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Schools and education Source:,

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1 Schools and education Source: http://visual.merriam-,,

2 ©Lenka Lexová Talk about yourself What school do you do? What schools did you attend before? What would you like to do after the leaving exam? Are you a good student? Which subjects do you like? Why? Which subjects dont you like? Why? Describe you typical school day.

3 ©Lenka Lexová What does your school look like?

4 ©Lenka Lexová What does your classroom look like?

5 ©Lenka Lexová Talk about yourself What holidays do you have during the school year? What special events are there at your school during the school year? How often do you go on trips and excursions? Talk about your maturita ball. Which school subjects are important for your future career?

6 ©Lenka Lexová School subjects chemistry biology computer science drama English geography literature math music PE (physical education) physics social studies accounting computer writing

7 ©Lenka Lexová What is the education system in the Czech Republic? Pre-school education For children from 3 to 6 years old Children play, sing and prepare for school attendance Nursery school Kindergarten

8 ©Lenka Lexová School education Elementary school High school Tertiary school University

9 ©Lenka Lexová Elementary school For children from 7 to 15 years old has nine grades which are divided to two sub-degrees The first degree (classes 1–5) at the age of 7-11 the second degree (classes 6–9) at the age of 12-15

10 ©Lenka Lexová First degree At the beginning children learn by playing They usually have one teacher for all subjects Subjects: Czech Mathematics English Arts PE

11 ©Lenka Lexová Second degree They have different teachers for different subjects Subjects: Science, Geography, Biology, Chemistry Mathematics, Computers, Social Studies Czech, English, German or Russian Arts, Music PE

12 ©Lenka Lexová High school For students at the age of 16 to 19 It has got 4 classes There are many types of high schools Grammar schools – provide general education, prepare for university Vocational schools – prepare for different jobs Trade school, technical school, hospitality school etc. At the end of high school students do a leaving exam

13 ©Lenka Lexová Higher education for students who have finished high school, aged 19 and more and who did not enter a university it lasts for 3 years they get specialized skills in different braches – economy, healthcare, administration, technics, computers at the end there is a leaving exam – Absolutorium the graduates from these schools receive a diploma at our school - Financial and Economical Consultancy

14 ©Lenka Lexová University for students who have finished high school, aged 19 and more It usually lasts for 5 years and more Students can study economy, law, medicin, psychology, history, technics, architecture etc. the graduates from these schools get an academic degree Charles University in Prague

15 ©Lenka Lexová Educational system in Britain Oxford University

16 ©Lenka Lexová Education in the USA Harvard University

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