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SENIOR 4 GERUNDS OR NOUNS. Repeat Choose and create Swim Read Sing Dance Paint.

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2 Repeat





7 Choose and create Swim Read Sing Dance Paint

8 Gerunds We use gerunds when we want to use a verb as an activity you love or hate doing. Examples: a. Smoking is bad for your health. b. A popular hobby in England is stamp – collecting. c. I dislike shopping.

9 Form If there is more than one consonant, just add ING Think + ing = thinking If there is more than one vowel, just add ING Beat + ing = beating If there is one vowel and one consonant, and the syllable is stressed, double the consonant and add ING Hit + t +ing = hitting If there are one or more consonants and E, remove the E and add ING Take + ing = taking In most other cases, just add ING Study = studying See = seeing

10 Exercises Change the sentence using a gerund. Example: a. its important to study hard. b. Studying hard is important 1. It is difficult to read Japanese. ___________________

11 2. It is essential for a business person to have a laptop computer. _____________________ 3. It is depressing to be poor. ___________________

12 4. It was exciting to climb the Eiffel Tower. ___________________ 5. It will be hard to pass the test. ___________________

13 Make sentences using gerunds Mark loves taking a nap after lunch. Napping after lunch is great for Mark.

14 Susan runs in a marathon once a yearThomas loves playing baseball with friends

15 Peter doesnt like reading books Steve enjoys talking on the phone with her mom

16 Lisa loves jumping a rope in the yardLucas likes eating cakes

17 Carl watches TV in the evening Chris plays video games with his friends at home

18 James rides his tricycle in the parkTom loves telling yokes to his friends

19 Gerund or verb a. Frank was swimming in the pool when I saw him. b. Denise likes dancing and singing. c. They were dancing and singing in the rain. d. Cooking with my mum is lots of fun.

20 Complete the following paragraph with the correct form of the verbs in the box, a gerund or a participle. ARRIVE – DO – ENJOY – HELP – LEARN – READ – SIT – WATCH IT IS 7:00 PM AND BILL (A) ____________ AT THE DINNER TABLE IN FRONT OF THE TV. (B) ______________ AND (C) _______________ TV ARE THE TWO THINGS HE REALLY LOVES. HIS MOTHER (D) ______________ HIS SISTER WITH HER HOMEWORK. THE GIRL DOESNT REALLY LIKE (E) _____________ HOMEWORK. BILLS MOTHER LOVES (F) ________________ NEW THINGS SO SHE (G) _____________ HERSELF. BILLS FATHER OPENS THE FRONT DOOR. (H) _______________ HOME AT NIGHT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!, HE SAYS.

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