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SCORINGPETS The world’s first and only universal tag traceback system Developed by ScoringSystem, Inc

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1 SCORINGPETS The world’s first and only universal tag traceback system Developed by ScoringSystem, Inc


3 Opening an account is easy: Click on the “Open an Account” Button  Select: Private Owner or Another User on Drop Down List Submit Price per Pet only US-$ 5.00 / Year

4 Enter the number of pets and extras you want then click submit Click next and fill out contact information If filling out for a Shelter, Veterinarian, or Municipality make sure to include contact information Pet Match will allow people to search the database for pets to breed with yours, click yes if you desire to join If you’re working with one of our Sales Representatives add his/her SPID Number in the requested field you’ll get with 1 pets page 2 pictures, 15 sec. video and you can upload a birth certificate You can buy more video space and also an ID card for your pet for only US-$ 4.00 extra

5 KEEP THE E-MAILED PASSWORD SCORINGSYSTEM CAN NOT RECOVER A LOST PASSWORD Now login to the system and Add your Pets information, upload photos, and certificates Once you have everything uploaded click and view My Pet’s Page view and update your Pets Information also on a wireless computer, PDA and internet ready cell phones To print the ID card for a Pet just click on the print button

6 Member Service: Report your lost or stolen pet: - ScoringPets is the world’s only web-based recovery system, where the Account Owner can post on the web a lost pet immediately. - Easy to fill out the lost or stolen pet form and within seconds. Our messaging system alerts every registered user, in your area from private pet owner to Veterinarians, Humane Societies, Dog Wardens, Shelters etc. about your lost pet automatically. - No need to wait for a call center to get the information. - 1000’s of eyes looking for your pet immediately not only just a few - your Pets website with the updated Lost/Stolen information can be printed as a Flyer to further enhance your search in your local area.

7 Why should a private pet owner use to keep data secure and updated with a video, pictures and breeding and other information, Veterinarian history and vaccination papers Pets own ID Card to prove the owner ship and have records on hand when you travel or go to a show per pet only $ 5.00 / Year Pet owners privacy is protected in ScoringPets

8 Municipality Batch Uploads: ScoringPets is designed to be used by RFID Chip and Tag Manufactures and Wholesalers, Breeders, Humane Societies, Shelters, Municipalities and Kennel Organizations Batch Uploads are custom designed modules that allows the upload of existing information into ScoringPets Database with little effort and time ScoringPets is designed to enter, manage and pass on data from every user to the pet owner.

9 Reports : ScoringPets is the only database system that allows Veterinarians, City Officials, Shelters and Breeders to generate custom reports. e.g. By breed, gender, shots and vaccinations How many animals of a breed are in an area? Is there a crime wave of missing pets in an area? All the missing pets that have been reported in an area and when Pets with safety problems Pets activities How many registered pets Taxes paid and non renewals, exemptions etc. ask for our small fee

10 RFID Chip, Metal Tag or Tattoo Searches for Pet Recovery: Only ScoringPets will allow Municipalities, Veterinarians and Shelters with RFID readers to identify each lost pet in only one universal database and contact the pet owner directly Only ScoringPets is flexible enough to allow multiple tag and chip systems to be used in one universal database Only in ScoringPets a pet owner is able to post immediately a lost pet with the information he decides to make public The owner can be contacted directly and no time is lost Pet’s Veterinarian history and vaccination records can be checked on the spot

11 Pet ID Cards for Pet Identity, travel, shows and exhibitions ScoringPets uses the ScoringSystem patented Barcode System to verify the data on the ID Card with the data in the database No counterfeiting possible ID Cards with barcodes can be printed directly from the pets web page ID Cards can be used to run a complete pet show with awards and placings Breeders, Shelters, Pet stores and Veterinarians can use the ID card’s back side for Discounts and Promotions

12 Free Administration Accounts for  Veterinarians  Breeders  Municipalities  Humane Societies  Shelters  Animal Wardens Please contact us for detailed information: by phone: + 1- 941-330-1140 or e-mail:

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