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Welcome to 431 Minor Street, Bristol, CT 06010 860-584-8433 SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015.

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1 Welcome to 431 Minor Street, Bristol, CT 06010 860-584-8433 SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015

2 BTEC Staff Welcomes You!

3 Our School Vision Every Student a skilled tradesmen and responsible citizen.

4 Employable

5 Bristol Technical Education Center Six Skills for Success: 1.Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2.Team Member 3.Work Place Ready (mastery of basic Trade Skills, Strong Work Ethic) 4.Effective Oral and Written Communication 5.Math Skills 6.Curiosity, Imagination and a Desire to Learn

6 We hold these truths… To be successful at Bristol TEC you must work hard! You can live without your cell phone on. Consistently, students who do well: – Do their homework – Listen and follow directions – Think! REALLY!!

7 Our Academic Teachers Ms. Dmowski Math Applications Algebra II Mrs. Melluzzo US History Civics (Fall) Psychology (Spring) Mr. Klotz 11/12 English

8 School Counselor Mrs. Megan Rheiner

9 BTEC’s School Counseling Department Provides career, social and emotional counseling Interview Skills Resume Writing Professionalism in the workplace Interest inventories, personality typology, learning styles that will help guide career and college decisions through career cruising in group and individual sessions We will also have a job/career fair with local employers

10 Responsibility for your grade Teachers enter grades into PowerSchool regularly, and you can always look up your grades through the Student Portal of PowerSchool. Login info will be mailed to you. It is your responsibility to know what your grades are and to work to your full potential. We check grades on a regular basis and will be monitoring your progress towards success.

11 School Based Community Health Center We have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at our school twice a week she provides: – Behavioral health services including individual, group and family counseling – In Bristol, you can also qualify for dental series or health services at mobile locations


13 Math Requirement BTEC’s Trade Related Math Courses are specific to each trade and can provide a High School math credit If you need a credit for math this year - you must take math!

14 Math Exceptions If you are new to your trade this year and have met your math credit requirement for your high school’s diploma, you may ‘test out’ if you, by the end of September: – have an A in Math, AND – pass an exam. Students interested in Algebra II may ‘test in’

15 Ms. Sheri Silverman, R.N. 860-584-8433 ext 307

16 Nurse’s Office If you are sick, for everyone’s health, please stay home until: Temperature (above 100.4): You must be fever- free 24 hours without use of fever reducing medications. On Antibiotics, need to be taken for 24 hours. If vomiting/diarrhea: symptom-free for 24 hours.

17 Special Issues Crutches in Shop Glucagon Administration Cell phone use in the Nurse’s Office

18 Medications A form is needed from your doctor. High School Students are not allowed to carry medication except: insulin, inhaler and Epi-Pen and only with doctor order. Nurse must know if you are carrying any of these! Some medications have a 45 day limit by law.

19 Health Info Emergency Cards: Blue Cards Please fill out front & back. Please notify office whenever there is a change of information. Sign for any Over the Counter medication student need to have during the school day. Name: Address: Phone: Emergency Contact: Medication:

20 Insurance Accident insurance is available. Trade instructors have the forms. We strongly suggest you get the $14/yr. plan to cover you during the school year. Husky Forms are included in your packet.

21 Physicals CT law requires every student to have a physical on file (since 9th grade). Any high school student that has not a physical cannot start class. See nurse. Did your name have pink highlighter at sign in? See me today or you cannot come to school tomorrow!! Nurse fax: 860-585-2598

22 If you should become ill or injured during the school day: 1.Tell your teacher! 2.Go to the Nurse’s Office for first aid/illness assessment.

23 Tomorrow is the First Day of School!! What time do I need to be here? – In homeroom, READY by 8:05am – Dismissal is at 1:45pm Where do I go? – To your trade area theory room – that is your homeroom. What should I bring? – A notebook, pen/pencil, flash drive and lunch.

24 What Can I Wear? Dress for Success and SAFETY Clean Shop Uniform that fits: You want to look professional! NO Hats except for when needed for SAFETY (Culinary or Hard Hat) Shirts must be tucked in and pants belted at waist above hip. Work Boots or other style shoe as required by shop

25 Transportation Bus Questions? Call your town’s Board of Education for the bus company phone number. All students enter same entrance (center of building on parking lot side) until 8:05am. Once on campus – stay on campus. Late? You must enter main office doors and sign in at the main office or you will be marked absent!

