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CG SARSAT Policies LCDR Mark Turner Office of Search and Rescue (CG-534)

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1 CG SARSAT Policies LCDR Mark Turner Office of Search and Rescue (CG-534)

2 Agenda What is IHDB (Incident History Data Base) What is RGDB (NOAA’s Beacon Registration Database) What is IBRD (International Beacon Registration Database) How do we register for these accounts Why IHDB Some interesting reading Future

3 Access to RGDB &IHDB by USCG 3  Anytime a new user joins the USCG RCC, the following needs to happen:  An email request needs to go to USCG headquarters to:  LCDR Mark Turner U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Office of Search and Rescue (CG-534) SARSAT Liaison Officer Tel: (202) 372-2089

4 IBRD The International Beacon Registration Database (IBRD) can be accessed with a password that is shared by all SAR responders in the US (all controllers at each Command Center should already have it)

5 How many of you are overworked and/or understaffed?

6 Show me the MONEY! How do you get that staffing? How do you get the funding?

7 A simple question How many 406 cases did you run last year at your district?

8 Some interesting cases: Some interesting ways to fill out the IHDB that keep you from getting that funding or additional staffing.

9 Distress




13 Ceased/Undetermined




17 Non-Distress



20 EXAMPLES OF OPERATIONAL FALSE ALERTS BEACON MISHANDLING False Alert – Mishandling – Installation False Alert – Mishandling – Testing False Alert – Mishandling – Usage False Alert – Mishandling – Disposal BEACON MALFUNTION False Alert - Malfunction – Switch False Alert - Malfunction – Water Intrusion False Alert - Malfunction – Test False Alert - Malfunction – Electronics MOUNTING FAILURE False Alert – Mounting – Bracket False Alert – Mounting – Release False Alert – Mounting – Magnet ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS False Alert – Environmental Conditions UNKNOWN False Alert – Reasons Unknown

21 Little know facts from the earlier slides All were from the year 2010. I didn’t have to go past 30 Jan 2010 to get the slides. This is common to all Coast Guard wide. We use it to work with manufactures so they can see trends/make better beacons.

22 RCC Feedback 22 “OWNER RPTED SELLING VESSEL IN 2005” What happened to the beacon? Was the beacon sold with the vessel or did the owner keep it? “BEACON IS ON A DIFFERENT TAIL” If a beacon is on a different tail, indicate beacon on a different tail than on registration and also provide the current tail number. Is this a temporary change or permanent change? Is the owner planning on updating this information with NOAA if it is a permanent change?

23 The Future that we would like to see MISLE and IHDB will be linked Auto population of data fields MISLE won’t close until IHDB is completed and filled in Auto e-mail of mistakes/questionable data to HQ

24 24 Suggestions On How RCC Personnel Can Help  Inform new and existing beacon owners regarding the option to register, make updates to registration information or re-register the beacons via Web.  Inform the owner to make sure they list phone numbers for owner/operator information which will add value to Search and Rescue efforts if the beacon goes off  Inform the owner/operator not to list the same phone numbers under owner operator section and the emergency point of contact section  Emergency point of contacts should be someone who will not likely be involved if there is an emergency  Inform owners to make updates when information changes and not wait till the renewal time

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