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1 From Collaboration to Collaboration An « agile » PLM implementation CERN PLM 2011 Conference September 6th 2011, Gilles Ruffieux.

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1 1 From Collaboration to Collaboration An « agile » PLM implementation CERN PLM 2011 Conference September 6th 2011, Gilles Ruffieux

2 Agenda 1 Brand & Context 2 PLM as a solution 3 Implementation 4 New Product Development Methodology 5 First Results 6 Conclusion

3 1955 20002005TODAY High creativity – High value Fashion Time Brand Repositionning 1. Brand & Context Corum: A high value watchmaker 3

4 1. Brand & Context The vision

5 1. Brand & Context The challenge 20052007Today Product Reconstruction Product Affirmation 15’000 watches/yr 160 employees 5 subsidiaries 450 Points of sale 3 owned Boutiques 5 + 80 % of the Collection recreatedbased on a modern reinterpretation of Corum’s DNA

6 1. Brand & Context The craftman’s way to do it ! 6 New People No process No tools to support No time to build High pressure on delays No compromise in Quality, Content & Design External Risks -Suppliers - New market positionning Commando Mode

7 1. Brand & Context People involved in productdevelopment 7 1 CEO 2 Marketing : 1 Director, 2 Product Managers 3 Product Dev. : 1 Director, 1 Designer, 4 Project Leaders 4 Techical Dpt ; 2 Engineers 5 Logistic Dpt : 1 Directors, 4 buyers 6 After-Sale dpt : 2 persons 6 Master Data : 2 persons 7 Production & Quality : 3 persons Total : 23/100 1 on 5

8 1.Brand &Context The impact 8 People & teams High pressure Stress Communication failures Demotivation Data Management Broken and destructured Duplicate & non consistent Heavymanual Workload for change Operationnalrisks Deliveriesdriven by production capacity Cost of non-efficency Deliverydelays Cash Flow We need a strong Product Development Methodology To ease development To capture and maintain the short TTM we already gained To reduce all the risks

9 Supply- chain Methods & Manufact. After-Sale Services Product Development Key successfactors STEP 1STEP 2 Select a product Rapidimplementati on Direct usability NPD Methodology Fundamental lifecycle Rules and workflow CenteredaroundProject Data Capture information as soon as itisknown 2. PLM as a solution @GED Project (GED = EDM in french) 9 Development @GED Project

10 2. PLM as a solution Selection of a PLM Constraints Coverthe full scope of the PLM project Very flexible to beabele to followclosely ournever-endingevolution Shouldmakeveryeasythe check-in of documentation Must bemanageableinternally Strongrelationshipbetween the PLM application developer&Corum'sintegrator PLM application integratorshouldunderstand the companiesspecificactivities and constraints PLM app. dev. takeson bears part of the risks (crisis time) 10

11 Projets & doc Article et & BOM Integration & SI 201020112012 Corum Methodology Definition @Full PLM Detailled Parts definition&implementation Corum Methodology Implementation PLM@ERP CAO@PLM @GED Projet Documents Macro-Parts Data management rules and processdefinition 1 Representative team project 2 Pilot & Test 3 Adaptation & Correction 4 Training 5 Roll-Out Failed CONCEPT CRASH AGAINST REALITY ! 2. PLM as a solution @GED Project Concept…

12 1 ERP Parts & BOM Upload 2 Part Lifecyle and creation process implementation 3 Supplier Technical Drawing Process implementation 4 Corum Methodoly Definition implemented in an agile way 5 Direct Integration and use of all users 6 Direct adaptation to fit the real field reality 3. Implementation From classic to agile 12

13 3. Implentation Process: Users integration and feedback 13

14 Process Broken in Tools fulfillthe needs Project Tracking Sprint 1 Project Managers Sprint 2 Project Managers Sprint 1 IT Improvements Immature process Tools in beta version 3. Implentation Followup and optimization Coaching Presentation of improvements 14

15 Scrum Master Product Owner Waiting validated Sprints Backlog Validation Customer Sprint 1 15 Scrumsprocesseapplied to NPD 15 3 layers system Projet A Projet B Projet C

16 4. NPD Methodology First step: Agile light Customer Product owner Scrum Master Marketing Brief PreStudyStudyImplementation Tests & Delivery Initial cost marketing Initial cost Dev ±20% Estimatecost Dev ±10% Final cost Dev 16

17 4. NPD Methodology Second step: Transition to agile strong 17 Customer CEO Product owner Dir. Dév. Scrum Master Roues R0 Contextualisatio n R1 Conceptualisati on (Interne/Extern e) R2 Calcul PRF J2 ± 10% R3 Maquettage (Externe) R4 Etude technique R5 Prototypage (Externe) R6 Nomenclatures / Gammes R7 Appeld'offre R8 Etude de l'offre R9 Dossier fabrication R10 Calcul PRF J4 R11 Comparaison et vaildation du PRF J4 R12 Commandes R13 Production v1v2v3

18 5. Results Project Control Center Nextproduct Next vue: Dev Log SAV Prod Nextproject Acces reports 18

19 Change Request Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Product A PLM Integrated Change management Improvement of data culture Change Impact Change Validation Change Realization Change Refused PLM Integrated Retro-planning 5. Results Other Benefits

20 Internal External 6. Conclusion Impact on IS Architecture 2011 2010 ERP Proconcept ERP WMS KLS Gildas CAQC Qualigest PLM AUDROS PIM Centrix XRM CAO Inentor vault Internal External ERP Proconcept ERP WMS KLS Gildas CAQC Qualigest PIM Centrix CAO Inventor vault BI Iphone / Ipadapps

21 6. Conclusion Project for a new architecture The future Advantages One user one tool all access to needed data Elimination of licences costs Bettercomprehensionof the processes and tools by the user Data flownbetween applications facilitated Better collaboration and follow-up betweendepartements Effort on Data Qualitywillbeeased Data Governancecanbecome a reality 21 MIDDLEWARE ERP PCS GQAO BI CENTRIX CRM PLM COLLABORATIVE LAYER ?

22 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Contacts and questions 22 Integrator PLM app. Dev. Montres Corum Sàrl Gilles Ruffieux Organization& IS Director Follow us on @MontresCORUM @airgdotcom Specialthanks to : Michael Ingram for hiswork on New DevelopmentMethodology& Samuel Loup for hiswork on the Project

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