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Student Employment Services Centennial Hall Fort Collins, CO 80523 970-491-5714

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1 Student Employment Services Centennial Hall Fort Collins, CO 80523 970-491-5714

2 What is Work-Study? It is a part-time job opportunity Wages can be used to help pay for college expenses Award amount is the total amount you can earn during the academic year Usually $3,000 per year, but you can request an increase, if funds are available and you are eligible You are not paid to study; rather, you use your earnings to pay for your studies Work-Study is paid every other week by direct deposit to a personal bank account

3 What is Work-Study? (cont’d) Work-Study wages are subsidized 70% of your wages are paid from work-study funds 30% of your wages are paid from employer funds You can work around your class schedule You will usually have time off during school breaks Two types of Work-Study: Need-Based Work-Study Merit-Based Work-Study

4 What is Need-Based Work-Study? Need-based work-study is awarded based on financial need, as determined by the FAFSA, and the availability of fundsFAFSA File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early!FAFSA Advantages: If you worked work-study in a prior year, you are awarded renewal work-study each subsequent year, if eligible Earnings can be excluded from income when filing FAFSA Can be used to work in either on or off-campus jobs Can also be used to work in Federal Community Service positions  Community Service: Jobs that benefit local community – Library, Centers for Disease Control, Literacy/Math Tutors in Elementary Schools

5 What is Merit-Based Work-Study? Not based on financial need. No FAFSA required Application is available on RAMweb in early February for the following academic year Jobs must be located before applying The award is based primarily upon the applicant finding a job in their major or a job which strengthens career goals Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis Funds are limited, so apply immediately Colorado merit – For undergraduate Colorado residents only Nonresident merit – For undergraduate and graduate nonresident students

6 Where Can I Work? Most common employment location is on-campus Many academic and administrative departments hire work- study students Selected off-campus agencies also have contracted with the University to hire work-study students Federal Community Service Work-Study jobs are available to any interested student with a work-study award Community Service Jobs could be working for select elementary schools as Literacy/Math Tutors or other approved jobs for the public good

7 How Do I Find a Job? RAMweb job postings - JobX Click on “Student Job Listing” under “Financial Information” and login Read Disclaimers, run multiple searches, and view jobs When viewing the job list, click on the magnifying glass more job details You may also sign up for JobMail JobMail is a system that notifies you automatically by email when jobs of interest to YOU are posted. You must complete a JobMail subscription to enable  Go to “My Dashboard”  “Add New Subscription” View the JobX Student User Guide for more assistanceJobX Student User Guide Still having trouble? Call and set up a time to meet with Student Employment Services, 970-491-5714

8 Interview Tips Follow directions on job posting on how to apply Take it seriously Dress appropriately Be on time for the interview Be prepared to talk about yourself and your work experience Email a copy of your work-study award from RAMweb to employer, or bring a copy to the interview Bring/send a resume, or job history Ask questions—duties, hours, pay rate, expectations? Thank the employer

9 What Kind of Jobs Are Available? We have over one hundred different student job classifications A majority of jobs available involve administrative work, lab work, tutoring children, computer programming, working with animals and working in the residence halls.

10 What Are the Pay Rates? The type of job you find determines the pay rate—each job classification has a pay rate range attached The lowest student pay rate:  $8.00/hour (current minimum wage) The average pay rate -- $9.61/hour The employer may choose to give merit raises 10 steps of pay for each job classification Automatic cost of living raises may be applied if the economy is good

11 Examples of Student Pay Rates/Hour Job Title Step 1Step 2 Step 3 Admin Assistant I $10.05 $10.30 $10.55 Campus Rec Worker $8.21 $8.42 $8.62 Classroom Assistant $8.21 $8.42 $8.62 Computer Lab Asst I $8.67 $8.89 $9.10 Lab Assistant Intern $8.45 $8.66 $8.87 Literacy/Math Tutor $10.00 $10.25 $10.50

12 How Many Hours Do I Need to Work? Hourly pay rate and work-study award amount determine the number of hours/week you will work. Example: $3,000 work-study award $9.00/hour pay rate 32 weeks of work per academic year $3,000 award / $9.00 per hour / 32 weeks => 10 hours/week For more examples, view the Work-Study Allocation TableWork-Study Allocation Table

13 How Do I Get Paid? You will be asked to fill out the I-9 The I-9 is used to prove identity & eligibility to work in the United States You will need to show evidence of identity and eligibility using original documents  You can use, for example, a Passport, Driver License, CSU ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate

14 How Do I Get Paid? (cont’d) You will be asked to fill out the Pay Disposition Action form This document is used to set up direct deposit to your bank account Must provide voided check or letter from bank with your account number and routing number clearly indicated You pay is deposited directly into a bank account of your choice

15 How Do I Get Paid? (cont’d) You will be asked to fill out the W-4 form The W-4 is used to determine amount of tax withholding:  Have an idea for number of exemptions you will claim, or if you will file “Exempt”

16 How Do I Get Paid? (cont’d) You will either submit a time sheet to document hours worked, or clock-in hours worked using a time clock Important: submit correct time on time sheet and get supervisor’s signature Ask your employer about deadline for submitting hours worked Pay day is every other Friday Follow this link to view the Pay Period SchedulePay Period Schedule

17 Work-Study Rules I Should Know You may have only 1 work-study job at a time It is important to find a job early, as jobs get filled quickly Try to earn all of your award amount You can earn up to 50% of your total award amount during the fall term. The remaining 50% (plus any remaining amount from the fall term) can be earned during the spring term You must not work during scheduled class times You must not work more than an average of 20 hours/week

18 Online Resources & Contact Info Online Resources: Contact Info: Student Employment Services Centennial Hall Email: Phone: 970-491-5714 Good luck with your job search! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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