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Los Mandatos Negativos Negative Informal Commands.

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1 Los Mandatos Negativos Negative Informal Commands

2 First, let’s review how to form positive commands TTake the verb and put it in the “él/ella/Ud.” form. EExample: Eat! ¡Come! Dance! ¡Baila! RRemember the irregulars? HHaz, Pon, Ponte, Sal, Ten, Ven, Ve, Sé.

3 To Form A Negative Command 11) Start with the word “no.” 22) Put the verb you want to use in the “yo” form. (Ex. Salir = No salgo.) 33) Drop the “o” and add “opposite” tú form endings. For –ar verbs you add –es. For –er/-ir verbs you add –as. Ej: No salir: No salgo → No salgas.

4 Irregulars TThere are only four to worry about. SSer: No seas – Don’t be … EEstar: No estés – Don’t be … IIr: No vayas – Don’t go … DDar: No des – Don’t give …

5 Práctica  Don’t speak. No hables.  Don’t go. No vayas.  Don’t write. No escribas.  Don’t eat too much. No comas mucho.

6 For object pronouns – lo, la, los, las: TThe direct object pronoun is placed IN FRONT OF the verb when using negative commands. Ex: To turn “ Don’t do the homework” to “Don’t do it:” Step 1 - N o hagas la tarea. Step 2 – The direct object la tarea is replaced by the pronoun la. Step 3 – The pronoun is placed directly in front of the verb. No la hagas.

7 Práctica.  Don’t do it! (el dibujo) No lo hagas.  Don’t eat them! (las empanadas) No las comas.  Don’t invite them! (los perros) No los invites.  Don’t write it! (la carta) No la escribas.

8 Negative Reflexive Verbs  If you want to use a reflexive verb, like vestirse, the pronoun “te” that you attached to the end in the positive command now has to go to the front of the verb.  Ex: Don’t get dressed. (Vestirse)  Start with No … vistas (-ir verb/-as)  Place the pronoun in front: No te vistas.

9 Práctica  Don’t wash up. No te laves.  Don’t shave. No te afeites.  Don’t get up late. No te levantes tarde.  Don’t go to bed too early. No te acuestes muy temprano.

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