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Joint Worldwide Training and Scheduling Conference Can Be A Mechanism For Joint Force Development.

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1 Joint Worldwide Training and Scheduling Conference Can Be A Mechanism For Joint Force Development

2 An essential Joint Force Development task of JCW is integrating valid joint concepts and solutions, lessons learned and doctrine into joint training events to deliver enhanced joint operational capability.

3 UNCLASSIFIED Future FY12FY14FY16FY18FY20FY22 Current Key Touch Points: -IPLs -JEONs/JUONs -JT&E -JCTDs -Training -Policy Time Horizon: 4 to 10 years Customers: CJCS/OSD/Services Primary Focus: -Fill Critical Gaps -Integration -Interoperability -Cross-CCMD/Domain -Functional integration -Rapid Innovation -Strategic Guidance Key Touch Points: -Acquisition Community -S&T/R&D/DARPA -Analytic Agenda Primary Focus: -Strategic Guidance -Emergent Issues -Inform Requirements Time Horizon: 0 to 4 years Customers: CCMDs/Services Joint Force Development Timelines Joint vision: Application of a holistic approach to determine, prioritize and address joint force capability development. The Integration of assigned statutory duties and synchronization with other inter-organizational joint force development efforts to effectively and efficiently solve current operational shortfalls, while identifying and developing the future joint force. 3

4 UNCLASSIFIED F3EA Methodology 4 Joint Force Development Find Fix Finish Exploit ASSESS Finish: Deliver concepts and validated solutions that: inform doctrine shape organizations support training development inform complementary materiel reqts. influence leader development inform personnel programs inform facility requirements “A deliberate continuous cycle of innovation and change that delivers coherently integrated joint capabilities to the current & future Joint Force to improve operational effectiveness in all domains across the range of military operations.” Find: Scout, identify and prioritize critical capability requirements, and decide Fix: Develop (innovate) & validate solutions (concepts, TTPs, etc.) through analysis, test & evaluation and experimentation. Exploit: Implement relevant solutions across the Joint Force through changes in doctrine, training, education, exercises and appropriate programs and processes Assess: Continuously evaluate training, operations, lessons learned and Joint Force Development efforts to validate implemented solutions and identify critical capability gaps.

5 Proposal for Future Worldwide Joint Training and Scheduling Conferences: Consider Shifting to a Joint Force Development Planning Conference Format Less Focus On Scheduling and De-confliction More On Deliberate Planning to Integrate Concepts, Solutions, Lessons Learned, Doctrine and select CCMDs and Service Joint Training Events Bring CCMDs and Service Joint Trainers and Joint Developers Together Around Warfighter Focus Area (WFA) Working Groups Conduct Deliberate Campaign Planning to Integrate JS J7 Core Functions of Concepts, Solutions, Training, Doctrine, Lessons Learned to Support Development of Joint Force 2020.

6 Conference Design Concept Biannual Deliberate Planning Conferences (Fall &Spring) CCMDs J7 and J8 Planners and Project Leads with Joint Staff, Service, OSD, Interagency & Multinational Stakeholders Warfighting Focused Area Working Groups (06/GS 15 Leads with Key Representatives from Across Enterprise) –Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) –Nuclear Deterrence/ Weapons of Mass Destructions (ND/WMD) –Homeland Defense Ballistic Missile Defense (HD/BMD) –Irregular Warfare (IW) –Space/Cyber/ISR –General Purpose Force Special Operation Force (GPF-SOF) Integration –Building Multinational Partners Planning and Synchronization Support Crafting of Joint Force Development Campaign Plan Based on Strategic Guidance and Priorities

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