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Unit 8 Fashion Grammar.

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1 Unit 8 Fashion Grammar

2 What are they doing? What are they doing? They are playing basketball. They are playing football.

3 What is she doing? She is swimming. What are they doing? They are boating.

4 What are they doing? They are running. What is she doing? She is dancing.

5 What is it doing? It is dancing/skating. What is he doing? He is drawing.

6 现在进行时 1. 意义:表示现在(说话瞬间)或现 阶段正在进行或发生的动作.
The bird is singing in the tree. My mother is making cakes. The students are reading English in the classroom.

7 现在进行时 (The Present Continuous Tense) 2. 现在进行时由be (am/is/are)+动词-ing形式构成的。 肯定式结构:主语+be+动词-ing形式+其他. 否定式结构:主语+be+not+动词-ing形式+其他.

8 一般疑问句式结构: Be+主语+动词-ing形式+其他?
特殊疑问句式结构: 疑问词+be+主语+doing?

9 与现在进行时连用的时间状语: at present 目前;现在 at the moment 此刻,现在 right now 此刻,现在;立刻,马上 now 现在 提示语: Look ! Listen !

10 How to form the ‘-ing’ form of a verb.
Most verbs +ing walk Verbs ending in e -e+ing come Verbs ending in ie -ie+y+ing lie Some verbs ending in a vowel + a consonant Double the consonant +ing run walking coming lying running

11 写出下列动词的现在分词形式 read — play — dance — write — sit — get— have — eat — look — carry— begin — put— reading playing dancing writing sitting getting eating having carrying looking putting beginning

12 take — swim— leave — shine — make — sleep — cut — change — lie — study — pay — visit — wait — taking swimming Leaving shining sleeping making cutting changing studying lying paying visiting waiting

13 Sandy: Hello, Amy. ___ you _______ (study) at the moment?
Amy: No, I’m not. My cousin ________ (visit) me. Sandy: Oh, really? What __ he ____ (do) now? Amy: Well, he ________ (play) a new computer game. are studying is visiting is doing is playing

14 Sandy: ____ you _______ (play) the
game with him now? Amy: No, I’m not. I __________ (wait) for my turn. Are playing am waiting

15 Exercise 1. —What’s she doing? —She (sing).
2. They are _______(run) now. 3. We are ___________ (look after) the baby these days. is singing running looking after

16 4. They (talk) with Mr. Zhang now. 5. The old man _________(listen) to her now. 6. Are you (mend) something? are talking is listening mending

17 7. —What is he doing? —He (put)on his clothes. 8. Don’t talk.Jim _______(do) his homework. 9. Listen! He (play) the violin. is putting is doing is playing

18 look! Simon and I having a party.
There are many friends at our party. Millie and Kitty is sitting on the floor. are having are sitting

19 They are play with Eddie. Some of
my friends is singing and danceing. Daniel is chating with Simon about football. Here comes Mr Wu. playing are dancing chatting

20 He are giving Simon and me some presents.
Now I is standing at the table with all my friends. There is a big birthday cake on it. Now, Simon and I am each making a wish. is am are

21 Homework 1. Make a dialogue in the present continuous tense.
2.Do exercises. (学习与探究)

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