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Classroom Expectation:

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1 Classroom Expectation:
Be respectful of others, the lab and equipment, and yourself!

2 This School is a No Gum Zone!
Growing Up Ready This School is a No Gum Zone! Mints, Tic Tac OK! I Should not see them

3 A few logistics You will need a two pocket folder. BRING in by Monday!
It will not leave the class! You can purchase one from me/or library for 25 cents. I do have used ones you can borrow, if needed. You will need some notebook paper that you will leave in your folder. You will need a pen and/or a pencil everyday. Always bring your planner and to class …everyday! We will use it for our journal. You can not leave class without your planner!

4 Focus attention to teacher
IF I need to stop you or get the full class attention… I will raise my hand and ask for everyone’s attention. I will wait until I have it. If your partner or others are talking, show them that I am waiting without yelling at them

5 Class Syllabus First Homework assignment :
We will view the Parent letter and class syllabus on my PVMS classroom website at: . Open your planner to August 19, 2011 See the box below Social Studies Copy the website address in your planner Then write: I have read the GUR syllabus. Please read the class syllabus Then sign your name. First Homework assignment : Show your parents the letter and syllabus Have them sign your planner Due date is Tuesday, August 23rd First grade. Grades will drop if signed late It is great if you have it signed earlier!! First time logging on in this school year? Student ID Password1

6 Assignment In your planner …
After we review each slide – you will write down a summary or word that best describes what you think is most important from that slide. Start at 4:00

7 Read, Read, Read Computers and Guidebooks have all the directions you need. It is important to read through the entire instructions before you begin an experiments or start cooking Often you will not have enough time! The computer screens will always tell you the directions. Example “Where is the Narrative writing sheet?” is in the directions.

8 Classroom Movement Large group class instruction
Please do not sharpen pencils, get tissues, throw trash away, get out of your seat, with out permission. This is very well thought-out because of our lab. Start the practice now. ALWAYS – stay seated and raise your hand for questions or to leave the class. I will come to you. Please do not come to me. Yes, even for bathroom passes! ESPECIALLY in the lab. That can be dangerous.

9 Rules, Procedures, and Routines
This class is our place of work! Be on time and with all required materials and supplies. Use your time wisely and productively. Use all equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. Each of us is responsible to keep our work areas clean, safe, and organized. Treat all team members in a professional, respectful manner.

10 Entering Room Procedures
The class will line up along the wall outside of class. This means your back is touching the wall behind the posts. Traffic Flow around the lab When it is time to start class you will come into your assigned unit and get started. You will be counted tardy if the class is in the room before you arrive. Tardy 1 = Warning 2 = Detention 3 = Detention and phone call home 4 = Minor referral

11 Evacuation or Shelter Procedures
Emergency Procedures - Posted on wall (NEW) Fire Quietly line-up to leave the room Go through the doors between B131 and C126 to the front. Walk around the building to the back on the soccer field. Line up SILENTLY and I take attendance First student holds – green or red card Tornado Announcement made stating severe weather Move to location in the hallway With a book over your head, crouch on your knees

12 Emergency Procedures Lock Out – outside threat
Lock Down – inside threat I lock the door Window shades closed – whoever is close Silence is a must!! In an inside threat – we may move to the storage area and remain very quiet I take attendance Cell phones silenced, babies off! If you are out of the classroom – HIDE and wait!

13 These chairs are NOT A RIDE AT ELITCH’S !!

14 Special lab chairs on wheels:
Proper use of chairs Special lab chairs on wheels: The height can be changed so you are comfortable at the computers. Adjust your seat height once. Feet must always be on the floor to move. This will help stay still in a chair that spins. Wheels will help you move about the work area. The work area is from corner to corner of the unit. Your chair will stay in the unit, so you will walk to destination. Do not push each other around in the chairs. 14

15 Asking for help Includes asking a question regarding the bathroom
In whole class discussions it is best to raise your hand. Unless given permission, you are not to leave your unit. Wait for help. Includes asking a question regarding the bathroom The ADMIN system has a call instructor button – this way you can see where you are in line to be helped. REMEMBER – I will come to you! If you see you are a ways down on the list – reread the directions. Talk with your partner about them. Ask an expert if we have one. If still unsure, continue on in the program. Signaling you are ready for an assessment Turn on the light at the unit and continue working in the program. Your light should not be on or played with!

16 Visitors Expect to see Mr. Delgado walk in this room to show off our lab to visitors. They will walk around. Ask you about your unit. Ask about your daily learning objective.

17 Black book case by door! Note that the black book case has a basket for each period. Most papers you turn in are placed here. Narrative writings on Day 5 will be turned in here for editing. PLAN on rewrites in this class! At the book case you will find: Stapler Tape Pencil Sharpener Tissue – if I have some

18 At the unit… Near computers there is to be NO food or drink. Water/lunches must be kept to the side of the unit Plugging in and unplugging equipment Behind monitor is a power plug in Always hold plug NOT THE CORD! Check-in and check-out of unit station Use inventory list found in the pocket of the guidebook You are responsible to report loss or damage – or you may be charged Checking out certain equipment (knives, sharpies, Video camera, craft box, glue gun, etc.) Your Index card is for checking out equipment from me You will put them on the white board under face magnets. Lighters will not be checked out – I will be at your experiment

19 Mrs. Ewerks’ Top 5 I come to you! Stay in your unit. Unless you have permission from ME. Light is only when you have a graded assignment. DO NOT turn it on and off. Be patient when you see I have a line of students who want to see me. ALSO, continue working and reading. It is not time to talk with others. Only clear water at the stations. The chairs stay in the unit and are not an Elitches ride

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