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Leverage Content to drive new Insights and differentiated Value

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1 Leverage Content to drive new Insights and differentiated Value
Ulrich Leuthner Director Marketing ECM Leverage Content to drive new Insights and differentiated Value

2 Smarter Content Solutions New Insights. Better Outcomes.
Ulrich Leuthner Director Marketing, IBM

3 IBM ECM – Meeting the customer with industry leading value propositions
CAPTURE and gain control of the content to determine the value ACTIVATE and put the content in context SOCIALIZE for better collaboration and access Slide Purpose: First time to formally introduce the five core ECM capabilities Speaker Notes / Concepts: IBM ECM has identified five capabilities, or focus areas, that organization typically rely on to meet their information management goals: We hear often from customers that a major challenge is identifying the content that will provide the most value. In order to do that, you must first capture it Activate it to optimize outcomes Socialize it for better collaboration and offer all stakeholders access Analyze it for new insights Throughout the process, you must ensure security and compliance, manage it throughout its lifecycle, and effectively control the cost of managing the content and associated processes. ANALYZE and identify patterns to gain insights GOVERN for reduced cost and risk 3 © 2013 IBM Corporation

4 > Information has value.
It delivers insights. It identifies opportunities. Do you know its value? Enterprise content comes in one size: large. And with its volume, variety and velocity, content comes fast and in a wide variety of forms. The challenge is to identify the content that will provide the most value, prioritize the insights, offer all stakeholders access to the content, ensure security and compliance, manage it throughout its lifecycle, and last but not least, effectively dispose of the content that has no value. To that end, identifying the value of content is a critical first step. 71% of IT and finance execs believe they don’t get value from information, despite high spending 100% of financial services companies and the majority of energy, manufacturing, life sciences companies must cut absolute IT costs Source: Maximizing the Value of Information Technology CFOs Dissect Their Companies’ Spending and Return on IT A report prepared by CFO Research in collaboration with AlixPartners Jan. 2013 © 2013 IBM Corporation

5 > Information has cost and risk.
It increases IT costs. It creates legal obligations. Do you know its cost and risk? When you can’t quantify the cost, it’s difficult to know how much actual value is realized by the organization. Not all information produced by an organization has the same organizational benefit although its unit cost is often the same. For example, the cost to produce and distribute a slide presentation on holiday party planning is the same as that for safety training and sales presentations. When information has no value and benefit or demand for it has evaporated, there should be no cost or resource consumption for it. © 2013 IBM Corporation

6 Multiply the VALUE of your content
BUSINESS VALUE Reduce the cost and risk It has become economically irrational to keep unnecessary information—and IT-only strategies for dealing with rising cost and volume are not sufficient In order to multiply the value of your content, there is a tug and war between its business value and its costs and risk. There is an economic imperative to reduce the amount of unnecessary information. IT-only strategies for dealing with the cost and volume of information are insufficient. At the same time, it is economically advantageous for LOB professionals to use the right content for business transformation. Information is perishable and loses its beneficial qualities over time. This dynamic of declining benefit and value without declining cost presents one of the greatest opportunities for improving information economics and financial performance. Once these details of cost and value are better identified, organizations can employ a simple blueprint to better harness unstructured content. Multiply the value of content It is economically advantageous to use the content LOB can now access to transform the way they serve clients and run the business—but most aren’t doing so COST & RISK © 2013 IBM Corporation

7 Why act? New realities require new actions
Information explosion “Big data will be a key differentiator in terms of information about customers, preferences, etc.” – Banking CEO, U.S. Social networks and mobility So why act now? New realities are requiring new actions, new ways of thinking. We have seen the information explosion continue to inundate us, but what’s different is our ability to use big data effectively as an advantage about customers and the market. Meanwhile, social networks continue to expand their influence, becoming the key driver for new business models. Other factors: Cost of information Globalism Demographic shifts “Mobility and social networking are key drivers to innovate new business models.” – Professional Services CEO, Turkey © 2013 IBM Corporation IBM CEO Global Study, 2012

