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What Goes Up… Must Come Down Portable Ladder Safety.

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1 What Goes Up… Must Come Down Portable Ladder Safety

2 Overview  Equipment Types Checks  Critical Number  Set Up  Ascending/descending  While in Use  Safe Practices


4 Equipment - Types

5  Type & style  Proper length  Duty rating Special duty (IAA) – 375 lbs. Extra heavy duty (IA) – 300 lbs. Heavy duty (I) – 250 lbs. Medium duty (II) – 225 lbs. Light duty (III) – 200 lbs.  Material

6 Equipment - Checks  Prior to each use  Replace steps showing ¼ surface is worn away  Never paint wooden ladders  Check feet to make sure they are securely attached  Clean and lubricate moving parts (spreaders, hinges, locks & pulleys)  Replace worn labels and components  Never use ladders with broken components

7 Critical Numbers 3 ft above the surface Distance from structure = ¼ height of the structure

8 Critical Numbers 20 ft. height No less than 5 ft. No less than 3 ft.


10 Set Up – Extension Ladders  Check for overhead hazards, electrical lines, etc.  Stable surface  If leaning against surface, should extend at least 3 ft. beyond the surface height  Base of ladder ¼ of structure height from the base of the structure

11 Set Up – Extension Ladders  Walk the ladder up Closed No overhead hazards  Back the ladder’s legs up  Raise the fly section

12 Set Up – Extension Ladder  Secure the ladder Tie off/hook top Employee to hold ladder Level base



15 Set Up – Step Ladders  Check for overhead hazards, electrical lines, etc.  Stable surface  Fully extend all supports, braces, etc.


17 Ascending/Descending Always…  Maintain three points of contact  Keep your center of weight (torso) between the legs of the ladder  Use pulleys or a tool belt if you need to carry items with you

18 Ascending/Descending Fixed Ladders  Must have cage, wells or ladder safety system if height is greater than 24’ but less than 50’ or 24’ above the ground Could include body harness

19 While In Use  Never use the top two rungs  One person per ladder

20 While In Use If you can’t reach… MOVE THE LADDER

21 Safe Practices  Prohibit ladders from being propped on boxes, barrels and other objects  Both rails should be equally supported  Ladders should never be moved while occupied  Face ladders while climbing and descending  Surfaces (both on ladder and ground around the ladder) should be free of oil and other slipping hazards

22 Safe Practices Safe storage… Dry location Away from direct sunlight Secure to prevent tipping

23 Questions? SDAO Loss Control Department (800) (503)

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