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© Copyright 2007 Exempler Telecom Test Automation System Exempler - We pride ourselves with providing lightweight robust engineering solutions.

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1 © Copyright 2007 Exempler Telecom Test Automation System Exempler - We pride ourselves with providing lightweight robust engineering solutions

2 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 2 Contents About Exempler Automation In Telecom Testing Unified Automation Solution Product Road Map

3 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 3 About Exempler Exempler is a provider of lightweight Automated Testing and Optimization (ATO) software and services. Vision: Become the industry leader in lightweight automation solutions, the standard by which others are measured. Mission: Provide lightweight, robust, flexible and cost-effective automation based solutions to solve a wide range of technology problems.

4 Automation In Telecom Testing Business Drivers Telecom Testing Tasks Existing Solutions Existing Solutions - Limitations

5 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 5 Business Drivers Industry Needs Need to perform a large number of tests repeatedly but cost- effectively Automation solution that is: oRapidly-deployable oAdaptable to fast changing environment oLow maintenance cost oExtendable to add new test technology oFlexible to accommodate various vendor test equipment Industry Concerns Delay, costs and disappointment with automation efforts Steep ramp-up curves Too many surprises oNo certainty test equipment can support customer-specific call features oSignificant effort to add test cases oNeed to develop automation scripts per test case and per test equipment using vendor-specific language Lack of Expertise oLimited true automation experts

6 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 6 Telecom Testing Tasks Test Planning Requirements gathering Test cases development Environment configuration Test planning archiving Test Automation Script development Test data configuration Test execution planning Script/test box mapping Test Execution Scheduling Monitoring Log capture Results archiving Quality Assurance Results analysis Troubleshooting Root-cause analysis Issues resolution Savings quantification Decision making Script development Equipment mapping Results analysis Scheduling and execution Test Development Automation Solution Mapping

7 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 7 Existing Solutions Test equipment Network interface Scripting capabilities A few basic scripted test cases for sunny-day scenario Scheduling capability Results gathering Test management system Test case repository Test script repository Test execution results reporting Trouble tracking and reporting Two Separate Systems

8 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 8 Existing Solutions - Limitations Test equipment Significant investment in test gear Not always able to show value (rapidly execute various test cases) Development is test equipment specific Adding new test scripts requires a skilled network programmer Still need test planning, test automation/scripting, environment configuration Difficult to communicate results Test management system Still need lots of manual effort (including data archiving). Still need test planning, test automation/scripting, environment configuration Still need automation system to accommodate different test equipment May not readily provide flow- through processes (integration with test equipment) with other internal processes Disjointed systems

9 Unified Automation Solution The Solution Key Attributes System Architecture TestSecretary Integrations Product Road Map

10 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 10 The Solution Network FTS System 2 System 3 Database API App TestSecretary Test management database and front end. Enter requirements test cases scripts manage suites execute suites, gather results create reports track issues. API – integrate multiple vendor equipment. Follow one standard Equipment from different vendors in addition to our FTS systems. System Under Test (SUT) Integrations

11 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 11 Key Attributes A lightweight test management system for telecom testing with automated and manual testing support. Automation engine for seamless integration and control of 3rd party tools. Multi-software platform and multi-vendor environment usage. Web-based GUI with multi-lingual support for global accessibility. Available USB-driven technology for ease of maintenance, portability and enhanced security. Available library of scripted industry standard test cases.

12 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 12 System Architecture Client layer Security layer Server scripting layer DB server Mail server Repository Automation engine Test equipment layer Test environment layer TestSecretary core based on AMP technology for multi- operating system support Multi-lingual capable Web-based client user interface for anytime, anywhere access Automation engine for seamless test tool integration and scheduling

13 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 13 TestSecretary Organize requirements, test cases and scripts in categories Database test environment Create automation test agents Group tests into suites Execute and track tests in real time Open and track trouble tickets View various reports TestSecretary Integrated automation tools Requirements Test cases Environment Scripts Automation frameworks Trouble tickets Documents Automation Centric Test Management System

14 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 14 Integrations TDM call Processing features CDMA call processing features Automation engine Test equipment layer Test management layer VOIP call processing features

15 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 15 2007 Product Road Map TestSecretary Automation Centric Test Management System TDM Call Processing Features VOIP Call Processing Features 1Q072Q073Q074Q07 CDMA Call Processing Features

16 © Copyright 2007 Exempler LLC 16 Thank You Your success is our passion! We go the extra mile to make sure you succeed We employ a goal oriented approach to problem solving We pay attention to detail We deliver on commitments Visit our web site at for more on Exempler and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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