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Applications in Acquisition Changing Defense Environment.

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1 Applications in Acquisition Changing Defense Environment

2 21 st Century Environment Late 20 th Century World Population7B Terrorism500+ incidents Nuclear States5 admitted (4 more?) Refugees25M+ Major Conflicts50+ U.S. Drug Costs$140B U.S. Defense$260B approx

3 Emerging Security Environment Global threat environment –Rogues, renegades, outlaws –Terrorism –Transnational crimes –Technology development and proliferation Critical Uncertainties –Strategic nuclear threats –Regional WMD –Large regional militaries

4 Emerging Security Environment New and modified warfare –Information warfare –Cybernetic warfare –Transnational infrastructure –Asymmetric warfare –Asynchronous warfare Who knows what’s next?

5 Revolution in Military Affairs Revolution is a major, discontinuous leap in effectiveness typically characterized by: –Rapidly emerging technologies making new military systems possible –New tools and options –New operational concepts use tools –New organizations to use the options

6 Revolution in Business Affairs Three broad streams of activity: –Acquisition reform –Civil-Military Integration –Reducing support infrastructure More teeth less tail

7 Transformation Fundamental Changes in the way the DoD conducts it’s business RMARBA Driven by technology MISSION focus Driven by technology Value focus RMA + RBA = DoD Transformation

8 Quadrennial Defense Review QDR report is the Strategic Plan for the DoD The Military Force Structure Review Act of 1996 Every 4 years (1 year after election) Content and purpose –defense strategy, force structure, force modernization plans, infrastructure, and other elements of the defense program and policies with an intent of establishing a revised defense program

9 Quadrennial Defense Review 1997 –Assumed Strategic Pause until 2015 –Balance power projection and peacetime presence –2 Major Theatre Wars(MTWs) Still respond to Small Scale Contingencies (SSCs) –Joint Vision 2010

10 Quadrennial Defense Review 2006 –Fighting the Long War –Prolonged Irregular Conflict Afghanistan Iraq Fight beyond Iraq and Afghanistan –Philippines –Korea –Horn of Africa

11 Quadrennial Defense Review Humanitarian and Early prevention –Tsunami –Pakistan Earthquake –Haiti –Liberia Home Security –9/11 –Hurricanes

12 Quadrennial Defense Review Irregular DisruptiveTraditional Catastrophic Defeat Terrorism WMD Homeland Security Shape Countries Decisions

13 Quadrennial Defense Review Joint Ground Forces Special Operations Forces Joint Air Capabilities Joint Maritime Capabilities Tailored Deterrence Combat WMD Joint Mobility Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Net-Centricity Joint Command and Control

14 President National Security Strategy Chairman Joint Chiefs Joint Strategy Review National Military Strategy (NMS) Joint Planning Document Defense Planning Guidance Program Objective Memorandum Budget QDR Threats New Technologies

15 Mission Need Determination Defense Planning Guidance (CinCs) National Security Strategy (Intelligence) Threats Mission Area Analysis Search for Capabilities Deficiencies

16 Mission Need Determination Mission Area Analysis Search for Capabilities Deficiencies Strategy to Task focus Mission Need Analysis Mission Needs/Timeframe Needs Task to Need Focus Material Solution Needed?

17 Mission Need Determination Material Solution Needed? YesNo Mission Need Statement Other Changes: Doctrine Organization Training Leadership Personnel

18 Mission Need Statement The Mission Need Statement is the approval document at the mission need decision. It summarizes the decision factors relevant to a capability shortfall the agency should address or technological opportunity for satisfying mission responsibility more efficiently or effectively. Approval by the Joint Resources Council authorizes entry into investment analysis to determine the best overall solution to mission need.

19 Mission Need Statement Justify Need to fulfill a shortfall Rigorous, analytical Sufficient Quantifiable data to make decision Does not suggest or justify specific solutions Updated at any major change to mission or world situation

20 Content Signature page Mission Area Need Capability Current Capability Capability Shortfall Impact Benefits Timeframe Criticality Resources/Funding

21 Mission Need Statement The Mission Need Statement is a summary document that describes the operational problem and presents the major decision factors that the Joint Resources Council should evaluate in considering the need. Detailed quantitative and analytical information should be included as attachments.

22 Quadrennial Defense Review Your assignment was to find and read it: What does it say? Given your responses to the last HW, does this address your concerns?

23 Summary World is Changing U.S. Need to Change –New strategies –New Acquisition Fast Response Anticipate Change

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