8 Harness the content, apply the pattern
Smarter Content Solutions So how do we act on it? We harness content and apply the pattern of discover, recognize and act, built on the ECM capabilities of Capture, Activate, Socialize, Analyze and Govern. Translate data into insight into action that creates business results. Make the right data accessible for the right people at the right time. Remove blind spots that hinder informed decision making by providing contextual analytics and insight. Perform analysis that allows you and your employees to “predict and act,” not just “sense and respond.” Once content is moving in your organization, you can apply additional value and insight with knowledge workers, evaluating cases or performing more sophisticated analysis. At some point, you act on the content, distributing it throughout your organization for better outcomes CAPTURE ACTIVATE SOCIALIZE ANALYZE GOVERN © 2013 IBM Corporation

9 The new Smarter Content experience
Announcing: IBM Content Navigator and IBM Case Manager Content everywhere, business anywhere CONTENT IN CONTEXT Gain more insight with mobile and social DESIGNED FOR SOLUTIONS Innovate on your terms, quickly & cost-effectively And to further help you harness the power of content, we are announcing Content Navigator. This is a new solution leveraging the power of P8 and has built in the mobile capabilities of Content Navigator. It gives you greater insight by providing content in content wherever your location. It has been designed specifically for solutions to enable you deploy more quickly and cost effectively Finally, it has been built for the enterprise but made more consumable, nimble and user friendly. For more information, be sure to see the breakout session POWERFUL YET NIMBLE Built for business, simplified for users The new Smarter Content experience 9

10 IBM Patient Care and Insights IBM Intelligent Investigation Manager
Smarter Content Solutions Solving critical business needs, delivering value IBM Patient Care and Insights IBM Intelligent Investigation Manager IBM Information Economics Access and enrich patient information Identify patterns and build evidence-based insights Find intervention opportunities Deliver accountable, personalized patient care Discover complex patterns Better understand fraud characteristics Automatically flag issues and manage case resolution Save money, protect corporate reputations Eliminate unnecessary cost and risk by defensibly disposing of data debris Align cost to value through value-based archiving Reduce information risk by instrumenting privacy, e-discovery and regulatory policy across the data environment We are assisting companies with their business needs by focusing on solutions. Smarter Content solutions help address the critical needs of an organization by meeting a wide range of business requirements in many industries, such as healthcare, banking, insurance, government, energy and utilities and many others. In Patient Care and Insight … Intelligent Investigation Manager … Information Economics … © 2013 IBM Corporation

11 IBM solutions transforming your industry
BANKING In addition, we have several other solutions that span many industries …. In banking, energy, government, healthcare and others. ENERGY GOVERN HEALTH INSURANCE MANUFACTURING RETAIL Advanced Customer Service Resolution Agency and Customer Service Bid Management for Logistics and Transportation Services Claims Optimization/Benefits Adjudication and Exception Management Complex Loan Origination and Processing Coordinated Patient Care Engineering and Technical Document Publishing Fraud Investigation Incident Management Judicial Case Management New Banking Regulation Supplier Content and Communication Underwriting Optimization © 2013 IBM Corporation

12 IBM is the market leader
Gartner Forrester ‘IBM's transition, which started in 2010, from a more technology-centric focus to one emphasizing high-value, line-of-business and industry solutions … is showing results.’ — Gartner ECM Market Share Report, April 30, 2013 Leader in major ECM categories Enterprise Content Management – Gartner MQ Leader Enterprise Content Management – Forrester Wave Leader Dynamic Case Management – Forrester Wave Leader Enterprise Information Archiving – Gartner MQ Leader Message Archiving – Forrester Wave Leader (1) Innovation driven with leading high value solutions (2) Proven experience - past successes and extensive client portfolio (3) Unparalleled breadth of expertise and skills © 2013 IBM Corporation

13 Leading the way in smarter content solutions
High-value, smarter content solutions World-class partner ecosystem Industry leading capabilities For more information: 13 © 2013 IBM Corporation

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