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Technology and the Troglodyte or, How I Learned to Love the Computer (with apologies to Peter Sellers)

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1 Technology and the Troglodyte or, How I Learned to Love the Computer (with apologies to Peter Sellers)

2 I. Background Who is Steve Brown and why should I even listen to him? Context







9 II. Technology in the Classroom-some practical considerations A. Introduction of any new technology requires rules/adjustments, i.e. fire; RR-cow-catchers and crossings B. Communicating Expectations-General 1. Bright lines and fuzzy lines-exception: phones 2. Mr. Brown’s three basic classroom rules Specific applications -If you are using your cell phone in class, you are violating rule #1. -If you are misusing your computer in class, you are violating rule #1 and #2.

10 C. Communicating Expectations-Daily 1. How we start class—One-to-One -Post on Smartboard or chalkboard if using a bell ringer requiring computer use. -Verbal instruction—”ok, make sure you have your computers out and on” or, “you won’t need your computers right away, so please leave them off at this time”. Limits delays in starting and distractions.

11 2. During class -”Ok, we are finished with that part now, I need you to put your computers aside”. -”You are going to need to get your computers out and turn them on”. -”The only thing that should be on your computer screen right now is ______________”. or “you should only be looking at something that has to do with ___________________”.

12 3. How to know the little cherubs are misusing technology. -Normal people don’t stare at their crotch and smile. -The “tip” -Fast typing as you approach/minimizing “You won’t mind if I take a look at what is minimized here.... “ -Lights in the dark

13 4. Excuses for violations -”I was just looking up my grades”. -”It’s just my Spanish homework”. -”I was all done”. Response—”And this means what to me”? Or “Oh, forgive me, why didn’t you just tell me.... “? (Answer, by implication: BECAUSE YOU KNEW IT WAS WRONG, YOU LITTLE SNEAK!) -”I had to let mom know to bring my _____________________”. Or, worse—”Mom called me to say ________”

14 5. Responses (discipline) -warning -close their computer -ban their computer use for a period of time- notify parents -take computer to the office-administration -stocks and rotten vegetables

15 D. Other practical considerations 1. Classroom set-up. 2. Have some surge protectors and cords on hand for charging. 3. Be ready for problems with connectivity. -bandwidth -”You may use your phone”.

16 III. Using Power Points and Hyperlinks A. Dr. Clausen and Austin Cooley B. What is a “hyperlink”? A hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or by hovering or that is followed automatically. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document. Wikipedia Why use it?—efficiency in the classroom.

17 C. How to Create a Hyperlink 1. Find data you want to use-copy URL 2. Create a new panel in Power Point 3. In the panel, right click, then find Hyperlink 4. Click on Hyperlink to open 5. Download copied URL 6. Name/title the link.

18 D. Uses for Power Points w/ hyperlinks 1. Download to system’s management learning system, i.e. My Big Campus, eChalk. -Students can now access for review. -Students who missed lecture can readily get notes including videos (more later). -Snow days—download to MBC, etc. -Video lecture -Watch documentary w/ viewing guide -research assignments (more later)

19 2. Songs---why songs? Source-youtube Economics Theme Song Law of Supply and Law of Demand Dance Economics Theme Song Law of Supply and Law of Demand Dance

20 3. Research-Create a power point including a set of questions and a link to research site. Put in learning management system. Example— How many prisoners are there in Indiana’s correctional system? What is the cost per day per prisoner? What is the budget for the Indiana Department of Corrections? Indiana Department of Corrections Indiana Department of Corrections

21 3. Bell ringer—Create power point with a few short questions and a link. Have the instructions on the Smart Board or chalk board when the kids walk in. I.e “Go to MBC, open resources, click on ______________”. -they simply pull up the power point, click the link, read the article, watch the video, etc., answer the questions. -Use to add depth, i.e. What did they eat? How did they live? What jobs/social classes? etc., etc.

22 4. Educational games Fling the Teacher Also-math (addition/subtraction), English (i.e. simile and metaphor),science (gravity and motion). Can be used to break up lecture, as a bell ringer, as review at the end of a class period or unit. Great on a Friday afternoon or last day before a break. Fling the Teacher

23 5. Break up the monotony of lecture Horrible Histories-Commonwealth and Restoration AP Econ-Keynesian Economic Theory/Aggregate Demand Shout out—Dr. Yoho Horrible Histories-Commonwealth and RestorationAP Econ-Keynesian Economic Theory/Aggregate Demand

24 6. Using video to supplement book/lecture- appeal to visual learning. Tell them/show them. Example- Neolithic Revolution = domestication of plants and animals. Domestication of plants and animals = food surpluses Food surpluses = civilization Guns, Germs and Steel-Domestication of plants and animalsGuns, Germs and Steel-Domestication of plants and animals

25 7. Original document research and analysisOriginal document research and analysis

26 Many Youtube videos are 10 minutes or less. Alternatively, you can control length you watch. I.e. stop and start a documentary. Great for lesson plans. a. Bell ringer—hyperlink on power point b. Lecture-17-20 minutes using power point c. Video-10 minutes—video guide? d. In-class research or other work 20-30 minutes e. Lecture-10-15 minutes f. Conclude ALL ON YOUR POWER POINT!

27 IV. Conclusion

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