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ARRA Proposal Communications Initiative Board of Early Education and Care March 9, 2010.

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1 ARRA Proposal Communications Initiative Board of Early Education and Care March 9, 2010

2 Early Education and Care System Components Informed Families and Public (FS, C, I) Finance (Q, FS, WF, I) EEC Strategic Directions: Q = Quality FS = Family support, access, and affordability WF = Workforce C = Communications I = Infrastructure 2

3 3 Of the $23.9M available through CCDF ARRA funds, $1.2M must be spent on quality improvements for infant and toddlers. This proposal is to use up to $298,500 of those quality funds to create a statewide communication infrastructure, with key partners (using collective resources), to raise awareness regarding the importance of the earliest years that provides leverage for existing local community efforts. Overview of Proposal

4 Alignment with Priorities 4 Alignment with the Board of Early Education and Care Policy Considerations for 2010 and Strategic Plan Strategic Direction: Communication: Create and implement an external and internal communications strategy that advocates for and conveys the value of early education and care to stakeholders, consumers, and the general public and positions EEC as a national education leader. Feedback from July 2009 Board Retreat; the Board Indicated Strong Support for the Following Policy Consideration for FY2010: Build a statewide internal and external communication strategy that includes the role of families (and partnerships with families) in the development of children as infants, toddlers, preschoolers and out of school time, and connection to public schools. Frame communications to align with the strategic plan and Governors Readiness Action Agenda report.

5 5 Alignment with ARRA Funding These funds would be invested in a manner that does not result in unsustainable continuing commitments after the funding expires and will be closely monitored. Alignment with Multiple Stakeholders Feedback and Efforts The Birth to School Age Task Force recommended using funds to support a communications initiative that focused on the importance of the earliest years. During seven statewide community-level Birth to Three forums one of the most frequently reported themes was the need for increased communication that focuses on the importance of quality early education and care. Aligns with the United Ways Impact Area around Healthy Child Development as well as multiple community-level efforts (Talk, Read, Play; Thrive in Five, Mother Goose on the Loose, Cherish Every Child etc.). Alignment with Priorities (continued)

6 Partnerships 6 EEC has had preliminary discussions with the United Way regarding a strategic partnership that leverages collective resources to raise awareness around the importance of the earliest years (including quality early education and care). This communication effort would take into account the multiple on-going community-level efforts across the state and would aim to serve as an overarching infrastructure that these local efforts/messages can align with and connect to. Multiple audiences would be targeted for direct consumer education and communication, including but not limited to families, workforce, field, legislature etc.

7 Next Steps 7 Identify Any Additional Interested Key Partners: at the state and local level. Continued Planning with Key Partners: including community partners; EEC will develop a greater understanding of associated fund use and timeline to share with EEC Board. Identify Key Core Messages: Messaging will be focused and will be targeted to get specialized information to families, policy makers and others so each group is aware of next actionable steps they can take. Express key components of the system of early education and care. Translate the science into what people need to know to support key messages. Clarify focus of messaging – children need to be thought of within the context of their community and family.

8 Next Steps 8 Research Methods for Effectively Reaching Families with Children 0-8 Years Old (e.g. consider use of social networking media to expand audience ). Initiative Will Need Credibility Through Branding Determine How to Measure Impact of Initiative Implementation: Depending on the structure of this initiative (in-house etc.) a competitive RFP may be necessary to select a vendor; more information will be provided).

9 Preliminary Budget and Timeline 9 EEC is still working to understand the associated breakdown of costs for this initiative, collective resources available and the associated timeline. More information will be shared once available. Additional partnership resources are likely to leverage these funds. EEC proposes the use of up to $298,500 of ARRA funds for this proposal. ARRA funds must be spent by September 2011 and this initiative would align with that timeline. More information will be shared once available.

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