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Sydney, 17 July 2007 IBM SOA EXECUTIVE SUMMIT. IBM SOA © 2007 IBM Corporation Business Process Management Enabled by SOA Deon Newman Director, SOA Marketing.

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1 Sydney, 17 July 2007 IBM SOA EXECUTIVE SUMMIT

2 IBM SOA © 2007 IBM Corporation Business Process Management Enabled by SOA Deon Newman Director, SOA Marketing

3 IBM SOA 3 CEOs Cite Innovation as Top Priority for Business Source: IBM 2006 Global CEO Study Results of 765 CEO interviews worldwide: Out Performers place 2X emphasis on Business Model innovation than under performers -CEOs are under intense pressure to innovate -Corporate culture is critical to sustained innovation -Business model innovation is the new strategic differentiator Business Model Innovation delivers the greatest returns

4 IBM SOA 4 Which key business priorities will your IT organization implement or support in 2007? Note: Multiple responses allowed. Data: InformationWeek Research Outlook 2007 study of 300 business technology professionals

5 IBM SOA 5 Inflexible and Outdated Processes Are the Root Cause of Many Corporate Disasters Major Airline strands passengers on runway for 10 hours – no food, overflowing toilets Market-leading cell-phone provider exits market after small fire Why? Inability to modify processes on the fly.

6 IBM SOA 6 Business Process Management is a Discipline… BPM Solves: Processes arent documented Bottlenecks prevent efficiency Limited visibility into performance Complex integration across multiple processes Process change is cumbersome KPIs not defined Expertise that Delivers BPM Software that Enables BPM BPM Includes: Rules Engine Policies Business Logic Workflow Models Integration Modeling Monitoring Forms Methodology Process Knowledge Metrics BPM governs organizational and operational activities

7 IBM SOA 7 Value to shareholders and competitiveness Stakeholders Process modeling Process execution Knowledge Efficiency IT agility Compliance & consistency Process monitoring Business insight BPM adoption maturity Process optimization Transformation Workers, supervisors and managersCIOCFOCXO CEO lowerhigher lower Customers and partners SOA Optimizing the business is the ultimate goal Entire contents © 2007 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved.

8 IBM SOA 8 BPM Starts and Ends with Business Value Collaboration Process Governance Business Strategy Align business strategy and execution Communicate effectively between business and IT Collaborate to improve business process design Leverage industry standards and frameworks Assess, capture, and analyze core behavior Understand value processes Identify redundant, duplicated, and inefficient processes Track metrics to measure process performance Harvest data to optimize process performance Achieve insight and receive alerts to small problems before they become big ones Deploy on a SOA platform Automate processes improve profitability Facilitate human interaction to increase work efficiency and reduce errors Understand Define Execute Optimize

9 IBM SOA 9 Source: BPM and SOA, Better Together, Paolo Malinverno, Janelle B. Hill, Gartner, Feb BPM and SOA – Better Together Organizations that align their BPM and SOA initiatives in 2007 will double their likelihood of becoming an industry leader by 2011 …SOA and BPM initiatives…are more successful and the benefits are compounded when they are united

10 IBM SOA 10 ….and heres why SOA improves how you design, manage, and optimize your business processes by enabling: Solution Building Efficiency Reuse of existing assets Flexibility in change Services (Application & Information) Operational Systems (Application & Information Assets) Business Processes Data Registry Application Content External SOA at the core of BPM:

11 IBM SOA 11 IBM & SOA at Wachovia BPM & SOA Drove Business and IT Success

12 IBM SOA 12 Business Process Management Process Automation Modeling & Simulation Content Centric Processing Rules and Pre-built Frameworks Business Activity Monitoring Customers can start BPM in different ways Design and simulate business processes Choreograph processes across applications and systems Manage processes where content is used as input for a decision or produced as the output Manage process rules and accelerate design and implementation time Track performance, gain insight, and take action Five Flexible Starting Points for BPM

13 IBM SOA 13 Iterative and continuous improvement Business Level Modeling and Simulation Import Visio Models Use ROI reports to compare and analyze Results Model what if scenarios Use simulation capabilities to: -Assess risk mitigation -Make investment decisions -Calculate value of improvements WebSphere Business Modeler

14 IBM SOA 14 Modeling & Simulation IBM Process Models Both Modeling tools support leveraging existing Visio documents WebSphere Business Modeler can import Visio drawings FileNet P8 Process Designer contains Visio BPMN palette 17 Industry-Specific Process Maps and Models based on IBM best practices and the Standards-Based Process Classification Framework Helps clients kick-start process- optimization engagements. Support for Visio Documentation

15 IBM SOA 15 Identify activities and areas for improvement Product Lifecycle Management (Plant Operations) Supply Chain (Inventory Management) Driving force behind BPM Adoption -Synchronize SAP ERP system with various production plant software systems -Manual processes requiring data gathering, was time consuming and error prone Modeled processes for visibility Aligned business and technology priorities Used adaptors to integrate custom apps with SAP Deployed improved processes on an SOA BPM Disguised as: Rapid Solution Deployment - 4 Months from Concept to Implementation Reduced potential human error with process-controlled automation Rapid Solution Deployment - 4 Months from Concept to Implementation Reduced potential human error with process-controlled automation

16 IBM SOA 16 Business Alerts Notification of situations that require response External Information Information affecting performance Scorecards Key Performance Indicators for business units Reports & Analyses Understanding trends by combining real-time performance and historical information Collaboration Work with teams to resolve situations Business Activity Monitoring WebSphere Business Monitor

17 IBM SOA 17 Business Activity Monitoring Expanded BAM Monitoring Third Party Systems Providing adapters and support for pulling information from a variety of sources. Industry Dashboards Templates for industry verticals including key methodologies Predefined, full configurable dashboard templates Human Task Mgmt. BPM Dashboards for human task monitoring and management Monitor human tasks in process BPM Dashboards will provide an optimized experience for those roles responsible for managing the people side of process.

