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Operational Research (O.R.) case studies

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1 Operational Research (O.R.) case studies

2 Whats the problem?

3 You are a property developer… You are renovating a house There are various tasks that this involves Which will each take a different time to complete

4 Some tasks have to be finished before others can begin You want to complete the renovation as quickly as possible

5 Is it possible to complete the project before your deadline? In what order should you do the activities to complete the project as early as possible? And how many workers will you need and how will you assign them activities?

6 What do we need to know?

7 Something like this… ActivityTime needed to complete Substantial repairs to the roof8 days Internal structural work4 days Electrical work7 days Plumbing6 days Installing a new kitchen3 days Installing a new bathroom4 days Garden5 days Plastering4 days Internal decoration5 days Fitting carpets1 day Outside paintwork5 days


9 Then we are ready to consider how to manage the project

10 Lets summarise the problem We need to plan a project involving several activities of different lengths Some of these activities depend on the completion of others

11 We want to plan the order of activities that will finish the project in the shortest possible time

12 This is an example of

13 Other examples of where this might be used Businesses, hospitals, schools (in fact anywhere where complex projects take place)

14 Over the next few lessons we will learn how to approach problems of this type…

15 O.R.:THE SCIENCE OF BETTER For more about O.R. visit

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