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Getting Started with Moodle Bronze Level – Compulsory.

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1 Getting Started with Moodle Bronze Level – Compulsory

2 Contents Overview of Moodle My Moodle Page Overview of Courses Course Settings Uploading Basic Resources News Forum Calendar

3 Overview of Moodle Moodle is a course management system (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites

4 My Moodle Page List of your courses If your list of courses is getting too long then you can tag some of your courses as favourites by highlighting the stars and then change the drop down to “View” “My Favourites” Use the “Help” button to log an IT job or request Moodle help

5 Overview of Courses Teaching staff are “editors” on the courses which they teach which enables them to add resources, view logs and manage course settings All courses can be viewed from the “My Moodle” page to get ideas from other departments on how they are using Moodle Click the link at the bottom of your course list

6 “Quick Links” block for important course documents such as Schemes of Work, Past Papers, Schedule of Assessment Use of blocks to promote careers relating to the subject Grid view to organise course. Could be by unit, topic, teacher

7 Study Plus Resources Link to Online magazine

8 Student friendly Learning Outcomes Sociology Interactive Scheme of Work Links to Resources/Activities

9 Resources Resources which can be added to your Moodle course page include: Files such as Word docs, PowerPoint presentations URLs Quizzes Questionnaires Online Assignments Glossary Choice Activity Scheduler External packages

10 Course Settings Increase/Reduce the number of sections on your course page

11 Course Settings Enrol new users/students View course as a student Edit the course settings including course layout and maximum upload file size View logs/stats of course usage

12 Course Settings Allows you to change how big files can be when uploaded This allows you to change the layout of the course.

13 Course Settings Allows you to add or remove the number of topics/sections This allows you to control how hidden topics are viewed either completely invisible or shown in collapsed form

14 Uploading Basic Resources 1. Turn the editing on 2. Add an activity or resource

15 Uploading Basic Resources Select your resource and click add

16 Uploading Basic Resources Give your resource a name and description Add your file and ‘Save and return to course’ at the bottom of the page

17 Uploading Basic Resources Drag and drop files from your desktop into Moodle when using Google Chrome!

18 Moodle icons Edit title Delete Update Duplicate Move resource Move right Hide/show

19 News Forum Each course page has a News forum which can be used for course announcements. When you post an item anyone enrolled on the course will also receive an email

20 Calendar Add important key dates into the Moodle calendar such as session slots, deadlines, exam dates. Some dates are automatically added to the Moodle calendar such as online assignment dates

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