18 IBM SOA 18 NYS Dept of Taxation and Finance Solution: Leveraging SOA and BPM, NYS DTF is rapidly transforming their systems, data, people, and business processes to be more functional, flexible and responsive to citizens, users and legislation. Traditional mainframe batch processing is shifting to transactional. Manual processes are transforming to automated business processes. Real-time business activity monitoring is replacing daily printed run reports. Results: Rapid modernization of legacy batch systems to transactional. More channels to enhance voluntary compliance. Web services and XML linkage to IRS for corporate taxes. High component reuse, lowered costs. Reduced errors and business exceptions. Higher value business metrics. Implementation Details: WebSphere Business Modeler, Business Monitor, Process Server, Integration Developer, Application Server, Flat File Adapter, Commerce, DB2 V9 pureXML, DataStage, Workplace Forms, CICS Transaction Gateway, Rational Suite, Tivoli Composite Application Monitor. Business Challenge: N Y State Dept of Taxation and Finance (NYS DTF) processes 11 million personal and 2 million corporate returns annually using aging technology that cant keep up with the demands of citizens and users. NYS DTF needs systems and tools that are flexible, permit faster change and reduce overall costs.

19 IBM SOA 19 Process Choreography and Automation Runtime for end-to-end SOA-based process automation Flexible, reliable, scaleable, secure Integrated ESB for Range and Reach Seamless access to all available services Robust Human and System-centric BPM Capabilities: Human to Human; Human to System; System to System BPM for the Mainframe Transform your business from this… …to this

20 IBM SOA 20 Process Automation BPM for the Mainframe High powered process engine on a high powered platform New business user client generation in WebSphere Integration Developer for processes deployed on z/OS New Adapters for z/OS: , JDBC, FTP, Flat File, SAP BPM and SOA governance on the Mainframe through WebSphere Service Registry and Repository IBM Content Manager with Process Server added content-centric capabilities

21 IBM SOA 21 Rules and Pre-built Frameworks Industry Content Packs Business Service Templates to accelerate deployments Expanded industry coverage for Banking and Telecommunications Industry Frameworks Service-Oriented Business Solutions Frameworks Based on Industry Standards Combination of IBM and Business Partner Assets WebSphere Business Services Fabric National Language Support Alignment with IBM SOA Foundation Additional Standard Operation Environments

22 IBM SOA 22 Content Centric Processing Process Dev Framework Doc Routing WorkflowProcess Dev Framework Doc Routing Workflow Compliance Records Mgt. Mgt. DiscoveryCompliance Records Mgt. Mgt. Discovery Content Imaging/Capture Doc Mgmt Web Content Mgt.Content Imaging/Capture Doc Mgmt Web Content Mgt.

23 IBM SOA 23 Q Q Interoperability WebSphere & FileNet Processes can invoke each other Integration Common Service Registry and Repository Common Modeling, Monitoring Tool Enhanced run-time integration WebSphere & FileNet Roadmap BPM Enhancements Innovation Investment Protection

24 IBM SOA 24 BPM Expertise BPM Enabled by SOA Services Enhanced BPM capabilities and services to address any point in the SOA journey Integrated business solutions to accelerate deployment of new business processes Deep industry expertise Consulting methods, tools and reference materials BPM Methodology Comprehensive How-To reference guide with services Covers both the business and IT sides of BPM Six Sigma, Lean, and other methodologies in combination with BPM software Supports Organizational and Operational Governance

25 IBM SOA 25 Summary of BPM Announcements Expanded BAM New Industry Dashboards WebSphere / FileNet BPM Roadmap FileNet P8 4.0 Expertise Enhanced BPM Methodology GBS Offering: BPM Enabled by SOA Standards Based Process Models Academic Initiative BPM on Mainframe Industry Content Packs, Industry Frameworks, WebSphere Bus Services Fabric

26 IBM SOA 26 IBM BPM Enabled by SOA FileNet BPMWebSphere BPM IBM Expands BPM Value Proposition People Systems Documents Content Folder Form Images, … Content Folder Form Images, … IBM is now the clear market leader in BPM with the most comprehensive set of software capabilities and business expertise IBM a Leader! (Forrester IC-BPMS 4Q 2006) IBM a Leader! (Forrester HC-BPM for Insurance 3Q 2006) IBM a Leader! (Forrester ECM Wave 2006 – Document Centric BPMS Wave Pending Q2 2007)

27 IBM SOA 27 IBM has a complete BPMS IBM is the first and so far the only infrastructure software supplier to offer a complete BPMS supporting the end-to-end lifecycle from analytical modeling to performance management and optimization – based entirely on service oriented architecture. Bruce Silver, Bruce Silver Associates – The 2006 BPMS Report

28 IBM SOA 28 IBM Leads in BPM Enabled by SOA Technical Leadership -Breadth of Offerings from Tooling to Runtime; From Dashboards to BAM; Modeling, Simulation, Choreography, Frameworks, and ECM -All supported by SOA Market Recognition: -Leader in Gartner BPA MQ -Leader in Forrester Integration, Human, and Content centric BPM WAVES Vibrant Ecosystem BPM Business Partners –4000+ pre-builts assets in the SOA Business Catalog Business Expertise: -BPM Enabled by SOA Readiness Assessment ( consultants trained in BPM Methodology and BPM Enabled by SOA Engagement -20 BPM Training and Education classes available

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