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Welcome to Montgomery Knolls Elementary School 2010-2011.

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1 Welcome to Montgomery Knolls Elementary School 2010-2011

2 We welcome you to the MKES Family and we anticipate a great new year. Our staff at MKES is dedicated to lifelong learning and we hold high expectation for all stakeholders.

3 MKES School Wide Expectations Respect Yourself and Others Take care of and show pride in your school Give your best effort every day

4 Student Schedule Second Grade

5 Mornings The School Day begins at 8:40 am 8:40-8:50Opening 8:50-9:05 Morning Work

6 Specials 9:05-9:50 Specials P.E. Music Art Media Technology Lab * Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Whitehorn’s students are split among the other 2 nd grade classes.

7 Morning Block 10:00-10:45 Writing (Friday- Social Studies/ Science) 10:45-11:00 Phonics 11:00-12:00 Math 12:00-12:30 Intervention Extra Math

8 Lunch and Recess 12:30- 1:00 Lunch 1:00-1:30 Recess Recess Aides: Mrs. Negash and Ms. Johnson

9 Afternoon 1:30-3:00 Reading Whole Group DEAR Time Guided Reading Centers 3:05 Dismissal

10 Specialists and Support Staff Reading and writing: Mrs. Michaels Math teacher: Ms. Brophy ESOL Teachers: Mrs. Shin & Ms. Gibson Para- Educator: Mrs. Gascon

11 Behavior Policy Each classroom established ground rules and expectations that can be found in your child’s classroom. Each classroom uses a traffic stoplight to monitor student behavior on a daily basis.

12 Homework Policy Students are expected to spend 20- 30 minutes on homework Monday through Thursday. Spelling homework is bi-weekly. In addition, students are expected to read for 15 minutes every night. Homework with feedback will be sent home in their Thursday folders.

13 2 nd Grade Homework Monday - Thursday Spelling or Reading: I completed my practice page/spelling homework (every other week). Math: I completed my practice page. Reading: I read for at least 15 minutes. √+ Student has completed 4 days of homework. √ Student has completed 3 days of homework. √- Student has completed 2 or 1 days of homework. 0 Student has not competed any homework.

14 Grading Scale Most assignments are graded on the 1-4 scale. 1-Minimal Understanding 2-Developing Understanding 3-General Understanding 4-Complete Understanding

15 Learning Skills Report Every other Thursday, your child will come home with Learning Skills Report that will inform you of their effort and behaviors in class. Please sign and return them the next school day.

16 Learning Skills are evaluated with a code: I = Independently L = Limited Prompting F = Frequent Prompting R = Rarely NI = Not Enough Information Effort -Task Completion: Returned Completed Homework I L F R NI Dates of Incomplete Homework: Completed Classwork I L F R NI Incomplete Classwork: -Participation: Engaged in Learning Tasks I L F R NI Behavior -Teamwork: Cooperated with Others Toward Common Goals I L F R NI -Rules and Procedures: Followed Oral and Written Directions I L F R NI Exercised Self Control I L F R NI

17 Data Notebooks Data Notebooks are to show student progress. They will be periodically sent home to be reviewed with parents. Data Notebooks should be returned to school in a timely manner.

18 Helpful Tips: be at school every day be on time every day look in your child backpack every night. make sure your child knows his/her: – full name – address – phone number

19 What Is Your Child Learning? This year we are focusing on inferencing skills What is inferencing? –Inferencing is a conclusion reached through reasoning. Inference is used to reach conclusions when information is implied but not stated as a certainty. You make inferences about story elements based in details in a story.

20 Why Inferencing? It is a higher level thinking skill. Some describe inferencing as the heart of the reading process. It improves the reader’s ability to construct meaning.

21 Let’s Try It! Picture Interpretation: I see…I think…I wonder….

22 Let’s Try It! Reading Passage: He put on his cleats and jersey. He grabbed his practice ball and ran out to the car. His mom yelled, “Don’t forget your water!”

23 To contact us: Phone Numbers: 301-431-7667 Website: schools/knollses/

24 Thank you so much for all your support. Please take time to go explore your child’s classroom. Mrs. BradyRoom 305 Mrs. Mitchell Room 304 Mrs. ArensRoom 306 Mrs. WhitehornRoom 311 Mrs. JonesRoom 312 Mrs. JohnsonRoom 307 Ms. WeinsteinRoom 308 Ms. LivengoodRoom 309

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