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Internet Sales – The Next Gen! Joe Webb – The funniest man in automotive industry.

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1 Internet Sales – The Next Gen! Joe Webb – The funniest man in automotive industry

2 Joe Webb would be here but he is busy calling in Airstrikes on IsIs

3 We Need More Cowbell! Anthony Bartoli Rich Lucy


5  Anthony Bartoli (yes, *the* Anthony Bartoli)  Rich Lucy Who are these people, why we’re here, and why you should leave now.

6 Buzzword Noun – An important sounding, usually technical, word or phrase often of little meaning, used chiefly to impress laymen. (Merriam-Webster)  Website  Autoresponder  ILM  3 rd Party Leads  Flash  Metrics  SEO/SEM/ Microsites  Google Analytics  VSEO  Chat  Blog  Mobile  Social  Transparency  ZMOT  Big Data  Reputation Management  Content  ?????????

7 How did we meet?

8  Early Conferences  Exhibition Hall From Skills to Paying Bills

9 So what happened?

10  Internet Managers became Vendors/Consultants  Dealers became dependent  PROBLEM IS  Sales process suffered Vendors/Conference Influence

11 I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

12  Vendors preach transparency  Where is transparency on the other end  Who is perpetuating the race to bottom? Transparency – What about vendors?

13 Selling is not dead. NEWSFLASH!!!!!

14 One of these things are not like the other


16  The price/value equation  The Power of “No” Price vs. Value


18  Send Quotes  How to kill the Quote and appease your desk managers  “I just sent you 7 price quotes via e- mail…did you get them?” To Quote or Not to Quote, That is the Question.

19  Do you communicate the value?  “Yes, we have that EX-L in stock, your internet price is….” or……..  “Yes, that EX-L that you’re interested in is in stock, and is equipped with the most popular asked-for options (e.g., bluetooth, nav, etc.)….. Build Value in the Product

20  “I am the……”  “Here are some reviews…….”  “Work by appointment to save you time and energy…..” Build Value in Yourself


22  Have they researched?  Never worth more……  Not more than? Handle the Trade / Use for Appointment

23  Raising value = Raising Price  Entire store has to go into sales mode  Qualifying with potential of vehicle switch  Product Presentation  Demonstration Drive  UA the Trade When they Arrive

24  Time of Transaction  Evidence Manuals  Online Reviews At the Negotiating Table

25 Where do we got from here?

26  Have to hold vendors accountable  Do something about it when there’s a problem  Get the entire store on board with a showroom visit process that builds value and price  Transparency Here? Definitely. Where do we go from here?

27 Contact Info Anthony Bartoli Bommarito Nisan Honda VW Ford. eCommerce Director Share an important takeaway you received from this session using hashtag #DD17 for a chance to win an iPad. Richard Lucy Tim Dahle Nisan eMarketing Director

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