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education in the Czech Republic

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1 education in the Czech Republic

2 questions: 1. What is the organization of education in this country? 2. What are the levels of eduation called? 3. What types of school do we have in the CR? 4. How are the schools in the CR financed? 5. What is compulsory? 6. (Up to what age) is the education compulsory in the CR? 7. Now say about different types of schools:    At what age do the pupils or students usually start it?    At what age do the pupils or students usually finish it?    What examination must you take there?    What certificate will you get there? 8. What is your education? 9. Where did you go to basic school? Which basic school did you attend? 10. How long have you been studying at this school? 11. What are you future plans (after completing this school)? 12. What would you do if you didn't have to go to school?

3 levels In the CR the education is organized in three levels: primary, secondary, and higher, if we do not count preschool education. School attendance is compulsory until the age of 16 in the Czech Republic. types of schools According to the level we can divide the schools in primary, secondary and higher education facilities. The primary schools are called basic (nine year) schools and they usually have their address in their title (for example Basic School Na Slupi 27). Basic schools provide primary education. Usual subjects taught at basic schools are Czech, Maths, History, Geography, Physical Eduction, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. At the secondary level we have more types of schools. Gymnasiums (sometimes called grammar schools provide academic (non technical) education, while professional or vocational schools provide mostly technical education. Then we have Apprentice Traning Centers where those who are interested can learn various trades (professions) like car mechanic, plumber, electrician and others. School providing higher education are usually have university or college in their title (for example Charles University or Technical College).

4 financing By financing or ownership we have two types of schools: state schools and private ones. Education in state schools is free of charge, private schools charge tuition. The costs of secondary education depend on the type of school (if it is a private or a state school). Higher education is not free, but schools or state provide some money to support the students who meet the criteria (low family income or excellent results are most common criteria). These subsidies are usually called bursaries or benefits. compulsory What does compulsory mean? If something is compulsory, everybody must do it. School attendance (going to school) is compulsory in the Czech Republic until the age of 16.

5 details (ages, exams, certificates) Children usually start basic school at the age of 6. (If the child is not ready to start school attendance, it can get a one year delay.) They usually finish the basic school at the age of fifteen. Schoolchildren get their school report (or school report card) at the end of each term. There are no school-leaving examinations in the Czech Republic. Secondary schools usually take four years, from the age of 15 to the age of 19. Secondary schools are usually rounded off by general examination called maturita and the students who have finished secondary schools are called secondary school graduates (or high school graduates). A certificate obtained at secondary school may be also called high school diploma. Apprentice Training Center graduates get Certificate of Apprenticeship on completing the school. As fas as the higher education is concerned, students may enter unviersity or colledge at the age of 18, the final exams are called state examinations and people who finish university or college get a degree and they are called college or university graduates.

6 your education: your basic school If you apply for a job for example, you have to state what schools did you go to. So, what basic school did you go to? Or where did you go to basic school? What was your final school report in Czech and Maths? this school And what about this school? How long have you been attending it? Do you like it? When are you going to finish it? And what are your plans after finishing it? future plans What are your plans for the future? What do you want to do when you finish this schol? Do you think you will find a job easily? These are some of the possible questions. If you didn't have to... And one final question: What would you do if you didn't have to go to school?

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