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Spring Roo and the Cloud Shekhar Gulati.

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1 Spring Roo and the Cloud Shekhar Gulati

2 Hi, my name is...Shekhar Gulati
Work for Xebia India Spring enthusiast (these days ) Blogger and Writer(JavaLobby and Twitter : shekhargulati

3 Agenda Introducing Roo Demo for Unbelievers Under the Hood
Capability areas (lots of demo) Cloud Support Removing Roo Conclusion and Q&A

4 Spring’s Mission #J2EE or JavaEE should be easier to use

5 Mission Accomplished ! Now What?

6 Spring Roo Development Tool

7 Spring Roo Mission Roo's mission is to fundamentally and sustainably improve Java developer productivity without compromising engineering integrity or flexibility

8 What is Roo? Rapid Development Tool for Spring Development time only
No Runtime No Negative Performance Impact No Memory Overhead No Roo Deployment Uses Best of Breed Spring 3, Spring Security, Spring MVC / Web Flow Junit, Log4J, Maven, AspectJ, Eclipse

9 Why should we use Roo? Easy Configuration Great Learning Tool
Spring Best Practices Restful Web Services, JPA persistence, Security, Integration tests, Selenium test cases, JMS Standards Bean validation, Dependency Injection Powerful Features GWT, SOLR, DBRE, NoSQL, Spring Integration (coming soon)

10 Demo for Unbelievers Demo # 1 – A Simple Web Application

11 Features Covered Project management Persistence Entity support
Field Management JUnit testing Spring MVC Controllers, Selenium testing Logging

12 Under the Hood Implementation Overview Code Generation

13 Implementation Overview

14 Code Generation Approach
Passive Generation Active Generation Roo is a Hybrid code generation

15 Active Generation

16 Demo # 2 Let’s Secure the app

17 Demo # 3 Speaker should get an Email

18 Demo # 4 Application speak Dutch

19 Demo # 5 How social is your app?

20 Demo # 6 Have an Existing Database

21 Cloud Support

22 # Demo 7 – Moving to Cloud Changes to make
persistence setup (Google App Engine) gwt set up add aspects for key generation Remove constraints (unique) do mvn gwt:compile gae:deploy

23 Issues on Google App Engine
Spring MVC app does not work Relationships do not work Integration tests do not work (ROO-1711) Constraints do not work Enum does not work

24 Removing Roo from app Use AJDT's "push-in refactoring" feature
This moves the Roo .aj content into normal .java files annotations from .java files Regular expression (\n.*Roo.*\n) find/replace in eclipse Remove Roo's annotation JAR from your POM dependency remove command

25 Features Not Covered JMS support JSON support SOLR support (Search)
Spring Web Flow Add-on creation

26 Future Sneak Peak Spring Integration support
Better Google App Engine support More view technologies support NoSQL support Ne04j

27 Resources & Links Home
Forum Issues Twitter @SpringRoo Twitter #roo hash key playground

28 Conclusion and Q & A Roo delivers serious productivity gains for Java
Popular, mature libraries you already know Easy to learn and use No runtime, no lock-in, no risk ITDs separate clearly generated from non- generated code Questions?

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