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“Beth’s Job”.

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1 “Beth’s Job”

2 applauded If you applauded for someone, you clapped your hands to show you liked what they did.

3 The animals applauded after each act the mice performed in the show.
I went to a band concert last week and applauded when the band finished playing. When was the last time you applauded? Why did you applaud?

4 applauded When have you applauded at school?
How would Beth feel if her class applauded for her? How would you feel if your class applauded for you?

5 chatty If you are chatty, you really like to talk.

6 chatty The group of mice is chatty- they talk all the time.
When friends have many things to tell each other, they can get chatty. When have you been chatty?

7 chatty Are you chatty? How do you know?
Are your friends chatty? Do you like your friends to be chatty? When is it good NOT to be chatty? When might it be a good time to be chatty?

8 gather If you gather things, you bring them together in one place.

9 gather The mice gather in a corner of the barn.
When children want to share a book, they gather together so they can all see it. When else have you gathered in a group? Why? Have you gathered up toys? Shells?

10 gather Why would a squirrel gather nuts?
What things do you gather at home? Why? When is a time you and your family usually gather? When is a time you and your classmates gather at school?

11 duty A duty is a job you have to do.

12 duty Each job that children in Beth’s classroom had was duty. Beth’s duty was to water the plant. What is a duty you have at school? Which duty is your favorite?

13 duty I will name some things to do. If the thing is a duty, raise your hand. eating ice cream sweeping a room putting away toys washing the windows singing a song riding a bike

14 envy When you feel envy, you want something that someone else has.

15 envy Beth felt envy toward the other children. They had jobs that she thought she wanted. If you envy a friend who has an ice cream cone, do you wish you had an ice cream cone or are you glad you don’t have it?

16 envy Listen as I name some things. Nod your head if you would feel envy if someone else had it. a new bicycle an old pair of socks a broken toy a shiny red apple a trip to the zoo a new toy a broken pencil a day at the beach

17 resent You might resent someone if you feel that that person is being treated better, or more fairly, than you are.

18 resent Beth might resent her classmates because she feels that their jobs are better than hers. Would you resent someone if he or she was always picked first or last? Tell why.

19 resent Imagine that someone did the following things. If your would resent a person for doing the activity, clap once. took the last cookie shared a toy took your place in line read with you thanked you for help asked you to play left you out of a game gave you a snack

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