26 Drivers Parking Permit: See Mr. Segarra during first five days of school for permit. Students must be in good standing in order to have parking privileges. HS Student Drivers: Driver and Passenger must have parent signed form on file in main office. (Forms Available today!)

27 LUNCH Where? – School Cafeteria When? – Each shop has designated lunch time Length? – 20 minutes Cost? – Under $3.00 for basic meal (extras cost more) Food Choices – Hot and Cold Foods – First Day: Drinks Only – Thursday & Friday: Cold Lunch Available – Starting Tuesday, September 2 nd : Hot and Cold Lunch choices. Can I bring My Own? – YES **We do not participate in the National School Lunch Program (Free/Reduced Lunch)

28 Lunch Credit Policy Forget Your Lunch? You may have one lunch (max $3) on credit to be paid back within 5 school days. Habitual or don’t pay back? Parent Conference with principal and no additional credit.

29 Attendance Absences – Call Attendance Officer, Mrs. Melluzzo, ext. 335 Excused Absences must have documentation Contact nurse if out for length of time or if chronic illness Read your Student Handbook carefully! Absence Line 860-584-8433 ext. 335

30 Attendance Policy BTEC programs have national accreditation as 900 Clock Hour Programs. Student’s attendance hours count! Which means that a student can not miss more than the equivalent of 10 days to earn a certificate. Per State Board of Education Unexcused Absences: 11th/12th: No more than 9 unexcused absences per year Excused Absences: Refer to Student Handbook for allowable absences.

31 Tardy and Early Dismissal Tardy: Second most often cause for losing a job If late, sign in at the Main Office. Leaving early: If you MUST leave before 1:45pm you need to tell your trade teacher during homeroom, then go to the main office to request an early dismissal pass. Early Dismissals need principal approval and you may be denied! Hours Count! Tardies and early dismissal hours will be subtracted from total program hours and may prevent a student from receiving a trade certificate.

32 Employability: Behavior Expectations First Offense: Meet with teacher and create plan for change in behavior. Second Offense: Referred to Admin. Investigation. Parent Conference. Plan for Change to Behavior. Third Offense: Referred to Admin. Investigation. Parent Conference. Plan for possible return to sending school.

33 Performance Review When are students referred for Review? – Failing or falling Grades, Attitude issues, Attendance/Tardy problems, or at 2 nd Offense. What happens? – Meeting with Trade teacher, Counselor, Admin, Student and Parent to create plan for improvement. – Set date for Review of Performance (1 month). – Plan may be removal.

34 Our School Calendar REMEMBER: BTEC students must follow BTEC calendar. Your sending town/school may have different vacation days, professional development days, holidays and half days! Not attending = unexcused absences! School Calendar is updated and available on main office front counter and our website:

35 FOLLOW ANNOUNCEMENT/POSTINGS FOR: Bristol Technical Education Center School closing and late opening information is available from: TV – Channel 3, 8, and 30 Radio – WRCH (100.5FM) and WZMX (93.7FM) To get TEXT MESSAGE ALERTS of school delays/closings, register your Cell Phone online with: (Ch 8) or (Ch 30) Cancellations & Delayed Openings

36 Student Recognition Student of the Month Post Graduate A-List High Honors Certificate Principal’s Award Michael’s Awards Students of the Year (High School & Post Graduate) Academic and Trade Awards

37 BTEC ACTIVITIES ARC Blood Drives Skills USA Student Ambassadors Evening Events Parent Faculty – PFO: Second Tuesday 5PM Parent Conference Night: 9/25 Fall Open House: 10/16 Spring Open House: 3/11 Student Showcase/Ice Cream Social: 5/13 Student Council Girls’ Support Group Work Based Learning

38 Student Council Take part in fund raisers that pay for Field Days and equipment. Volunteer to be a Trade Representative Serve as an Officer Attend field trips with students across the state Be a part of making school improvements Mr. Davenport Student Council Advisor

39 Work Based Learning - WBL Earn while you Learn Work in your field during the school day and get credit in the grade book. To participate students must: Maintain an overall grade point average of 70 or above in both Academics and Trade. Have no failures. Be in compliance with the Attendance and Discipline Policies. If you are interested, talk to your trade department head! Mr. Hanecak Work Based Learning Coordinator


41 Thank You! Any Questions? Visit our website: If you friend us on Facebook you will get a complimentary homemade cookie the first week of school.

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