13 Campaigns and material Use of TV and social media Presentation material with lots of pictures and not too much text Use of famous people children like or people that are good with children and interested in the issue Make it visible in municipalities – on posters at schools, on a way to school Interaction between European children online Videos, events, workshops

14 Song of child rights on Youtube

15 Our examples Children talking about child rights to other children and to adults (powerpoint material by adults) Cartoons and video interviews by children Song We belong together Drawing competition for schools with Europe Information in Finland Mini plays written by children Media workshop (children write articles to local magazines and material for morning openings at schools)

16 Children creating messages on child rights

17 Thank you!

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