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Mrs. Garrett’s Procedures 2011-2013 Mendive Middle School Room 300.

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1 Mrs. Garrett’s Procedures 2011-2013 Mendive Middle School Room 300

2 When you get to class: Please: Fill out your Agenda Book Get your science composition notebook out Have something to write with Answer JQ Stay quiet so Mrs. Garrett can take roll. No Hall Passes will be signed in first five minutes.

3 Responsibilities: Students WeeklyDaily Fill out Agenda Answer JQ Check class website Check Infinite Campus Mrs. Garrett Provide some extra credit Have grades done a week early Give homework projects. Quarterly Update webpage & Infinite Campus Give 1-2 homework assignments Accept late assignments Weekly Have exciting lessons to help you learn Give you JQs to help you get ready for exams Daily

4 More Responsibilities Parents  Please Check Agenda weekly  Check Class Webpage & Infinite Campus weekly Mrs. Garrett  Update Infinite Campus & team webpage  Provide a safe learning environment.

5 Agenda Board There will be four lessons up at a time. Write down the RED information (This is your homework). You will write down objective in your notebooks.

6 Notebooks  Please have by 9/6  We will set up in class.  We will set it up together.  All classwork & assignments will be here-this needs to be in class!

7 Textbook  We have an online textbook this year.  We will not use it for a few weeks  If you do not have internet access, please let me know.

8 Graded Weighting  Classwork: 40%  Assessments (quizzes, exams, homework projects): 35%  Homework: 25%  Classwork: assignments we have time to finish in class  Projects: something you work on at home  Homework: assignments that we start at school.

9 Extra Credit  Every 3 weeks: Signed IC print-outs (1 page)  Once per quarter:  School Supplies (10 points)  Newsflash (up to 35 points)

10 Test Re-takes: Two Option:  Test Revision: Assignment given in class.  Test Re-take (average of the two grades)

11 Class Webpage: Please write this down in your agenda & notebook

12 Staying Safe

13 How do we do this? Fire Blanket Fire Extinguisher Goggles

14 Horseplay Rule  If you are messing around in class, then you will be removed from class.  This means a 0 for that assignment.  Next lab: You will miss the lab and have an alternative assignment.

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