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01.04.2017 NEW UDA - FORMAXX.

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2 What the Customer Wants:
Highest flexibility on material and formats Shortest Set-Up Time Flexibility in choosing the appropriate coding technology Interfacing with inspection-systems Low stockkeeping – „Print on Demand“

3 Branches Pharma Cosmetics / Personal Care Food / Snacks
Print-Shops / Contract Packers Printing Industry Automotive Elektronic Parts Do-It-Yourself Stores

4 Positioning Semi-automatic packaging Short-run production
Individualization of pre-printed materials Personalization of pre-printed materials Re-Labelling Just-in-time (unpredictable volumes) ...

5 Processable Materials:
Folded boxes – self-erecting boxes Cards (Paper, Plastic,etc.) Cut-outs Blistercards

6 UDA-FORMAXX vs. UDA 150 S Product dimensions: + 100 %
Increased speed: % Product dimensions: % Product height: % Coding / Inspection area length: % width: %

7 UDA-FORMAXX vs. UDA 150 S 2 Versions
Version „I“ (for intermittend applications) Proven Friction-Technology. Version „C“ (for continuous running applications) New design Multiple belts Frictionless

8 Increased applicability:
UDA-FORMAXX vs. UDA 150 S Increased applicability: New design covers 99% of previous models / variants

9 UDA-FORMAXX vs. UDA 150 S Improved Control System: Display / Keypad
Multi-language Display of the system status in plain text Wearless, highdynamic servo-drives Traceability of product movement => only 1 optical sensor Reproducible and storable adjustments

10 UDA-FORMAXX vs. UDA 150 S Modern and Efficient Design:
Simple architecture Easy-to-built Easy-to-maintain Easy-to-handle „Clean“ Design Corrosion-free housing – hardly any „sharp edges“ Easy-to-clean Ideal for pharmaceutical (or clean-room) environments

11 From A Birdview UDA FORMAXX vgl. UDA 150S (standard)
Table Width: 450mm = + 50% (today: ~300mm) Table Length: 700mm = + 40% (today: ~500mm) Formats: 450x500mm² = + 100% (today: ~300x360mm) Max. Speed: 90m/min = + 20% (today ~72m/min) Intermittent and continuous = „intermittent“ only Modern Control System (multi-lingual), Push-Buttons / Signal Lamps graphical display / key-pad Explanatory Display Signal Lamps (Buttons) Wearless, dynamic servo-drives (no carbon-brushes) brushtype DC-motors

12 From A Birdview UDA FORMAXX vgl. UDA 150S (standard)
Expanded Infeed-Modul: up to 8 mm thickness today : 4mm Modular design – easy to adapt Adaptions require relatively huge efforts Improved, reproducible adjusting / settings Mechanical adjustment „clean Design“: corrosion-free zinc plated easy-to-clean ideal for pharmaceutical applications

13 Models I = Intermittent C = Continuous

14 Model „i“ Proven belt-system.
Primarily for intermittently running jobs. Best for: - HPD - ttPrint - LASER - Inspection-Systems Also for continuous jobs.

15 Model „c“ New multi-belt transportation-system
Primarily for continuously running jobs Best for: alphaJET ttPRINT LASER Inspection Systems

16 Integrable Coding-Devices
HPD Labelling Machines Print-and-Apply Ink-Jet (CIJ / DoD / Hi-Res) TTO Laser

17 Competitors Member of the ITW-Group. ACF 400

18 Competitors Member of the ITW-Group. BDS 4ACC

19 Competitors AFD 100

20 Preview (Next Steps) Shingle-Conveyor (2010) Reject-Module (2010)
Inspection-System (2011) Vacuum-Belts (2011) Enhanced Length (2011) Touch-Screen (2011)

21 References

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