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Test 1 (FAP) - Choose the option that correctly completes the sentences below: I – My parents caught ____ fish, so we had to eat potatoes. II – She hasn’t.

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2 Test 1 (FAP) - Choose the option that correctly completes the sentences below: I – My parents caught ____ fish, so we had to eat potatoes. II – She hasn’t eaten _______biscuits yet. III - Helen bought two books and I bought ________ too. IV – The three of them were invited but _________ came. V – Would you like ________ orange juice? a) no – any – some – some – no; b) no – any – some – none – some; c) some – no – some – none – some; d) no – none – some – none – some; e) no – none – some – none – any.

3 Test 2 (FEPAR - PR) - A frase "We don't know anything about aspirin" tem o mesmo sentido que a) We know something about aspirin. b) We will know something about aspirin. c) We don't know everything about aspirin. d) We know nothing about aspirin. e) We knew anything about aspirin.

4 Test 3 (VUNESP - SP) - Those organisms pose danger to human life. Marque a alternativa que completa corretamente o espaço em branco: a) any b) none c) no d) not e) nothing

5 Test 4 (UP - PR) - Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks: I. I don’t want ___________to drink. I'm not thirsty! II. The bus was completely empty. There was _________on it. III. Where did you go for your holidays? ___________. I stayed at home. IV. I went to the shops but l didn't buy ______________. V. What did you buy?______________! I couldn't find anything I wanted. a) something - none - nowhere - anything - nothing b) anything - no one - somewhere - anything - no one c) some - nobody - nowhere - something - nothing d) anything - nobody - nowhere - anything - nothing e) nothing - nobody - anywhere - anything - none

6 Test 5 (PUC - PR) - Fill in the missing words I. I did the homework without _______help. II. Please, go to the greengrocer's and get _____ potatoes. III. Tomorrow there will be_________rain. IV. Would you like _________more sauce? V. I want a glass of lemonade with _________ sugar. a) I - any; II - some; III - some; IV - some; V - some; b) I - some; II- any; III - any; IV-some; V-a ny; c) I - any; II - some; III - some; IV - any; V - some; d) I - some; II - any ; III- any; IV - any; V - any; e) I - any; II - some; III - some; IV - some; V - any;

7 Test 6 (FATEC - SP) - Escolha a alternativa que mantém o mesmo significado de “No one" em "No one passes or fails a Toefl. " a) Anybody b) Everybody c) Nobody d) Somebody e) Someone

8 Test 7 (ITA - SP) - Dadas as sentenças; I. I met (I) twenty people there. 2. I don't have (II) money on me 3. You have made (III) mistakes, haven't you? A alternativa que corretamente preenche as lacunas I, II, III é: a) some(I) - some (II) - some (III) b) some(I) - any (II) - some (III) c) any (I) - some (II) - some (III) d) any (I) - some (II) - any (III) e) any (I) - any (II) - any (III)

9 Test 8 (ESBI - MG) - Choose the right alternative. Who are you going to vote for the next election? "________". __________ I don't believe in_______of the candidates." a) Some - any; b) Nothing - some: c) Somebody - any. d) Nobody - any; e) Neither - some.

10 (Med - ABC) - Mark the best option They had____________ cars to rent. a) some b) no c) somebody d) none e) "a" e "b" são corretas

11 Test 10 (PUC - PR) Complete the following sentences with the right choice: Her mother told her not to speak when she had (I) in her mouth. My pen must be (II) in this room. Can you see it (III) ? (IV) likes working on a hot day. The little girl wanted to go (V). a) I - anything; II - somewhere; III - anywhere; IV - somebody; V - nothing. b) I - something; ll - somewhere; III - anywhere: IV - nobody; V - everywhere. c) I - something; ll - anywhere; III - nowhere, IV - anything; V - somewhere. d) I - anything; II - somewhere; III - somewhere; IV - nobody; V- anywhere. e) I - something; Il - anywhere; III - somewhere; IV - everybody; V- nowhere.

12 Test 11 (PUC - RIO) - Mark the sentence which must be completed with "anywhere". a) The manager had to go off_____else for an appointment. b) The dangerous dog was approaching but there was______ to hide. c) Britney says she didn't go_________yesterday. d) This is part of the original castle build __________around e) Have you seen my glasses? l've looked_________for them.

13 Test 12 (ITA - SP) - Mark the best option; There won't be congratulations for ________of you. You're not good. a) nobody; b) none; c) somebody: d) anything: e) any.

