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Course of WWI.

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1 Course of WWI

2 Course of WWI short war illusion Schlieffen Plan: avoid 2-front war
western front vs. eastern front trench warfare = stalemate

3 Schlieffen Plan – August, 1914

4 Schlieffen Plan – September, 1914

5 Trench Warfare

6 A British soldier inside a trench.
Trenches A British soldier inside a trench.

7 Battles to Know Marne Somme & Verdun 1st trenches bloody
little ground gained

8 Why did the US enter the war in 1917?
Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare 1915: sinking of Lusitania : halted 1917: resumed Zimmermann Telegram Germany offered Mexico US territory if they joined the German cause

9 Why was WWI so destructive?
trench warfare new technologies: tank poison gas machine gun airplane submarine

10 Verdun: Before & After Cloister of the Hotel la Princerie (France) – before and after the battle.

11 Tank 1916: tank warfare introduced by France/GB
1917: France & GB used 1500 tanks each A German tank.

12 Poison Gas German soldiers wearing gas masks.
The Germans introduced the use of poison gas in warfare in 1915.

13 Machine Gun

14 Below: A German airplane.
Above: Painting of a British airplane engaged in combat. The airplane has a machine gun mounted on its top wing.

15 Snoopy, the WWI Flying Ace

16 Submarine A German U-boat, 1910.

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