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Student Employment Services Employer Information Session 2014.

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1 Student Employment Services Employer Information Session 2014

2 Topics to Cover  Hiring Student Employees (Hourly & Work-Study)  SERP  Work-Study Tips  JobX


4 ELIGIBILITY FOR STUDENT EMPLOYMENT  Admitted to degree-seeking program at CSU (Fort Collins)  Registered by Census each Semester  Student Hourly – At least 1 credit or Continuous Registration  Work-Study Undergraduate – At least 6 Resident Instruction Credits Graduate – At least 5 Resident Instruction Credits  Summer – No enrollment required but must have attended spring and be returning fall, or a new admit for fall.

5 Required Forms must be submitted to Student Employment Services upon hiring student 1.Form I-9  Check I-9 Status on Employment Tab of People Screen 2.Employment Verification Affirmation Form  Copies of original documents. 3.SSA-1945 (SERP)

6 BACKGROUND CHECKS  Required for student employees, as follows: A criminal history background check IF the position: with vulnerable populations (e.g., children, animals); with controlled substances, select agents or other sensitive research materials/information; III.has unsupervised access to buildings, resident halls or other secure facilities; or IV.has access to sensitive information. Motor vehicle check IF the position: responsible for operating a University owned or controlled vehicle; II.requires driving of children, patients, students, clients or others in a private vehicle; or III.requires renting a vehicle on a regular or routine basis to conduct University business.  If there is a 6 month (or greater) break in service and student is returning to a position that meets the above criteria. 


8 What is SERP?  The Student Employee Retirement Plan is a state-mandated retirement plan requiring contributions from gross pay by all “eligible” student employees in lieu of traditional Social Security contributions What is Social Security?  Social Security is a federally mandated supplemental retirement system in the US CSU is NOT a Social Security Employer Important: If we did not have SERP, a student would have to pay into Social Security.

9 Is participation in SERP mandatory?  Yes, unless certain conditions are met What conditions must be met to be exempt?  Summer Undergraduate & Graduate Students – must be officially admitted as a degree-seeking student at CSU (Fort Collins) and enrolled at least half-time (defined as 3 credits) for a summer term running concurrently with your work schedule.  Fall & Spring Undergraduate Students – officially admitted as a degree-seeking student and enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) Graduate Students – officially admitted as a degree-seeking student and enrolled at least half-time (5 credits)

10 A retirement savings account will be established in the student’s name at TIAA/CREF for all SERP contributions.  When will a student have access to the money contributed to SERP? SERP allows for a refund of contributions and any interest upon termination of employment AND departure from the University as a student. Warning: If funds are withdrawn, those funds will likely be taxed as ordinary income in the year it is withdrawn and may also be subject to an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty.

11 Train Students on SERP  Explain SERP when they fill out the SSA-1945  Provide students the website about SERP: retirement-plan-serp retirement-plan-serp  Utilize the “SERP – Medicare Info Slides”

12 Ending Assignments  Assignments are systematically ended for: All Graduating Students No pay for at least 18 months Zero Credits at Census  To request reactivation, send Email to with: Effective Date Assignment Number Requested Change


14 REMINDER – Confirm Work-Study Award each academic year.  Assignments stay active from year to year, so be sure to verify student’s award each year.  Obtain verification from student prior to beginning work. Students can send email or print work-study award confirmation. Verify in JobX.  Monitor on work-study earnings report.  Check with Student Employment. Work-Study Awards

15 Work-Study Earnings Breakdown of Wages  Employers pay 30% of wages: $900 per year on $3,000 Work-Study Award  Work-Study covers the remaining 70%: $2,100 per year on $3,000 Work-Study Award Fifty Percent Rule  Only 50% of a student’s Work-Study Award can be earned during the fall semester. Any earnings over this 50% will be billed to your Department as Time Entry Wages (TEW).

16 Transferring Work-Study Assignments  Do Not transfer Work-Study to Hourly or Hourly to Work-Study  Hiring department initiates transfer in Oracle Previous department approves request Refer to important dates for beginning of semester Make effective on first day of pay period

17 WORK-STUDY REPORTS  Work-Study Earnings by Department Should run this report every pay period Displays students’ award amounts and amounts earned Changes to Work-Study awards reflected on this report  Expense Distribution Report Should run this report every pay period Watch for email from Payroll Confirms pay for your student employees Confirms what is billed to your Department account


19 Introducing JobX – A Total Solution JobX helps schools automate the job posting, hiring, and reporting process for students, employers, and administrators.  Job Posting Control  Customized employment applications  Work-Study award & class schedule  Email tools for communicating with students  COMING SOON! – streamlined hiring to Oracle


21 After the student employee is hired through JobX, enter the assignment into Oracle.

22 JobX User Guide Available on

23 Please sign and return these documents to Student Employment Services:  Memo of Understanding  Compliance Review

24 Oracle Training and Assistance  Contact HR IS Oracle Help Desk by email at:  Training opportunities will be emailed out to the HR system user listserv when classes are available

25 Hourly Payroll Questions can be directed to: Jacqueline Derrick 970.491.0951

26 Frank H. Martinez Karri White Jillian Zucosky  Phone – 970.491.5714  Fax – 970.491.1975  1065 Campus Delivery  Email –  QUESTIONS?


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