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Operational Research (O.R.) case studies. What’s the problem?

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1 Operational Research (O.R.) case studies

2 What’s the problem?

3 You work for a local council… You want to make some roads in the town centre into a pedestrian precinct so that pedestrians can walk safely between all the key places in the centre

4 But you want to keep costs as low as possible

5 Which roads should you pedestrianise?

6 What do we need? A map

7 Something like this… C E D H FG A B

8 With the distances

9 Let’s summarise the problem We want to connect all the places on the map with the least possible total distance of road

10 This is an example of finding a Minimum Spanning Tree

11 Minimum Spanning Tree The aim is to connect every vertex of the network using the edges having the least possible total weight

12 Another example where this is used By companies installing pipelines or cables to work out the most efficient way of connecting them up

13 Over the next few lessons, we will look at ways of approaching problems of this type… What next?

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