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Automation Systems & Testers

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1 Automation Systems & Testers
¬ VT-ASYST Automation Systems & Testers 2014

2 Facts of VIDEOTON Group
¬ VT-ASYST Facts of VIDEOTON Group A privately owned, financially strong, vertically integrated industrial group in low-cost Europe A competent multi-commodity supplier of complete products, modules and parts A European EMS provider A turn-key contract manufacturing partner for outsourcing and transfer projects A complex service provider owning and operating industrial parks

3 Holding Group Structure ¬ VT-ASYST Manufacturing Services Electronics
Finance Controlling Business Development Central Design & Engineering Legal HR IT Manufacturing Services Electronics Part manufacturing Assembly & part manufacturing Videoton EAS KVJ VT Elektro-PLAST Industrial Park Company VT METAL VT Mechatronics VT ARTRANS VT Automotive Electronics VT Plastic VTES VT-Transman VT Precision VTBH-DZU Pannonjob VTCD VT-ASYST Pannonfacility VENTIFILT VT-Systemtechnics

4 1996 2012 3,5 Mill € 89,8 % 27 21 12 Fact of VT-ASYST ¬ VT-ASYST
Established VT-ASYST Ltd. Annual turnover 1996 2012 3,5 Mill € 89,8 % as Special Machine BU (2013) Automotive Engineering Machining Assembling Engineering Machining Assembling Programming Installing 27 21 12 engineers millers, turners technicians Engineering, machining, assembly, programming, install. All parts of making special machines are in one hand. With a strong background support of VIDEOTON.

5 Engineering Engineering ¬ VT-ASYST
Main activity of VT-ASYST Ltd. is based on engineering work. Our engineering groups include well-trained engineers. Engineers are supported all programs, and equipments, what is needed for high-quality work. Engineers Mechanical Designer 12 Automat. Engineer (PLC) 7 Measuring Engineer 3 PC Software Engineer Manufacturing Engineer 2

6 Production of parts ¬ VT-ASYST
The Business Unit has its own tool shop, therefore we are able to manufacture the designed parts in-house. Our main machines are supported by CAM. Machining with CAM: Machining without CAM: Milltronics VM 25XT Max. process dimension: 1524 x 635 x 610 mm Process accuracy: 0,005 mm Milling machine 3 pcs CNC Lathe Machine 3 pcs Flat Grinder 2 pc Fehlmann Picomax 100 CNC-3 (2 pcs): Max. process dimension: 800 x 400 x 450 mm Process accuracy: 0,01 mm Welding: STAMA-FANUC MC014 Robodrill: Max. process dimension: 480 x 360 x 280 mm Process accuracy: 0,01 mm CO2, argon protective gas arc welding Aluminum and acid resistant materials welding Hardford VMC-1020: Max. process dimension: 1020x 500 x 400 mm Process accuracy: 0,02 mm TNL-85A II Lathe with C-axe machining Max. process dimension:  130 mm Length: 500 mm

7 ¬ VT-ASYST Assembly Assembly: Machines that we design are assemblied, adjusted and tested at our own plant. If required, we can provide area for test run. Only fully functional machines after Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) are delivered.

8 Sometimes our capacity is not enough …
¬ VT-ASYST Co - operation Sometimes our capacity is not enough … We have good relationships with local small contractors. If there is a temporary capacity shortage, our partners give us stable and reliable hand.

9 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Half automated manufacturing support machines:
Heating machines Washing machines Glueing machines Screwing machines Adjusting machines

10 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Half-automated assy machines:
Precision dosing system Application of humanoid robots Feeding, assembly, press fitting

11 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Screwing machines: Servo screwdriver
Pneumatic screwdriver 1;2,5; 3 axies manipulating Moving by robots (Scara or chartesien) Data acquisition Integration into special machines or assembly lines

12 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Riveting machines:
Application of BalTec riveting machine Single or multi spindle version Force-way measuring Data acquisition Integration into special machines or assembly lines

13 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Press Fitting Machines: Up to 50 kN
Force - way measuring Pneumatic, Hidraulic, or servo-presses Parts check (Poka-Yoke)

14 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Pipe Press Fitting Machine: Hidraulic press
Force - way measuring Automated glueing and pipe manipulating Pressing force 15 kN Parts check (Poka-Yoke)

15 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Fully automated assy machines: Servo motion
Application of robots, etc. Similar as half automated assy…

16 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Half Automated Testers: Feeding by operator
Functional testing High Voltage Testing Resistance & Insulation Measuring Scrap separator Marking parts by ink jet or laser marker Traceability with RF ID Data Acquisition by PC

17 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Fully Automated Testers:
Feeding by manipulators Functional testing High Voltage Testing Resistance & Insulation Measuring Force-way measuring Pneumatic manipulators Robots Marking parts by ink jet or laser marker or labeling Traceability with RF ID Data Acquisition by PC

18 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Hand-switch Functional Tester:
Functional testing and 3D Force-way measuring 6-axis humanoid robot and pneumatic manipulators Symbol recognizing Automatic labeling or scrap separating Data Acquisition by PC

19 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Assembly and tester line: Multiple PLC control
Traceability with RF ID Covering and rivetting Customer dimension measuring Switch point adjusting by low voltage, high current Functional Testing Resistance & Insulation Measuring, etc. Data Acquisition by PC

20 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Assembly , pressing and screwing machine:
Assembly workstation with equipment support Servo press (max. 55kN) with force-way measuring AC servo-screwdriving with carthesian robot Precision weight measuring Data Acquisition by PC (barcode, network, etc.)

21 We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Or any other combination of previous groups:
BOSCH TS1, TS 2 conveyor Indexer table, LS 280 indexer line Application of Robots, Lasers, Servos… Feeding, Assembling, Testing, Marking, Acquisition

22 Component production:
¬ VT-ASYST Other Activities Component production: Production of parts are undertaken according to the drawings provided for us. Unique parts, small batches of components, samples can be produced. Modification of machines: Modification and modernization of old equipments are undertaken to make them suitable for their new purposes and to be up-to-date. Manufacturing of jigs, fixtures, stands, equipments: Complete solution If you need an assy line then you need some jigs like a shim feeder or master pieces.

23 ¬ VT-ASYST References ¬ VIDEOTON

24 Quality Standard: ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 (planned)
¬ VT-ASYST Quality Assurance Quality Standard: ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 (planned) ISO (planned)

25 Thank you for your kind attention!
¬ VT-ASYST Thank you for your kind attention! VT-ASYST Kft. H-8000 Székesfehérvár Berényi út Building: No. 187/A Tel.: Fax: If you want produce, we give you assist!

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