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Knowledge is Empowerment Guide no. 5 Searching MEDLINE Full Text: by Subject, & by Publications. Register in My Ebsco Host & Create Alerts.

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1 Knowledge is Empowerment Guide no. 5 Searching MEDLINE Full Text: by Subject, & by Publications. Register in My Ebsco Host & Create Alerts

2 Knowledge is Empowerment Forgot how to access Medline database? 1. Go to UNITED STATES UNIVERSITY web page, select from the top bars Student Services and from your left options select Library 2. Select one EBSCO database, i.e. EBSCO NURSING (MEDLINE with Full Text) 3. Remember the access password for all EBSCO databases ID & Password: please see your US University e-mail or ask the librarian for this information

3 Knowledge is Empowerment 1. First select the right words in the right database. 2. Select the right field: ALL TEXT will retrieve all articles that have the words you are searching, but if you select Abstract, subject headings or title, it will give you more specific results. Please try all of them and analyze the results. 3. Mark the box for full text 4. Choose Relevance and limited to 2000-2010 5. You can also narrow you results by choosing Codes of Ethics 1 2 3 4 5 4

4 Knowledge is Empowerment 6. Review your abstracts and see if you need more information. Perhaps you would like to search with different words and fields. 7. Open one article and familiarize yourself with the subjects and links.

5 Knowledge is Empowerment 8. Open all the links. By doing so, you can find all the works published by the authors or read more articles of the same journal. 10. You can then see all the articles related to your search.

6 Knowledge is Empowerment Lets do another search, just to practice the steps: 1. Start by searching: Ethical principles AND Health Care AND Ethics code 2. Using the field TX ALL TEXT and remember to mark the box FULL TEXT 3. From the results, select RELEVANCE 4. Select Codes of Ethics from the More dropdown area.

7 Knowledge is Empowerment If the results satisfy your needs, you are done searching. But if not, I suggest you search the MeSh Terms, go to INDEXES. MeSh (Medical Subject Heading) Terms are a part of your new vocabulary, do you want to learn about MeSh terms?

8 Knowledge is Empowerment Search directly MeSh Heading (Major), write Code of ethics and select BROWSE

9 Knowledge is Empowerment There is no doubt, that your results are more relevant. In fact you can specifically select areas like: history, trends, legislation & jurisprudence or general (as an example). Then select ADD

10 Knowledge is Empowerment Now you click Search

11 Knowledge is Empowerment You are now in the ADVANCED SEARCH screen, where you can input as many words as you need, simply by adding rows.

12 Knowledge is Empowerment If you find a publication that interests you and would like to receive alerts of the latest articles published, select publications

13 Knowledge is Empowerment Journal Alert: from your EBSCO results, choose the journal name and copy it for the next slide.

14 Knowledge is Empowerment Searching Medline alone you can reach to more than 1,450 Full text journals with a coverage dating back to 1965. You can say that you always carry your own medical library, within your computer. To continue with Journal Alert, open your Publication file and paste the name of the journal. Now choose Browse

15 Knowledge is Empowerment Science and Engineering Ethics has a 12 months embargo, it means that the full text has a delay of 12 months. Not all publications have embargo.

16 Knowledge is Empowerment After selecting the journal of your interest, click alert/save

17 Knowledge is Empowerment You must register with my EBSCOhost in order to proceed with the ALERT service

18 Knowledge is Empowerment Click sign in to My EBSCOhost

19 Knowledge is Empowerment Click Create a new Account

20 Knowledge is Empowerment Fill all the blanks spaces & remember to write the user name and password in your personal notes, as you may forget them in the near future

21 Knowledge is Empowerment Now you are registered. Your name should appear in the space where Not Catalina is.

22 Knowledge is Empowerment Now ask for the alert, by selecting create an alert

23 Knowledge is Empowerment Please write the email where you want to receive the Journals alert. The message you receive will contain a list of articles with its links

24 Knowledge is Empowerment Now open your FOLDER and see in Journals Alerts your history.

25 Knowledge is Empowerment Think of EBSCO server as your personal computer, there you can create personal files, and saved your searches, articles and alerts. Best of all, you can access your files and searches from any internet connection. Once the course is over, you delete the file & the alerts, etc.

26 Knowledge is Empowerment Your first stop has been accomplished: Search in the abstract field Open all links from an article Sort result by Relevance Search the index (Mesh Heading) Search by Publications Sign into my EBSCOhost Create a Publication Alert Organize your own folders in EBSCO server

27 Knowledge is Empowerment Now you have to continue your own journey Second stop, please go to Use of Indexes in EBSCO database and Academic Search Premier Visual Search Third Stop, go through EBSCO simple search using Boolean operators and Plagiarism Fourth stop, Create Alerts and Files in EBSCO and learned about Information Cycle Fifth Stop, go to OPEN SOURCES and learned their content and take a look of all the links included in Collections

28 Knowledge is Empowerment Thank you for taking the time to learn! Let me know if you have more questions

29 Knowledge is Empowerment For more information Please contact M.L.S Catalina Lopez (619) 477 6310 ext 2017

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