14 Test 13 (PUC - PR) - Put in the missing words: I - I want _________more tea, please. II - _____________ I go fishing. III - It doesn't rain ___________. lV - I'm sorry, but I have _______to give you. V - ____________knows it's wrong. a) I - some; II-Everytime; lll - someday; IV - nothing; V - Somebody; b) I - any, II - Sometimes; III - everyday; IV - anything; V - Everybody; c) I- some; ll - Sometimes; III - every day; IV - nothing; V - Everybody; d) I -any; II - Every day; III - sometimes; IV - nothing; V - Everyone; e) I- some; II - Everywhere; III - everytime; IV - anything, V- Somebody;

15 Test 14 (UEL-PR) – “Does this virus represent ________ *threat to mankind?” *threat – ameaça a) None. b) No one. c) Somebody. d) Any. e) Anyone.

16 Test 15 (FAAP - SP) - Mark the best option I don't think there is ___________gin here. a) some b) any c) none d) no e) no one

17 Test 16 (PUC - PR) - Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentence: The police have not been able to arrest___________of the robbers who robbed the bank. a) some; b) any; c) no; d) none; e) anybody.

18 Test 17 (UNICURITIBA - PR) - Assinale a alternativa que completa corretamente as seguintes frases: I. We need _______time. ll. They want __________chairs. III. I don’t want ________ice-cream. IV. She doesn't need___________ onions. a) any - any- some - some; b) any - some - any - some; c) some - some - any - some; d) some - some - any - any; e) any - any - any - some.

19 Test 18 (UERJ) – Read the dialog below and complete the blanks. – Would you like _________ peach jam? – Oh, yes, thank you. a) Some. b) No one. c) Anything. d) Any. e) Something.

20 Test 19 Choose the alternative(s) that can complete the following sentences: 1) He hasn’t __________ friends. 2) I have __________ letters for you. 3) He had __________ success but not a great deal. 4) In __________ cases they operate for this illness. a) Some, some, any, any. b) Any, some, some, some. c) Any, any, some, some. d) Any, some, some, any. e) Some, any, any, any.

21 Test 20 (FMU - SP) - Choose the right alternative. There was complete silence in the classroom. _______said ____________. a) Somebody - anything. b) Nobody - nothing; c) Everybody - something: d) None - nothing: e) Nobody - anything

22 Test 21 (UFPE) - The correct choice to fill in the blank space in the sentence below is Sally: Wow! Is there ______ missing from this electronic wonderland? Clifford: Yes, human contact. Computers and networks isolate us from that kind of contact. a) nothing b) something c) anything d) somebody e) nobody

23 Test 22 (UEPE) - A alternativa que melhor preenche a lacuna é: Sr. Thomson escreveu um artigo tecendo comentários sobre o livro escrito por Marlon Brando: " Songs My Mother Taught Me" (Random House, 468pp. $25). "As I stumble across the years of my life", writes Marlon Brando, "trying to recall what it was about, I find that is really clear." a) nothing b) anything c) nobody d) anybody d) anyone

24 Test 23 (ITA) - A lacuna encontrada na sentença do texto deve ser preenchida por: Hardly took Louis Frank seriously when he first proposed, more than 10 years ago, that Earth was being bombarded by cosmic snowballs at the rate of as many as 30 a minute. a) somebody b) anybody c) someone d) everybody e) nobody

25 Test 24 Assinale a alternativa que está correta. a) He couldn’t find his books not anywhere. b) Isn’t nobody going to help? c) There was nobody in this room. d) Is there any in the post? No, not anybody. e) Who is in the kitchen? “Nothing”.

26 Test 25 (SANTA CASA-SP) – “Eu percebi algo movendo-se no escuro, mas quando acendi a luz não vi nada lá. Tudo estava no mesmo lugar.” “I noticed __________ moving in the dark but when I turned on the light I didn’t see __________ there. __________ was in its place.” a) Nothing, something, anything. b) Anything, nothing, something. c) Something, nothing, anything. d) Something, anything, everything. e) Everything, anything, something.

27 Test 26 Assinalar a alternativa errada gramaticamente: a) He gave his wife no money for her clothes. b) He didn’t give his wife any money for her clothes. c) He gave his wife some money for her clothes. d) He gives his wife some money for her clothes. e) He never gave no money for her clothes.

28 Test 27 (Mackenzie) – Indicate the alternative that best completes the following sentence. " I'm a person _______ technical knowledge of computer will impress __________." a) who - everyone b) which - someone c) for whom - nobody d) whom - everybody e) whose - anyone

29 Test 28 (MACK - SP) - A forma "negativa" correta de "Everyone is going" é; a) It isn’t going anybody. b) Anybody is going. c) Anyone isn't going. d) Nobody is going. e) No one isn't going.

30 Test 29 (UEL-PR) – Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da frase a seguir. Why didn’t you buy that sweater? It was such a good offer! Because I didn’t have money on me. a) A. b) Any. c) None. d) No. e) Some.

31 Test 30 (FCMSC) - Mark the best option Mr. Valentine had never had ________indication of heart trouble a) no b) none c) many d) none e) any

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