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Sustainable community-programme 2007-2012 DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes Sustainable community.

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1 Sustainable community-programme 2007-2012 DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes Sustainable community

2 Sustainable community Sustainable community -programme Program duration: 2007-2012 Total volume: 100 million euros, of which Tekes share is about half For more information: The program focuses on development of sustainable and energy efficient buildings and communities. DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

3 Sustainable community Why a Sustainable community programme? Building and real estate cluster together with energy and environment cluster are in a key position to promote sustainability Major economic significance Important in preventing climate change both nationally and globally Sectors have an important environmental impact 80 % of green house gases is from production and use of energy (incl. traffic) Built environment accounts for 40 % of energy use in Finland, and 1/3 of green house gases Where and how communities are built has a major effect on consumption and environmental burden now and in the future Sustainability of energy production and use Optimizing of energy use is without exceptions cost efficient Investments have short pay back times Also direct saving opportunities DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes New business concepts, services and products are needed in design, building, use, maintenance and repair for sustainable and energy efficient communities and buildings

4 Sustainable community A future community is sustainable Sustainable community is a global business opportunity Possibilities for new service concepts and business models Changes in operation methods and networks enable commercialization Courage and ambition are needed for the change Tekes boosts companies and public actors into challenging development DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

5 Sustainable community Objectives of the program Promote well-functioning and comfortable communities that are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable Promote commercialization of technological expertise Renew cooperation models, operating methods and acquisition methods Create new business models, service concepts, system solutions and technology solutions Network organisations in different fields and strengthen interaction between public and private sector DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

6 Sustainable community Well-Being and Health Indoor environment Productivity Functionality Work and leisure Time Energy and Environment Energy sources Energy production Energy efficiency Waste handling Recycling Communities and Urban Structure Urban planning Land use Logistics Transport Buildings Energy efficiency Building structure Building flexibility Building services Sustainable Communities DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes Sustainable Communities – key sectors

7 Sustainable community Key sectors DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes What lies in the intersections?

8 Sustainable community Customers and target groups Real estate and construction Construction industry Building products Building services Engineering and consultants Real estate services Real estate owners Energy and environment Energy companies Environmental companies Component manufacturers System suppliers Engineering and consultants Well-being and services Logistics Well-being Companies providing expert attention Companies providing new types of services Direct clients in focus Communications and electronics Companies in electronics Software and digital media Software companies Metal and bulk production Production technology Production areas Products and know-how are applied in development of products, services and business models Consults that develop businesses and services Indirect clients in focus DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

9 Sustainable community Structure for the program Markets Market Distance Service innovations and Business Concepts Development, integration and implementation of technologies, systems and methods Processes, changes in operational practices and cooperation models Demonstration projects Buildings Energy and Environment Well-Being and Health Communities and Urban Form DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

10 Sustainable community Criteria for the business projects Project promotes business development for participating organisations Project outcome (technology, product, services etc.) has an significant business potential both in Finnish and international markets Project outcome has novelty value in Finland and/or internationally Project enhances participants’ know-how and networking For business projects it’s an advantage to network internationally or with public organisations Project must be clearly organised E.g. project organisation, schedule, tasks, goals, budget Systems, integrated solutions, business concepts etc. are preferred compared to pure technology focused projects Project must relate to key themes of the sustainable community program Business models and concepts Sustainable energy solutions Technical and social innovations Transportation and logistics Processes and operation practices DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

11 Sustainable community One opportunity: Financing for demonstrative projects Criteria for demonstrative projects: Should not be business as usual Must include novelty value and include ambitious targets The project theme could be: Land use, planning Buildings Technical systems or solutions Operational models Procurement practices … ? DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

12 Sustainable community IDEA project planning design development detail design Execution Maintenance Tekes' demonstrative financing Motto for demo-financing: ”BUY KNOW-HOW” DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes Allocation of demonstrative financing

13 Sustainable community Demonstrative projects - financing R&D&I project R&D&I project Demonstrative financing Client Private / Public Supplier Demonstrative project Tekes project R&D&I financing R&D&I project DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

14 Sustainable community Possible project themes DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

15 Sustainable community Project themes 1 Business models and concepts, business know-how Technical services and maintenance New service concepts in Energy businesses (ESCO, measurements, monitoring and integration of information technology to services) PPP-models (life cycle models) Regional service models Electronic trade New services providing additional value to residents or users New business models for management of regional entities For example integrators, operators, urban managers Integration of investor’s, builder’s and users’ needs Sustainable energy solutions Optimal (integrated) production and use of electricity, heat and cold Eco- and cost efficient cooling and district cooling Geothermic heat/cold at building and regional level Renewable energy sources in distributed production Seasonal modifiability of energy source at building and regional level Solutions for needs of both diverting and condensing communities DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

