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Construction Report July 28, 2009. Projects KMS Phase IIClose out –KMS CafeteriaClose out –KMS Renovations & AdditionsClose out –Royalwood Elementary.

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1 Construction Report July 28, 2009


3 Projects KMS Phase IIClose out –KMS CafeteriaClose out –KMS Renovations & AdditionsClose out –Royalwood Elementary Close out –Monahan ElementaryClose out –KHS CafeteriaClose out –KHS AnnexClose out

4 Projects Diamond Sports Project Close Out Walking Track Completed –Carroll Elementary

5 Projects Covered PE areasCompleted –Monahan Elementary –Royalwood Elementary

6 Summer Projects Asbestos Paving / drainage / repairs

7 Summer Projects: (KHS Choir Rm.)

8 Summer Projects: (Warehouse)

9 Summer Projects: (Cravens ECA)

10 Summer Projects: (KMS)

11 Summer Projects: (KHS)

12 Projects Site Improvements Track replacement and turf

13 Summer Projects: (Annex)




17 Summer Projects: (KHS)

18 Summer Projects Covered PE area: Sheldon Elementary (Planning) Walking tracks: In design $$$ –SECA, ME, RE Water wells As required Bleachers Pending

19 Bleachers

20 Royalwood Elementary: (Track)

21 Monahan Elementary: (Track)

22 District Projects: (Track)

23 Sheldon Early Childhood Academy: (Track)

24 District Projects Air Balance Sheldon Elementary ECA Carroll Elementary –KHS Annex –KHS two story –Monahan Elementary –Royalwood Elementary –C. E. King Middle School

25 District Projects Fence / gates Science Classrooms / lab Auditorium lighting Sports Fields Generators Marquees Scoreboard Playgrounds

26 District Projects: ( KHS Auditorium)

27 District Project: (KHS Science Labs)



30 District Projects: (KHS)

31 District Projects: (ELC)

32 Projects Sheldon ECA On schedule Early Learning CenterOn schedule M. R. Null Middle SchoolOn schedule

33 Michael R. Null Middle School











44 Sheldon Early Childhood Academy





49 Sheldon Early Learning Center





54 Maintenance Operations / Transportation Complex (MOT) Property purchased Programming resumed/completed Surveys Design development Utility Service Proposals in September 2009

55 Network Operations Center Architect Land Programming

56 Crenshaw Stadium Football Field








64 Technology Technology plan Renovations New construction

65 S.I.S.D. Technology: Update Virtualization Recently approved project. As of to date 16 existing servers have been added to the virtual server list This translates into ninety thousand dollars being pulled out of budget rotation over a four year period Two servers for new installations have been created as virtual servers-instant savings of ten thousand dollars We now have the capability of adding a server within hours of a request Air conditioning costs are less and we are using less electricity

66 Summer 2009 Projects Projectors in every classroom Audio enhancement in every classroom In house wiring projects for video cameras and network cabling – quality & savings Phone system at Null Middle School 15 additional mobile laptop carts containing 426 laptop computers ready for deployment to the campuses Computer replacement at Sheldon Elementary (replacement cycle) New computers for SECA and Null Middle School (Dell) S.I.S.D. Technology: Update (cont.)

67 Technology Emergency communication system –Blackberry system –Pending Board approval

68 Technology (Future) Network Operations Center Technology Plan –Planning for next year Language Lab Kits –Near term project

69 C.E. King High School Language Labs King High School currently has nine foreign language teachers The addition of two modern language labs will allow the teachers to push and pull lessons electronically to and from students The High School Administration, selected foreign language teachers and technology have put forth a concerted effort to identify a lab that will fit the needs of the students and staff Three companies have demonstrated their language labs and an onsite visit was made to the University of Houston to view a live classroom demonstration of the Sanako Lab The High School has funds available to purchase the labs The labs will be a turn key installation with about a 30-45 day completion time from the date of order The two labs will have 30 stations each and a teaching station The cost of the two labs will be over $100,000.00

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