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Welcome To Mr. Olson's Class 4th Grade.

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1 Welcome To Mr. Olson's Class 4th Grade

2 Classroom Rules Created by this year’s class Consequences
1. I will raise my hand to ask or answer a question. 2. I will keep my hands to myself. 3. I will respect others; I will not argue with teachers or other students. 4. I will make good choices for me and let the teachers worry about the others. 5. I will be patient. I will quietly wait my turn when the teacher is helping another student. Created by this year’s class Consequences 1st time = warning from teacher 2nd time = minutes off recess time 3rd time = loss of recess / principal’s office 4th time and above = office referral and parent contact

3 ~~Homework~~  Sent home each day  Return finished next day
 If not completed, they will have to finish the assignment before they can participate in our Friday Fun Activity.  Some projects will be given more time Please review their homework with them but let them make any corrections that are needed

4 Multiplication Timed Test
Spelling 20 words sent home each Monday Practice each night (especially words that are difficult) Test each Friday Reading 30 minutes of reading each night Reading / summary log needs to be signed and returned each day Multiplication Timed Test 5 minutes Must get 95% or better Very nice medal for passing the 12’s

5 What we did in each subject Please initial each night
Homework Calendar What we did in each subject Homework Assignments Please initial each night

6 Reading log -Reading log is to be done each night (can be made up if absent) -Completed log will be collected on Friday for Language Arts credit -Adult initials verifying that the reading was done

7 When students “Catch” someone being kind to others we celebrate with the whole class.

8 Students get the chance to be heard
Students get the chance to be heard. If they have any questions, concerns or comments they can let me know without disrupting class time.

9 Other information --Students that are tardy or missing homework will make up their missed work before participating in Friday Fun Activity --Keep up with grades at (access info to come) --Book reports and writing assignments due each month --Willow Glen on Facebook and Remind 101 to: (310)

10 Standard Based Report Card
1 Far Below / Below Basic 2 Basic 3 Proficient 4 Advanced Far below the grade level standard Approaching the grade level standard At the grade level standard Exceeds the grade level standard 4th grade starts having “Specialist Teachers” for music and P.E. 4 days a week. -The grades from these teachers will be located here.

11 Daily Language & Math & Journals
Daily Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:17-8:35 Daily Language & Math & Journals 8:35-9:25 Math 9:30-10:20 Language Arts :35 Recess 10:35-11:40 History or Science Continue L.A. 11:15= Library MUSIC 11:40-12:20 Lunch 12:20-1:10 P.E. Grammar 1:10-2:10 Spelling & Writer’s Workshop OR Literature Study D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) Testing: X tests / spelling & D.E.A.R. 2:10 – 2:15 Possible Break 2:05 EARLY RELEASE 2:15 – 2:45 Friday Fun Activity (only if all work is turned in) 2:45 – 3:02 End of Day Activities

12 Web address:
Class Information Student Stories Web address: Mr. Olson’s 4th Grade Website Mr. Olson’s Address: Kid Safe Links Monthly Calendar Information

13 Donations Any type of donations you can make to the classroom would be greatly appreciated! Tax Deductable Wide ruled lined paper Pencils (new or used) Kleenex Gallon and quart size Zip Lock Baggies Plain paper plates (any size) 9 inch round balloons Items we could use:

14 You can e-mail me anytime at:
THANK YOU for coming tonight! Please feel free to stop by the classroom any time. (Be sure to check in the office first) If you have any questions please either give me a call here at school (between 8:00 – 3:30) at OR You can me anytime at:

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