16 Sustainable community Project themes 2 Technical and social innovations New concepts in construction (low energy, passive house) Technologies of rehabilitation and complimentary building Integration of technologies that take aging into account into solutions Mass customation New implementation practices in construction in order to increase cost efficiency Utilization of ICT and ubiquitous solutions, for example: self diagnostics and reporting of buildings Logistics and traffic Logistics services New concepts for public transport and joint ownership (call controlled public traffic, joint use of vehicles) Remote operations enable by ICT, mobile services, electronic trade Minimizing of transportation needs of people and goods by services and optimization (delivery services etc.) Management of waste flow DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

17 Sustainable community Project themes 3 DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes Processed needed in building and maintenance of community New processes for construction and maintenance Material and energy efficient processes (Lean) Regional planning and construction process Defining, measuring and assessing of eco- efficiency Decision making processes and support Identification, analyzing and development of processes Development of public procurement

18 Examples of funded projects in 2008 DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes Sustainable community

19 Sustainable community Research projects 1.Development of energy efficiency by energy companies – ENETE 2.Urban happiness – Ecosocial sustainability of a solid city 3.Shopping malls as a part of sustainable consumption and community structure 4.C-business, Communities’ technical networks – their governance, ownership and operation 5.Geo-energy in communal energy supply - GEOENER 6.Processes of sustainable construction 7.Eco-efficiently renewing community – EcoDrive 8.Traveling in community structure 9.Led lighting based on solar electricity, procurement practices for energy efficient and sustainable lighting 10.Business opportunities related to local energy networks and new energy solutions and in low energy construction 11.Future business opportunities for sustainable waste management in communities 12.Towards carbon neutral community – engagement, operation plans and preliminary actions DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

20 Sustainable community Demonstrative projects Productisation of Energy efficient vacation housing Mäntyharjun seudun elinkeinojen kehitys Oy Low-energy concepts for single-family housing partnerships Asuntosäätiön Rakennuttaja Oy Service concepts for eco-efficient life cycle living Työtehoseura ry Pitkämäki, Kankaanpää – model area of an energy efficient detached housing construction Kankaanpään kaupunki DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

21 Sustainable community Projects developing concepts and services New business model for heating of property Oilon Home Oy Green Living –eco-efficient living environments NCC Rakennus Oy Model for an energy and water supply system of a residential area YIT Rakennus Oy, Uponor Suomi Oy, Fortum Oy Sustainable repair Insinööritoimisto Mikko Vahanen Oy Ecological and Digital City Concepts E.d.City Consulting Oy Piloting of business models and preparation of development program Global EcoSolutions Oy Town sustainably to the map – GIS-application on the internet Arkton Arkkitehdit Oy DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

22 Sustainable community Models and system solutions 1 Energy efficient building services of commercial properties Are Oy Enerway Enerpoint Oy Energy efficiency and thermal comfort Finnglass Oy GreenStar Hopaltans Oy DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

23 Sustainable community Models and system solutions 2 Design, construction and marketing concepts of concrete structured passive house Maarakennus Suutarinen Oy Energy efficiency and thermal comfort Saint-Gobain Glass Finland Oy Wall element of a passive house Mikkelin Betoni Oy Metro Taifun – pipe transportation system of waste Marimatic Oy Geothermal pump 2010 Suomen Lämpöpumpputekniikka Oy Development of passive log house Oy Timber Frame Ltd Minimal energy use in heating Taelek Oy DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

24 Sustainable community What does the programme offer its international partners? Contact with the best Finnish companies, universities and research institutions Opportunities to benefit from Finnish know-how in e.g. planning and construction and mitigating and adapting climate change Support commercialisation of business and activity on the international market DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

25 Sustainable community Program management group Olavi LoukoCity of Espoo (chairman) Ilari Aho Uponor Pertti Laukkanen Vantaa Energy Raija Rinta-Erkkilä S-Ryhmä Helena Säteri Ministry of the Environment Sakari Toikkanen YIT Corporation Mauri Tommila Tommila Architects Pertti Värtö Puzair Virpi MikkonenTekes DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

26 Sustainable community Contact information Program manager: Virpi Mikkonen, Tekes Tel: +358 10 60 55930, virpi.mikkonen(at) Program coordinator: Mikko Nousiainen, Pöyry Tel: +358 10 332 4954, mikko.nousiainen(at) Tuomo Sirkiä, Pöyry Tel: +358 10 332 53052, tuomo.sirkia(at) Heikki Hirvonen, Pöyry Tel: +358 10 332 21148, heikki.hirvonen(at) Mirja Kosonen, Pöyry Tel: +358 10 332 26747, mirja.kosonen(at) Communications: Eero Lukin, Tekes Tel: +358 10 60 55715, eero.lukin(at) For more information : DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

27 Sustainable community Summary 1.Sustainable Community is a eminent business opportunity A gateway to global markets A possibility make Finland a better place to live 2.Attitude and courage is needed 3.The programme offers A interdisciplinary networking forum A channel for internationalisation and international cooperation A interaction channel for private and public sector 100 million euro resources, of which Tekes share is about h alf DM 451755 02-2009 Copyright © Tekes

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