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2 RULES of PLAY 2 teams equally split by DNM, M, and E standards. 1 player from each team goes to the front of the room and sits in the HOT seat to answer the question. The team whose player answers the question correctly earns points for their team. Sportsmanship points are awarded and taken away (no whispering answers if its not your turn, no arguing with the teacher, and no arguing with teammates or opponents).

3 HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED 1 person from each team comes up to the front. The question will be projected on the screen The first team member to hit the easy button is allowed first chance to answer the question. If they answer the question correctly they are awarded points If they answer the question incorrectly they lose points and the other team has a chance to steal for DOUBLE the points! At the end of the game the team that has the most points WINS the bonus points on the test and the candy.


5 Question 1: The study of the earths surface, people, cultures, climate is known as _____.(1 pt.)

6 Answer 1: Geography

7 Question 2: Latin America includes a number of countries and regions including: Mexico, Central America, South America, and the _____.(1 pt.)

8 Answer 2: Caribbean

9 Question 3: What are the two MAIN languages spoken in Latin America and the Caribbean and from which two countries did they come?(2 pts.)

10 Answer 3: Spanish(Spain) and Portuguese(Portugal)

11 Question 4: Name two islands that are found in the Caribbean.(2 pts.)

12 Answer 4: Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and THOUSANDS of others that we did not discuss. THOUSANDS!!!

13 Question 5: This body of water borders eastern Mexico and the southeast United States. It is surrounded on three sides by land. It provides Mexico with access to the Atlantic Ocean.(1 pt.)

14 Answer 5: The Gulf of Mexico

15 Question 6: The _____ _____ borders western North America and South America. It is the largest ocean in the world.(1 pt.)

16 Answer 6: Pacific Ocean

17 Question 7: The picture below is from a human-made waterway stretching across a portion of a Latin American. It allows ships to travel back and forth between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans without having to sail around South America.(2 pts.)

18 Answer 7: Panama Canal

19 Question 8: This body of water lies southeast of North America and the northeast of South America. It is home to a number of island nations. These islands attract millions of tourists every year.(1 pt.)

20 Answer 8: Caribbean Sea

21 Question 9: An important mountain range in Mexico. Covers much of western and eastern Mexico. (1 pt.)

22 Answer 9: Sierra Madre Mountains

23 Question 10: What you are looking at is the second- largest river in the world. For centuries, people in northern and central South America have relied on this river. Its many tributaries provide important water routes, connecting inland regions of the country to the Atlantic Ocean. (2 pts.)

24 Answer 10: The Amazon River

25 Question 11: These are some of the highest mountains on earth. They form the longest running mountain range in the world. They stretch more than 4,500 miles along the west coast of South America.(2 pts.)

26 Answer 11: Andes Mountains

27 Question 12: This is the largest in the world and is home to many different forms of vegetation and species of wildlife. Sadly it is facing deforestation and destruction.(2 pts.)

28 Answer 12: Amazon Rainforest

29 Question 13: This physical feature lies in northern Chile. It is one of the driest places on earth. (2 pts.)

30 Answer 13: Atacama Desert

31 Question 14: Most people in Latin America live in cities. The reason for large populations in cities is because many of these cities are near _____, which allow for trade.(3 pts.)

32 Answer 14: Rivers and access points to coasts for the purpose of trading.

33 Question 15: Why do you think so few people live in the Amazon Rainforest?(4 pts.)

34 Answer 15: The region is isolated and does not have large cities

35 Question 16: Many people come to the islands in the Caribbean Sea for the purpose of _____. This is a major source of income for the Caribbean islands.(2 pts.)

36 Answer 16: Tourism Vacation Nice weather

37 Question 17: You are looking at a picture of famous musician Bob Marley who was born to a white father and a black mother. By definition Bob Marley would be considered a _____, who are people of mixed white (European) and black (African) ancestry. (3 pts.)

38 Answer 17: Mulatto

39 Question 18: This is a picture of Mexico City, Mexico. Which environmental issue is most evident in looking at the picture?(2 pts.)

40 Answer 18: Air pollution

41 Question 19: This image would best reflect the oil exports of which two Latin American nations.(4 pts.)

42 Answer 19: Mexico and Venezuela

43 Question 20: Deforestation occurs in the Amazon Rainforest. Which Latin America country would be the most concerned about stopping it to preserve their natural resources? (2 pts.)

44 Answer 20: Brazil

45 Question 21: What does this picture illustrate about the air pollution in Mexico City and what the mountains do to the air pollution?(3 pts.)

46 Answer 21: The mountains block wind currents from carrying away the pollutants produced by the citys pollution. The pollution lingers in the air for long periods of time.

47 Question 22: You are looking at a picture of Former Mexican President Porfirio Diaz whose ancestry is of European and Native American descent. By definition he would be considered a _____, which are people of mixed European and Native American ancestry.(3 pts.)

48 Answer 22: Mestizo

49 Question 23: Just like Spain spread the language of Spanish to Latin America and the Caribbean. Which religion did Spain introduce to Latin American countries such as: Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and even Brazil? (2 pts.)

50 Answer 23: Catholicism(form of Christianity)

51 Question 24: These are two images of the Metrobus in Mexico City. How can this service minimize (make smaller) the environmental issue of air pollution in Mexico City? (5 pts.)

52 Answer 24: By taking more cars off the road when people take the bus and other forms of public transportation.

53 Name that country! The next 8 questions you will see pictures of countries that you should know. You are to name the country that is colored in on the map. Good luck! (3 points each)

54 Question 25: (3 pts.)

55 Answer 25: Bolivia

56 Question 26: (3 pts.)

57 Answer 26: Venezuela

58 Question 27:

59 Answer 27 Brazil

60 Question 28: (3 pts.)

61 Answer 28 Colombia

62 Question 29: (3 pts.)

63 Answer 29 Panama

64 Question 30: (3 pts.)

65 Answer 30 Cuba

66 Question 31: (3 pts.)

67 Answer 31 Mexico

68 Question 32: (3 pts.)

69 Answer 32: Haiti


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