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Minnesota Department of Health Environmental Health Division January 2013.

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1 Minnesota Department of Health Environmental Health Division January 2013

2 Housing impacts health “The connection between health and the dwelling of the population is one of the most important that exists” Florence Nightingale

3 Success in Reducing Lead Hazards Comprehensive system includes data/evaluation, enforcement, prevention, and hazard reduction Guidelines established & partnerships nurtured Brings together medical providers, public health, housing agencies/trades, and advocates

4 Support from CDC for Lead Grants to MDH for childhood lead poisoning prevention ended in 2012 after 18 years of funding Initial steps taken to transition to healthy homes Program areas at risk: Blood Lead Information System database triggers lead Enforcement process, supports grants (HUD, EPA), and informs health care Statewide lead guidelines Education/outreach

5 What is a healthy home? US Surgeon General says: “A healthy home is sited, designed, built, renovated, and maintained in ways that support the health of residents.”

6 Characteristics National Center for Healthy Housing has established seven principals of healthy housing: 1. Dry 2. Clean 3. Pest-free 4. Safe 5. Contaminant-free 6. Ventilated 7. Maintained

7 Health Problems that can occur… Asthma Allergies Injuries Brain damage Behavior and learning disabilities Poisonings Lung Cancer Information taken from the National Center for Healthy Homes

8 Healthy Homes Strategic Plan Input from 7 meetings around the state A greater public health impact because it promotes interrelated strategies: Changes in structural conditions and building practices; Modification of resident and property owners’ behaviors; and Development or revision of policies, legislation, and service systems to enable healthy housing practices. What to do

9 Alliance for HH & Communities A group of affordable, green and healthy homes non-profit organizations Funded by BC/BS Foundation A three-year effort to build bridges between different sectors: planning, public health, education, property management, building inspections, primary care providers, and more Who will do it

10 Summary A healthy home provides a foundation on which the citizens of Minnesota can build healthy, productive lives. A multi-agency approach will work best Interventions have proven positive return on investment Yes, it’s about jobs…


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