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Study Guide for Latin America

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1 Study Guide for Latin America

2 Geographic features 1. Caribbean Sea 2. Gulf of Mexico
3. Pacific Ocean 4. Sierra Madre Mountains 5. Panama Canal 6. Atacama Desert 7. Amazon River 8. Andes Mountains

3 1. Mexico 2. Panama 3. Cuba 4. Haiti 5. Brazil 6. Venezuela 7. Columbia 8. Bolivia

4 3. One geographic feature that greatly affects Brazil is the
Amazon rainforest

5 4. Panama is part of a region known as
Central America

6 4. What is the Panama Canal?
A human-made waterway that allows ships to travel between the pacific and Atlantic Oceans without having to sail around South America

7 6. What poses the greatest threat to the rain forest in Brazil?
Logging in the rainforest

8 7. A leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is
Cattle ranching, growth of cities

9 8. How do mountains around Mexico City affect air quality?
They cause pollutants to linger in the air and create health risks

10 9. What is a major environmental concern in Mexico?
Air pollution in Mexico City

11 10. The climate in the Caribbean tends to be

12 11. Which natural disaster would a citizen of Haiti fear the MOST?

13 12. In which countries in Latin America would you find the most people?
In the large cities : Mexico City

14 13. Why did Mexico City MOST likely become a heavily populated area?
It is located close to a desert

15 14. What affect do surrounding mountains have on Mexico City?
The mountains trap air pollution causing environmental problems

16 15. Which two countries rely on oil exports to support their economies?
Mexico and Venezuela

17 16. How does the Amazon River affect where people live?
Due to isolated regions and high elevations, only a few people live in the Amazon

18 17. Spain colonized many countries in Latin America
17. Spain colonized many countries in Latin America. How is Spain’s influence still seen in these countries? Architecture Most of these people are Roman Catholic

19 18. Which Latin America country is only one whose language and culture have been greatly influenced by Portugal, because it was the only colony of Portugal in the region? Brazil

20 19. Which country has the most significant impact on the language and religion of Latin America?

21 20. The relationship between literacy and the standard of living in Latin America is
The higher the literacy rate, the higher the standard of living

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