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Idaho Nurses Association September, 2011, Ingrid Brudenell, PhD, R.N.

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1 Idaho Nurses Association September, 2011, Ingrid Brudenell, PhD, R.N.

2 Upstream Health Care: Protecting the environment Kenally Creek, Idaho

3  Identify environmental health issues relevant to Idaho nurses.  Discuss strategies to address current environmental health issues in Idaho.  Form a committed group in INA for advocacy, service, research and education.

4 In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” Baba Dioum quote 4 th of July lake, Idaho

5  Assessment of Idaho Nurses and their environmental knowledge and concerns.  Online Modules developed on land, air and water.  Formation of the Greener Idaho INA Environmental Task Force  All Objectives not met- Few completed modules, no task force  Grant funds returned.

6 04/30/2010 Pattillo & Brudenell6

7 04/30/2010 Pattillo & Brudenell7

8 04/30/2010 Pattillo & Brudenell8

9  Health care without Harm Grant- 2009-2010  What happened? What worked and didn’t?  Lessons learned?  What is next?

10  Online sign up for Greener Idaho INA Task Force.  Sign up at the 2011 conference- now.  Decide level of involvement and your passion and skills.  Core Issues in this presentation and next steps?


12  ANA –COEH  Pennsylvania Nurses Association- Kaktins,N. (2011) Drilling the Marcellus Shale for Natural Gas: Environmental Health Issues for Nursing see web site for conferences and issues  www.

13  Commends the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on the release of the 12th Report on Carcinogens (ROC). 6/30/11  The report added the chemicals styrene and formaldehyde to the list of possible carcinogens.  A coalition partner in Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families advocates for greater public health protections from exposures to chemicals.  Registered nurses, who comprise the nation’s largest group of health care professionals, have a crucial role in assessing and addressing environmental health issues and their impact on the public’s health.  ANA has been a leader and advocate for public policy that preserves and improves environmental protections vital to a healthy and productive society.


15  Alliance of Nurses for a Healthy Environment or  Environmental working group- personal care products  Health care without harm and www.H2E-online.orwww.noharm.orgwww.H2E-online.or  Government- EPA, CDC, FDA,IDEQ, Bureau of Preventive Health, Medicaid

16  Healthy Homes  Healthy Communities  APHA, local IPHA

17 20102011  Chemical exposures- lead, mercury, arsenic, BPA, Dioxin, etc  And Radiation  Energy Use  Carbon Footprint  Global climate change  Water- pharmaceutical and agriculture pollution  Air Quality and health effects, Auto emissions  Natural Gas and Oil production- “ fracking”

18 20102011  Cradle to Cradle Stewardship in health care  Reducing Medical and Health care waste.  Reprocessing single use devices  Healthy Housing and Schools, Play areas  Walk able/rideable neighborhoods  Safe and sustainable food supply Year of Idaho Food

19  Cradle to Cradle Stewardship in health care  Reducing Medical and Health care waste.  Reprocessing single use devices  Eliminate exposure of nurses and health care workers to chemicals and radiation.

20  Energy Use – Calculate your home, work place and community energy uses.  Carbon Footprint- reduce the carbon foot print.  Global climate change is occurring and will effect each of us.

21  EPA. Household Emissions Calculator. Available at s/ind_calculator.html s/ind_calculator.html

22  Safer Chemicals Act of 2011.  Toxic Substance Control Act (1976)  Why Reform is Needed? 80,000 new chemicals introduced  What is expected by reform? Better information and protection of the public and workers  What can you do ? National and state efforts- Stroller brigades, Letters, Op Ed, events

23  Nurses and Chemical exposures- lead, mercury, arsenic, BPA, Dioxin, formaldehyde  Associated with increasing rates of cancer, neurological and reproductive problems.  Nurses are advocates for the workforce as well as patients.

24  Transportation, petroleum products, air and water pollution  Petroleum Production- “ fracking”  Fracking is a process for releasing natural gas from shale and rock.  EPA is conducting case studies to determine scientific based health effects. More Information will be coming.

25 National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week October 23-29, 2011 Lead-Free Kids for a Healthy Future

26  Lead Poisoning Prevention  Reportable levels  Recent data from Head Start and Early Head  Start Collaboration Project  BSU Idaho Providers Study

27  Children under age 6 are most at risk for lead poisoning.  Prevent lead poisoning. Get your home tested. Get your child tested. Get the facts!  Was your house painted before 1978? Protect your family from lead exposure.  Remodeling the home? Renovate right with lead- safe work practices.  Talk to your health department about testing home paint and dust for lead.  CDC, Tools, Fliers and Posters and messages

28  Screening BLL- capillary and venous blood tests available  Reportable levels >10 mcg./dl have decreased.  Sub acute levels remain high (HSCPS) <10mcg/dl  Medicaid & Head Start Programs require testing

29 Head Start Positive Tests Per Cent Children Screened

30  BSU, DON Study in 2010  Few children screened  Why?  11.5 % Response rate (69 surveys)  44% do not perceive lead as a problem but know it is a neurotoxin.  Some Findings_ Educational materials:  Nutrition Information:  Have resources 33.3%  Would use: 66.7%  Flyers/Brochures  Have 34.9%  Would use 69.2%  Need resources!

31  Reviewed some of the issues  Discussed ways to get involved- local, state and national  International- another level of concern  Now- What do you want to do?  What are your next steps?  Contact:   or or   Questions?  Thank you!!

32  Name  Contact Information:  email,  phone,  address  Issues:  Skills/Events:

33 People and the Environment-

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