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By: Tasha J Ferrell Several pictures, maps, and information pulled from the following website: /documents/10SSCampsoneday.pdf.

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1 By: Tasha J Ferrell Several pictures, maps, and information pulled from the following website: /documents/10SSCampsoneday.pdf /documents/10SSCampsoneday.pdf Each source pulled from this site will be cited.

2 Explain why many Jews remain in Nazi Germany and within Axis controlled areas of Europe?

3  Jews: Nazis killed nearly 6 million Jews. Only group targeted for MASS extinction. Identified by the yellow star of David and a number.  Homosexuals: punishable by law. 50,000 were arrested and incarcerated. 5,000-15,000 sent to concentration camps. Identified by a pink triangle and a black dot with the number 175.

4  Handicapped: 200,000+ killed. “Useless lives” “incurably ill”  Jehovah’s Witnesses: could escape persecution by swearing allegiance to the Reich and renouncing views. Identified by the Purple triangle.  Sinti and Roma: (Gypsies) 220,000- 500,000 killed. Identified by a black triangle.  Poles: 1.8-1.9 million Polish civilians were victims of the Nazi Amy


6  1935: took citizenship away from the Jewish Germans and banned marriage between Jews and other Germans.  Jews barred from holding public office or voting.  Change names to Jewish names.  Passports of Jews were marked with a red “J.”  1936: ½ of Jews are jobless, lost the right to work as civil servants, journalist, farmers, and actors.  1938: Nazis also banned Jews from practicing law, medicine, and from operating businesses.

7  Nov. 7, 1938 a young Jewish male refuge shot and killed a German diplomat. The attack was to avenge the act of the Jewish population being sent to Poland.  Hitler had his minister of propaganda, Joseph Guebbels to stage attacks against the Jews that would look life a spontaneous reaction to the news.  The violence that came from that night throughout Germany and Austria became known as Kristallnacht or “night of broken glass.”  90 Jews died  7,500 Jewish businesses and hundreds of synagogues destroyed.  Gestapo, government police, arrested 30,000 Jewish man.


9  250,000 Jews escaped Nazi control between 1933-1939  Albert Einstein and Otto Frank.  Nazi orders prohibited Jews from taking more than 4.00 out of Germany. U.S. law forbade granting a Visa to anyone “likely to become a public charge.”  High unemployment rates in the 1930’s.  150,000 immigrants annually with a fixed quota from each country was law in the US

10  Main Idea:  How did the Nazis try to exterminate Europe’s Jewish population?  January 20, 1942 meeting to find methods to get rid of Jews. Old methods included firing squads and throwing them into mass graves, piling Jews into trucks and then piped in exhaust. However these methods are to slow.  New Methods  Concentration Camps to keep healthy individuals who would work as slaves until they dropped dead.  Extermination Camps: included the elderly, young children, and the infirm. Executed in massive gas chambers.

11  Einsatzgruppen: Mobile killing squad-executing entire Jewish communities and others who hated Hitler. In one year they murdered over one million Jews in this manner.  Euthanasia: T4, secret program, started in 1939 to kill all mentally and physically handicapped. 275,000 people murdered.  Gas chambers: Carbon monoxide: Zyklon B killed over 1,000 people a day.  http://www.palmbeac ural/documents/oneda y10th-deportation.pdf http://www.palmbeac ural/documents/oneda y10th-deportation.pdf

12  1933 est. to jail political opponents  Rooms which could only house 50 people held 150.  100’s of prisoners died there monthly from exhaustion or horrible living conditions.

13  1941: Chelmno and Auschwitz in Poland. Four more would be built later on.  Treblinka: Jews were the main victims.  Auschwitz alone - housed +/- 100,000 people in 300 prison barracks.

14  Gas chambers built to kill 2,000 people at once.  Gas 12,000 people a day if needed.  1,600,000 people died at Auschwitz  Elderly, disabled, sick, mothers and children, went immediately to the gas chambers, then their bodies burned in a giant crematorium.


16 ulticultural/documents/oneday10th- deportation.pdf

17  Over the last 3 days we have discussed the Holocaust. Write a reflection over your thoughts about the Holocaust and how it affects you. (300-500 words)

18  Homework is a Multiple Choice Question quiz that can be found on my classroom website or picked up in the class tray homework folder before you leave. Turn in electronically or paper copy.  HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! DO NOT FORGET TO DO YOU HOMEWORK!!

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