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Biology Mrs. Teater 1st Block Fall Semester 2014.

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1 Biology Mrs. Teater 1st Block Fall Semester 2014

2 Getting Started…  In the first five minutes:  Gather materials  Get your folder and paper  Have pen / pencil ready  Have a seat  Check board for POD  Do not ask what we are doing today until you have read POD first  Complete opener if one is posted

3 Class Time  Attending skills  Listen carefully to all instructions  Ask for clarification at any time afterwards  Accountability  Do your own work !!  Keep all graded work in your folder…I could make a mistake entering grades

4 Class Time…  Music may play during independent work time only if I play it from my computer  No personal media  No music from student computers  Rocking chair is by permission only.

5 Respect in the Classroom…  Use your discovery skills:  6 p’s  Dignity and respect  To each other, and every staff member  To the classroom  Use only materials needed for present class period  Take care of material used / borrowed  To the school

6 Respect in the Classroom…  Remove headphones  Cell phones are not in use unless specified for class work only  If ABSOLUTE emergency, ask to step into hallway  Be in the moment  Head up  Engagement  Participation

7 LABS  Listen carefully to all directions  Quietly gather only the materials needed for the lab out of cabinets  This is the only time you should need to get into the cabinets  When finished, clean up ALL materials, and work space  Put materials away neatly

8 Leaving the classroom…  10 – 10 rules applies  Restroom –  Please use before class  Administrator / Counselor  Have appt. made  If no appt. I will call to set one up for you  Focus  Wait for a note on your process point sheet  If you need to, please wait in hallway for your note

9 Whats New??  Focus room:  1 voluntary focus room per day  You will complete a processing sheet for Ms.Clift  Cell phones will be turned in as you go into focus  Process points:  Return to original format of process point sheet  Tardiness, redirects will result in a loss of 5 points each  You will take your point sheet home with you at end of the day

10 Drills…  Fire:  Exit classroom to the right through double doors at end of hallway  Proceed as a group to pavillion  Tornado:  Go to hallway and sit quietly facing the wall  Lockout:  Door is locked, but instruction does not stop  Lockdown:  When door is locked, and shades pulled, sit on floor by tall black cabinet and smart board.

11 End of Class…  Put all materials away neatly in their proper place.  Books, folders, notebooks  Borrowed pencils returned  All lab materials cleaned and put away  Turn in assignments to your classes tray  Return to seat  Once everyone is seated, process points will be signed and discussed  you will then be dismissed

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