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Shiloh Point Elementary Mrs. Kelly Whitlatch Room 2516.

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2 Shiloh Point Elementary Mrs. Kelly Whitlatch Room 2516

3 University of Louisville-Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (accounting) Certified Public Accountant (Tax Specialist) 1991-2002 Bellarmine University – Master of Arts in Teaching Third year in Forsyth and 2nd Grade Married with two teenage children About Mrs. Whitlatch

4 7:40-8:00 Writing 8:00- 10:05 Language Arts Block (Reading) 10:05-10:50 Specials Mon. Spanish/ Tues. Art/Wed. & Thurs. PE/Fri.-Music 10:50-11:25 Whole Group Math 11:25-12:25 Lunch 12:25-1:00 Math Practice 1:00-2:00 Social Studies/Science

5 Whole Group Spelling/Phonics Grammar Reading mini-lessons Mrs. Whitlatch Leveled Readers Reinforce skills Phonics work /Word attack Guided Reading Enrichment Centers Listening Center Interactive Whiteboard Computer activities Skill games Seatwork Independent work Independent reading

6 I like students to pick at least one book a week according to their level. I will approve of these books. Levels depend on Star test from this year. These levels change throughout the year. Students can read his or her book at home or school. Students are expected to complete a reader response in their spiral notebook for each selection read. AR books are not labeled but can be found in the media center. There are no computerized tests.

7 Consistent across the grade level Leveled books with questions – 2-3 done each quarter Fluency paragraphs Weekly vocabulary Dolch list of sight words End of story test Rigby passages

8 Kinds of sentences Parts of sentences Nouns Verbs Adjectives Writing paragraphs correctly

9 Houghton Mifflin We will supplement where needed Automatic Recall of Addition/Subtraction Facts up to 18 are time tested weekly – 3 minutes Common assessments twice a quarter (these tests) build on each other. Math games

10 Changes in the earths surface Celestial patterns (sun, moon, stars) States of matter Force and Motion Life cycles

11 Georgia Geography Elected officials and landmarks (state and national) Native American cultures of Georgia (Creek and Cherokee) Economics of Georgia (Supply and Demand) and Personal Economics

12 Health is important on a daily basis. We discuss nutrition, safety, and staying healthy on an on-going basis when needed. We observe personal health for our children (cleanliness and staying germ free)

13 Standards Based report card Either a 1, 2, or 3 will be given depending on how much of the standard is met. A 1 is not meeting the standard, a 2 is progressing toward meeting the standard, and 3 is meeting standard with consistency. This is a measure of progress made over the nine week grading period. Graded papers are usually sent home daily.

14 Be ready to learn. Respect others feelings and belongings. Be Responsible for your own work, belongings, and behavior. Be safe – practice healthy behaviors. Smiley face: Great Day 1: Good Day – lose 5 minutes at recess 2: (Fair Day) lose 10 minutes of recess 3: (Poor Day) lose all of recess, behavior plan 4: all of the above, call home/visit to the office

15 Homework The entire second grade has similar core homework assignments. Each teacher may add what they feel is necessary. Homework needs to be checked by the parent It is considered late if it is not here by the next morning You will need to print the homework sheet (Whitlatch Weekly) from my web page located on Shiloh Points website. I attempt to upload on Friday in case you want to study the spelling words over the weekend. Go to Then click on Shiloh Point, staff, and my name.

16 Whitlatch Weekly News for Twos includes a weekly communication sheet (homework, spelling and vocabulary words included) School web site Take-home folder Agenda E-mail me at Call and leave a message at my extension (322516)

17 Please sign up for a time at the reading table! If you are not available for the dates and times listed please let me know.

18 Visit special teachers. Monday – Spanish- Sra Delpin Tuesday – Art Mrs. Williams Wednesday/Thursday – PE – Mrs. Hernandez Friday- Music- Mrs. Graves

19 Any Questions?

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