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5 th Grade Keyboarding Mrs. Schlaffman Class Expectations.

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2 5 th Grade Keyboarding Mrs. Schlaffman Class Expectations

3 Be on time. – You must be sitting quietly and working on the bell assignment when the bell rings. Work quietly and listen for instructions. Stay on task. Be polite & Considerate - Keep hands to yourself. No name calling. Say please and thank you. Don’t interrupt. Be respectful to classmates, materials, and teacher.

4 Consequences 1. Verbal warning. 2. 15-30 minute detention. 3. Office  Depending on the situation you might skip step 1 and/or 2.  Also, you will receive a lowered daily grade.

5 Class Procedure 1. Complete Bell Assignment Check white board for assignment. Pick up necessary tools. Sit down immediately. Open necessary programs. Read through the handout or book pages. 2. Quietly listen to directions. 3. Quietly complete the assignment. 4. Sit until you are dismissed from class. 5. Push in your chair.

6 Assignments Raise your hand for help. Be patient! Stay quiet and busy if you finish early. Not allowed to rush through an assignment. It is your responsibility to find out if you are missing any work. You can not change any computer settings. If your computer looks different, tell me!

7 Saving Any work you want saved, must be saved into the 5 th grade folder. This folder is found inside the My Documents folder. Click on File – Save As. Choose My Documents. Double click on the 5 th grade folder to open it. Title the assignment appropriately. Title it with your first name and then the name of the assignment. Example – Fred Lesson1

8 Grading Each assignment is worth 10 points. You are graded on effort and behavior. 1 point is lost for every time I ask you to stop a poor behavior and possible detention. Quizzes may be given if you are not listening to instructions. 1 point is deducted for every tardy. Any daily work not made up is worth 0 points.

9 Daily Points 10 points – A+ 9.5 points – A- 9 points – B 8.5 points – C+ 8 points – C- 7.5 points – D 7-0 points - F

10 When There is a Substitute Teacher Must do as the substitute asks—no arguing. Any behavior trouble—receive a 0. Any detentions given—will be doubled.

11 Internet Must turn in an Internet User Agreement Form ASAP. Only can be in sites I have approved of. No surfing, unless it is for a project. All sites opened are logged into history and the server. Any violations result in loss of Internet.

12 Web Site List All web sites used in this class are found under: This site is marked in your Internet favorites. ***You can not type in Internet addresses. ***Do not use Google image—use Ask Jeeves Image instead

13 Course Outline Last 1 year. (1 day a week) You will learn how: To type correctly. To use proofreading marks. Use correct grammar. Use Internet. Work with graphics. My web site:

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