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Los Mandatos Negativos

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1 Los Mandatos Negativos
Negative Informal Commands

2 First, let’s review how to form positive commands
Take the verb and put it in the “él/ella/Ud.” form. Example: Eat! ¡Come! Dance! ¡Baila! Remember the irregulars? Haz, Pon, Ponte, Sal, Ten, Ven, Ve, Sé.

3 To Form A Negative Command
1) Start with the word “no.” 2) Put the verb you want to use in the “yo” form. (Ex. Salir = No salgo.) 3) Drop the “o” and add “opposite” tú form endings. For –ar verbs you add –es. For –er/-ir verbs you add –as. Ej: No salir: No salgo → No salgas.

4 Irregulars There are only four to worry about.
Ser: No seas – Don’t be … Estar: No estés – Don’t be … Ir: No vayas – Don’t go … Dar: No des – Don’t give …

5 Práctica Don’t speak. No hables. Don’t go. No vayas. Don’t write.
No escribas. Don’t eat too much. No comas mucho.

6 For object pronouns – lo, la, los, las:
The direct object pronoun is placed IN FRONT OF the verb when using negative commands. Ex: To turn “Don’t do the homework” to “Don’t do it:” Step 1 - No hagas la tarea. Step 2 – The direct object la tarea is replaced by the pronoun la. Step 3 – The pronoun is placed directly in front of the verb. No la hagas.

7 Práctica. Don’t do it! (el dibujo) No lo hagas.
Don’t eat them! (las empanadas) No las comas. Don’t invite them! (los perros) No los invites. Don’t write it! (la carta) No la escribas.

8 Negative Reflexive Verbs
If you want to use a reflexive verb, like vestirse, the pronoun “te” that you attached to the end in the positive command now has to go to the front of the verb. Ex: Don’t get dressed. (Vestirse) Start with No … vistas (-ir verb/-as) Place the pronoun in front: No te vistas.

9 Práctica Don’t wash up. No te laves. Don’t shave. No te afeites.
Don’t get up late. No te levantes tarde. Don’t go to bed too early. No te acuestes muy temprano.

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